Taking care of your feet, massaging them and giving them daily attention, is a way to nourish our soul as well. The feet are in fact a part of the body connected to our interiority, they have a very important symbolic meaning and they need a daily dedication to be able to activate their vital energy. The feet are an often forgotten part of the body. They are far from our eyes and our attention and so it happens that we do not give them the right care.

Yet they are always on the move, they take us from one place to another, they allow us to run, to ride a bicycle, to experience contact with the earth. They have the wonderful task of keeping us in balance, straight, of supporting our entire body structure.
The first tip is to make a nice foot bath with very hot water, peppermint, green tea filter, a few drops of pine oil. This is followed by a treatment with natural foot moisturizer or mint extract and pine oil and then some relaxation, putting your feet in comfortable fabric slippers with completely flat insoles, before going to sleep. Certainly the idea of ​​immersing our feet in hot water is excellent, let's not discard it because it looks like a grandmother's remedy, maybe it will be too but it is still one of the most effective. At least fifteen minutes of foot bath and our feet will be softer and more relaxed. Hot water is essential but we can also add a little peppermint or a filter of green tea or a few drops of pine oil to enhance the effect and make the foot bath even more powerful and soothing. If we don't love aromas too much then we can use coarse salt dissolved in water. The amount of a glass of 250 ml.
After having carefully dried our extremities, we can proceed with the next step, that of massages, which are very useful for reactivating circulation. We take some moisturizing and nourishing cream, with or without attached essences, and spread it on our feet until it is completely absorbed. There are those who do not like the consistency of the cream, so they can use mint extract and pine or rosemary oil, if they like these smells.
Taking care of your feet, massaging them and giving them daily attention, is a way to nourish our soul as well. The feet are in fact a part of the body connected to our interiority, they have a very important symbolic meaning and they need a daily dedication to be able to activate their vital energy. The feet are an often forgotten part of the body. They are far from our eyes and our attention and so it happens that we do not give them the right care.

Yet they are always on the move, they take us from one place to another, they allow us to run, to ride a bicycle, to experience contact with the earth. They have the wonderful task of keeping us in balance, straight, of supporting our entire body structure.


An excess of carbohydrates can turn into palmitic acid in the liver, one of the most aggressive against the arterial walls ”, continues Rossi. Therefore, not only the saturated fats contained in the foods mentioned above, we must also pay attention to the consumption of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates. For example, we are invaded by fructose, contained in the corn syrup present in many industrial foods. That corn also used in intensive farming as animal feed and which we indirectly take in through the consumption of meat. We experience pollution from excess palmitic acid, we pollute ourselves with this substance. The influence of palimitic acid is therefore to be extended to various pathologies, since it contributes to a state of insulin resistance, contributing to the onset of diabetes, hinders the activity of the hypothalamus that controls the pituitary, with negative consequences also on the thyroid, continues the expert
The good news is that there are numerous foods that can counteract the action of this substance. Like the aforementioned extra virgin olive oil. It is not for nothing that the US FDA has allowed extra virgin olive oil - thanks to oleic acid - to be advertised as a preventive against cardiovascular diseases; or it is essential to consume foods rich in "carotenoids which are antagonistic molecules of palmitic acid, contained for example in carrots, squash, tomatoes; yes to the consumption of vegetables, all to be eaten preferably cooked to benefit from this action.
A recent study entitled "Dietary palmitic acid promotes a prometastatic memory via Schwann cells" has further questioned the healthiness of palmitic acid, positively correlating it to the growth of some tumors.
Published in the well-known journal "Nature", the experiment was conducted by scientists from the "Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute" and "Worldwide Cancer Research", and led by Salvador Aznar-Benitah.
Regarding the possible impact promoting growth and metastasis, the experiment mentioned above confirms that, in mice, tumor cells fed with palmitic acid increase faster in number and gain a certain metastatic potential, they become overall more difficult to treat.


It is a very sad period that we have been through. Many people, like me, can no longer go to the cinema because they don’t have the green pass. This situation can be reversed but we have to choose. We, the people, have the power to choose. But the people are manipulated by these influencers who are slaves to the system. Vimeo offers many very interesting works. I prefer to watch short films and videos. I don’t watch TV anymore. Everyone should turn off the TV because it is now corrupt and false.


