I planted a walnut, and a cherry tree in my land, to seal a pact between earth, life and spirit, now they have grown solid and shaded, precious in their wood they give refreshment with their shade and two almond trees and then a fig I had abode, by three different spirits in the world, as a personal way of making covenants.
Each is a pact that promises beauty. The almond trees, the first plants to bloom when the frost still envelops things and the tromenta tell us that the invention, even if pressing, will be defeated by the enthusiasm of a disruptive and unstoppable spring.
The fig, the most robust and wild of plants, tells that life is strong and takes root everywhere, even among the cracks of a wall that forms a barrier and separates, and instead becomes a place of welcome, gradually yielding until it collapses, allowing liberated men to gift of goodness and sweetness of its fruit.



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You know the bad and ruthless multinationals that destroy the planet? Here, those companies are you. It is you who commission activities that are taken over by companies, which exist in the first place for this very reason. It is to sell the products that you ask for with your support (moral, economic) that harmful emissions, deforestation, colonization, murder, extinction of habitats and species take place. It is necessary to realize that the functioning of the techno-industrial apparatuses is based precisely on this. The ruthless behavior with which companies are carried out derives from the intrinsic characteristics that distinguish all the economic dynamics that we accept and nurture. Putting the blame solely on large multinationals is disempowering and misleading. The sum of individual actions is what triggers in the first place the mechanism of which companies are the material executors. To eliminate a problem it is essential to understand which concepts and attitudes lead us to be complicit in it, so that we can work on it and eliminate it.


Many believe that in life you can choose between starting a new life by running away from the past, and facing problems and continuing your life here and now.
In reality, it is not clear that there is no choice in life.
You cannot start over, you cannot be born again, you cannot erase the past, your past is always the same, because we are determined beings.
So all of us, even those who believe in starting over, can only continue living the life that has been given to us, we can only try to live better here and now.
Looking at it in the face and moving forward, fighting but above all living.
Those who believe in starting over believe only in a horrible falsehood, horrible, because it means denying one's life, and perhaps even a future.


I have always argued that science fiction was just one of the many precursors to the new world, but the response of many was that I was bragging about bullshit or had smoked something. They are just movies they said. Many will turn off and have already started to turn off their consciousness, and this means that as soon as possible they will run to strengthen their neuro-muscular structures through digital implants. They will do it because they have already been disconnected from Being: they are not yet dead, but they have no relationship with their humanity.

So it will be very easy to sell him the idea of ​​the superman. They are puppets unaware of themselves. In this way they will perceive that they have the world in their hands. They will be active, functional, fast. They will have a strengthened physical form and an encyclopedic memory. Just click on your wrist to install new features or get updates to previous ones. They will be computers convinced that they are living. The choice is always yours.

However, one factor is important. They will sell something wonderful and they will know how to do it. They will tell you that you will feel something that no one has ever tried. That you will expand senses that you have never used. They will show you an instant paradise. A sex that until that day was confined to virtual reality. They will tell you that it will be normal to try it every day. They will sell you an easy life. Easy relationships. Easy wealth. Something you will want to try.

Even just for fun. Even just once. And you will, you will do it because you have no idea what it means to live in resonance with your true Creation. For this you will look for an artificial one. How much you will like this perspective, or how much you already like it, depends on how far You are or are on your way to Being within your Life.


