Time is the most precious thing we have and some say don't waste it. 
I believe that whatever you do is never wasted. 
Either sleep in the afternoon or watch something really crazy on TV. We often need futile, absurd and meaningless things because they lighten our spirits. 
It's useless to rage against time, nor to plan months and weeks.
My priorities change from one minute to the next and I always decide to go along with them. 
There's no wasted time if after whatever you've done you feel like it was meant to be. 
Allow yourself to be superficial and bored, often in these moments the best solutions and the greatest ideas are born!!!
I've never felt sorry for people who decide to be alone. I don't find it an example of cowardice, not as much as I don't see it in those who instead would get involved with anyone rather than come to terms with loneliness. 
I've always been of the opinion that being alone is beautiful, it's liberating. 
As I return home, in my beautiful solitude and silence after yet another chaotic day, I take off my shoes, untie my hair, sit on the sofa and stare at a point in the dark hall in front of me. It is perhaps the truest moment that I live in contact with who I am. Me and my thoughts, and my reflections on what I have done, on the contracts concluded, on the customers I have met, on the mistakes I have made. 
I should have been stricter with the people I met this morning, I should have been more decisive in addressing that issue in the afternoon. I stay on the sofa with my legs on the table in the middle, and the only sensation I have is skin in contact with the glass. 
Solitude is beautiful, as you think of how many are out and about right now having conversations with someone whose words they don't even listen to. In the end I'm almost happy. My tired legs and I are thankful for having decided to return, without further stops for aperitifs, inaugurations or dinners. Effortlessly, naturally returned to live in the moment, of this moment.


I realize that vanity is sometimes not so useless or negative ... if balanced it is not.
I think that for us women it is important to feel beautiful on certain occasions, to be sure of ourselves, to feel admired.
But all of this doesn't have to be an obsession.
That is, if a woman always talks about her external appearance or if she often shows off with photos and images of herself, it means that there is something wrong.
Vanity arises from a weakness, from the lack of self-esteem that makes you seek your own security by attracting the attention of others.
But if at first a vain woman can be intriguing then over time the thing gets tired.
How come?
Tired because those who put only themselves in the spotlight means that they are self-centered and therefore in a relationship they are not interested in knowing the other but only showing off with everyone.


Archangel Ariel, the Lioness of God, who gives confidence, strength and courage. Angel of manifestation and abundance, of connection with nature, with animals and with the spirits of the elements (for example, fairies); for material and earthly needs, such as a guide for a job or a commitment to protect the environment or animals. The color of the aura is pink and the corresponding stone is pink quartz.
Archangel Ariel is one of the healing angels mentioned in the Testament of Solomon and in the apocryphal texts of Ezra; it is said that the invocation of his name would have therapeutic functions of magical origin.

Archangel Ariel can be considered a healing Angel in close collaboration with the Archangel Raphael who is entrusted with the task of caring for, watching over and protecting the animal kingdom both physically and spiritually.

In order to perceive the powerful energy of this Archangel, it is sufficient to connect to nature and animals with love and deep respect for everything that concerns them. By asking for his Presence, Archangel Ariel will introduce you to the non-physical side of nature.



Looking at New York anno 2022


From guestwriters

One black man, a vendor selling fridge magnets and other gadgets,
was a US army veteran who served in Vietnam. He looked twenty years younger than his actual age of seventy-two.

Born and bred in New York, a 72 year old Vietnam veteran told one of our members how they are trying to push his people out of the area with exorbitant costs for rent and how they are trying to charge people for crossing from Queens into Manhattan as a method of keeping the poor from that area.

“This is my state, and I was born and bred here,”

he said with passion.

Everywhere you go in New York there are all types of security people, armed to the teeth, which gives an uneasy fear to your mental being. You wonder what type of night they had before their work started. Are they annoyed about debt? Have they anger…

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I planted a walnut, and a cherry tree in my land, to seal a pact between earth, life and spirit, now they have grown solid and shaded, precious in their wood they give refreshment with their shade and two almond trees and then a fig I had abode, by three different spirits in the world, as a personal way of making covenants.
Each is a pact that promises beauty. The almond trees, the first plants to bloom when the frost still envelops things and the tromenta tell us that the invention, even if pressing, will be defeated by the enthusiasm of a disruptive and unstoppable spring.
The fig, the most robust and wild of plants, tells that life is strong and takes root everywhere, even among the cracks of a wall that forms a barrier and separates, and instead becomes a place of welcome, gradually yielding until it collapses, allowing liberated men to gift of goodness and sweetness of its fruit.



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You know the bad and ruthless multinationals that destroy the planet? Here, those companies are you. It is you who commission activities that are taken over by companies, which exist in the first place for this very reason. It is to sell the products that you ask for with your support (moral, economic) that harmful emissions, deforestation, colonization, murder, extinction of habitats and species take place. It is necessary to realize that the functioning of the techno-industrial apparatuses is based precisely on this. The ruthless behavior with which companies are carried out derives from the intrinsic characteristics that distinguish all the economic dynamics that we accept and nurture. Putting the blame solely on large multinationals is disempowering and misleading. The sum of individual actions is what triggers in the first place the mechanism of which companies are the material executors. To eliminate a problem it is essential to understand which concepts and attitudes lead us to be complicit in it, so that we can work on it and eliminate it.

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