When I see happy people, I feel like crying. It happens when they have satisfaction with studying, when someone is expecting a baby, when they know they are getting married, or find a new home. When the positive tests arrive from the hospital or when the salary arrives at the end of the month. Even those silly joys like buying that pair of shoes you’ve been wanting for months. I feel like crying to see all these things. It is amazing how used we are to deal with feelings such as hostility, anger, resignation, disgust, sadness, but happiness? How do you react to the happiness of others? We are moved and that’s it, maybe. Meanwhile, I still have to get used to it.
I am lying in bed. These are difficult days and I am so tired. What’s better than closing your eyes and listening to music? As Kundera said, music is a blooming rose on the boundless snowy land of silence. I took my mp3 player and scrolled through the thousands of songs … here it is, always present: Black Celebration, Depeche Mode. What do you remember, you can not understand. I kind of catapulted to years and years ago, when I listened to Depeche in the morning, lunch, afternoon, evening and night. All night sitting on the carpeted staircase, on the top floor of an English house, in my life as an artist and musician. It’s been a long time and many people and many situations have passed, but certain songs are destined to never pass. Every now and then they come back, incessantly they come back. And those days were all perfect and I am moved if I think they will never come back.
The mind of man is a wonderful tool but, precisely for this reason, capable of indulging in a brilliantly perfidious way the hidden, unacknowledged intentions and aspirations of weak and unbalanced creatures. Once, speaking of the ghosts of the mind, I had occasion to say that only ten percent of the pain experienced by man is due to the physical body: the rest is a consequence of the ghosts created by the mind. Well, to be precise, even that ten percent should be divided between unwanted diseases and those desired by man and therefore procured by his mind. François Broussais claims to have found that, during the cholera epidemics, those who were afraid of getting sick were more likely to be infected than those who felt immunized; and more recently he has had proof that even illnesses caused by traumatic events, such as falls, often have at their origin a lack of instinctive muscular reaction with which the organism normally manages to escape unscathed from beating due to falls and accidents. To keep silent about organic diseases, in which the loss of natural defenses plays a role due to an unconscious desire to get sick. This doesn’t have to seem incredible to you. Analyze yourselves: how many times do you feel tired, in a bad mood, depressed, without there being an objective reason; how many times do you attribute the cause of your discontent to situations that can also be fatiguing, not pleasant, but which are objectively not so dramatic as to cause an annihilation such as you feel. Realize that, very often, there is almost a need to suffer; very often one wants to suffer in order to satisfy a psychological need. I’m not saying something new: I’m just saying that this sort of masochism is more widespread than people think, even if it doesn’t reach evidently pathological levels.
Listen to me: be calm, do not fear the occult world; if anything, be afraid of your mind. There are the ghosts that haunt you, there are the curses that do not give you peace, there are the potions that make you fall ill. And how can we not fall into such self-suggestion? First of all by not believing in it and, better, by convincing oneself that they are unassailable. The weakest and most vulnerable point of your person is the psychic part. A capable psychologist can maneuver you as he pleases and operate a real fascination. These are the bills you need to fear! Do not do work of self-suggestion to the detriment of yourself but, if anything, to charge yourself with optimism and the belief that you will succeed. For everyone there are times in life when there are more problems than others, but that does not mean that someone has put a curse on you. When you go through tiring times, you are tense and you relate the facts that worry you to some circumstance which, according to superstition, brings adverse luck; now, it’s not that Friday 17th or the black cats that cross your street aren’t there even when your life unfolds more serenely but then you don’t notice them; whereas, when you suffer automatically, you are tense to seek the cause of your suffering and you are led to identify it even in the most absurd explanations, if you do not find other more credible ones.


I want will, like the one I feel that is sprouting from me in silence, As I walk up my large amount of stairs in a two-story house, where I usually get lost when I spend more than a day there. I feel the desire to let go, and really write for me, feel naked and be able to look at myself in the mirror with that estrangement and estrangement has never belonged to anyone who had modesty in looking at me. In moments of lucidity I feel connected with my true being, with a remote identity, I felt in a ridiculous intimate environment of the house, in wandering, that something had approached and not perhaps moved away as I am afraid it has happened. Perhaps I felt for the first time that my wishes will be those of an artist, but that unfortunately I feel my potential even before birth, I feel the idea before the ability to do something great. Maybe I have a new conception of the artist’s idea that is wary of that of the snobbish world of contemporary art that I frequented. Where I see hidden diseases and low desires paid. If I were to use the I would like as a dream word, I say I would like to rise higher than the pasture of the people who have accompanied me for all the years that have humiliated me. My life could be truly magnanimous from a height of greatness and gratitude where I would not be alone, but not badly accompanied by all those people who, in their insolence in wanting to downgrade a priori, did not have the ability to love categorically as I was given to stop doing.

Making someone feel wrong many times condemns years of perdition in the steppes of an infertile thought, when instead with the delicacy that should accompany every self-respecting gesture, one could try to graft ideas of change to those who could benefit from it. But maybe I thank and I will thank years of humiliations (even recent ones) and exclusions that have given me years of mistrust that are revealing themselves instead in auspices of true selfish love Nietzchano that one day will make me not only be the different person I have always been, but they will make me great and perhaps even giant, if not with earthly limitations or fortunes that would restrict my body to earthly happiness or joys I hope not converging.


I don’t like Disney movies, I don’t even get to a hand. I don’t like the fake happy ending of Disney stories. Dorothea was also my favorite, she loved red shoes, but then I discovered (my mother told me unkindly) that they are prostitute shoes. But I didn’t want heels, I wanted those as a child, even though my childhood was destroyed by a pedophile at the age of 4. However, I do not believe in the happy ending in general and then I feel sorry for the killed wolf, the dwarves are poor exploited workers, and the sleeping bells was better than staying in the woods. The continuation of the stories is never known and they do it on purpose so as not to make known the hell that comes after the happy ending.
Does freedom mean being able to do what you want? I wish I could live as before. I have never loved the past but in this case yes, I would like to go back and stay there. Because today I can no longer do anything I did before and it was better to die, if this virus had really been like this, because this is not life and it is not freedom. And the worst thing is not what is happening and that nobody stops but the very fact that people have accepted everything without batting an eye. The critical sense, the doubt, everything has been swept away by a powerful manipulation that has made everyone stupid. I wonder what people I have to live with and I would like to escape from here but I can’t because my anger is so much that I could never transform it into compassion by saying “forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing” because they know very well what they are doing and not not even God will be able to forgive them. So I stay, I resist, I insist, I exist … At home, out of respect for those who think that we are the ones who “infect” and I am getting sick and dying like this, without being able to do anything, because if I go out I go there and I kill them all to such bastards who have taken away our freedom. And I have always been for non-violence, but even non-violence has a limit! And with all due respect to Buddha I say “NAMASTE” 🙏


Why does an actor as famous as Richard Gere come to Italy? Is there a film festival? No. Is there a humanitarian event? No. Is there a Buddhist ceremony? No. Then how does it get here? Does he come to help the homeless? No.
So what's making him move from America to here? Because years ago he got on the OpenArms, a ship that was trying to bring refugees to Italy.
Thousands of illegal immigrants arrive in Italy every year. The reception centers were in collapse. And that time the Minister of Defense Matteo Salvini stopped the ship with the refugees asking that they be taken elsewhere.
So why does Richard Gere come here to deal with illegal immigrants when there are so many poor and homeless children in America?
Sometimes actors and actresses might try to help so many poor people and instead use their presence only to advertise themselves.
Mr. Gere does not know the situation of many Italian reception centers. He also does not know that at that time no other state in Europe wanted to help refugees. Malta had closed its ports. Spain had denied his help, France had said no. Switzerland and Austria had closed the borders by arranging the army to not let anyone pass.
Only we Italians welcomed everyone but the reception centers were too full and there were management problems for so many people.
Therefore, Mr. Gere is asked to go and give his contribution where it is really necessary rather than coming to make judgments here without knowing the terrible conditions in which we Italians have been reduced.
In July 2018, two Human Rights Watch researchers visited four detention centers in Tripoli, Misrata and Zuwara, where they documented the inhumane conditions due to severe overcrowding, precarious hygiene, poor quality of food and water resulting in malnutrition, health care insufficient, as well as disturbing reports of the violence suffered by the guards, including beatings, whipping and use of electric shocks.
In Libya, children risk imprisonment as much as adults. Human Rights Watch found a large number of minors, even infants, being held in seriously inadequate conditions in the centers of Ain Zara, Tajoura and Misurata. Nutrition is insufficient for both them and their carers, including nursing mothers. Healthcare for children, as indeed for adults, is absent or, to say the least, inadequate. There are no regular and organized activities, no play areas or educational programs of any kind. In the first nine months of 2018, almost 20 percent of migrants who reached Europe by sea from Libya were under the age of 18. Children are not spared abuse either: we have documented allegations of sexual violence and beatings at the hands of guards and traffickers.

The detention of migrants in Libya is arbitrary under international law as it is prolonged, indefinite and not subject to judicial review.

“We have a European Union of 27 member states, but - when we talk about asylum seekers or third-country nationals who enter illegally - everything is concentrated in a handful of countries. The real scandal - if you look at the statistics of the European Union - is that there are many countries where hardly anyone arrives ".
In Lampedusa there is an obvious management problem that any country would have in welcoming more than two thousand people to a small island in the middle of the sea in two days. In terms of absolute numbers, we are not at such high levels: since 1 January 2021, in total, 13 thousand people have arrived. It is not a totally unmanageable or emergency number: in the past much higher numbers have been dealt with (in 2016 they were more than 180 thousand). It is the modalities that are dramatic: if these people had arrived at Fiumicino or Palermo airport with a travel document or an entry visa for asylum seekers, no one would shout at the emergency. The problem is that these people cannot enter on a regular basis: they have to make these hellish journeys because no one gives them an entry visa ".

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