  1. There are situations and people you need to get away from in order to breathe. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, it doesn’t even matter what you are expected to do, the only thing that is useful to keep in mind under certain circumstances is that you can’t risk going to the bottom of yourself to save someone else. And if in order to survive you have to let one or more people drift away, never mind. Your life goes away, if the past is there to scream that any attempt has always been in vain, if even the thought of hoping seems ridiculous, then there is no court within you that can condemn you nor are there sins to atone for. but only white flags to be lowered. Nobody saves himself but you don’t have to save everyone, especially those who have the fearful tendency to get into trouble and then pretend that you are the one to solve their life. The moment you understand that for some individuals it makes no sense to lose time, resources and effort, breathing becomes easier. Distance is the only cure, the only remedy.
It is difficult to explain a panic attack. It affects you in various ways, when you least expect it. Feel a hand tighten around your heart, and this accelerates, it would like to run away. The legs start shaking, you think the danger comes from outside but the epicenter is within you. You feel lack of air, you feel you die slowly and then in a hurry. All at once, like when you swallow a pill. This sense of oppression comes and goes. It is difficult to explain because it has so many nuances and everyone lives their own and new ones can be added every time. When fear comes, you don’t always have the courage to face it. It’s like dying, but the point is, it doesn’t, just hold on and survive. Your head starts spinning, you get dizzy, the room gets small yet incredibly deep. Everything seems deafening and dangerous. You close your eyes and the nausea moves inside you. You feel the weight of the sea on your chest and your heart is beating as fast as it can.


Depression, panic attacks, insomnia, headaches, hypertension, anxiety can be associated with a lack of serotonin. Obviously no doctor will tell you to do an analysis to see if you may be deficient in seroyonin if you have any of these symptoms. No and do you know why? Because they have to prescribe you some drugs otherwise they can't pay for their holidays in the Caribbean.
Meanwhile, you continue to feel bad without knowing why you are always looking for chocolates and sweets. And no one explains it to you. No doctor tells you that cocoa contains tryptophan which helps the mind to have a feeling of high mood. No doctor explains why you are addicted to sugar. They just want to earn their nice vacation and they don't care how you are.
You know, my grandparents often ate dried fruit and legumes, plums, dried figs and I've never seen them sad. There was no depression and anxiety. They were often out in the open, both in summer and in winter, and only followed the sunlight. They went to bed when the sun set and got up at dawn. They never got bored, they never got tired and they were always in a good mood. So what can we understand from this? We can understand that certain foods help our brain to feel good. What do we eat now? French fries, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches and crap. Junk food. And how are we reduced? Unhappy and anxious, hypertensive, angry and stressed. But if we tell the doctor we feel this way he will give us more drugs and more drugs.
But he will never explain that we may not have enough serotonin in our diet. It is easier for them to gain on our skin than to help us heal.
Studies have shown that a diet lacking in tryptophan - and consequently with low levels of serotonin - can have negative effects not only on mood, but also on memory, cognitive abilities and sleep quality.
So what can we do? Change our diet and see if it works. At least give it a try.

Foods high in tryptophan are mainly:

dark chocolate
Pine nuts
Sesame seeds
cashew nuts

Milk and dairy products are rich in it, including cottage cheese and yogurt. 

Tryptophan is also found in legumes, especially chickpeas and beans, in meat, especially chicken and turkey, in fish, including anchovies, sea bream, sea bass, sole, cod, tuna and bottarga, and finally in eggs.
Among the vegetables, endive, cabbage, asparagus, green beans, lettuce, chard, spinach, zucchini are particularly rich in tryptophan.

( This is not a medical article but only a post of advice and does not consist of a specific cure. )












Since childhood we have been led to believe that money brings happiness. We pour our desire to feel good on objects, as if they were actually the origin of well-being. We grow up convinced that things make us happy and as a result we become obsessed with money. Because without money, we cannot buy all those objects that we see everywhere: on television, on social networks, in newspapers, worn by famous and smiling people.
From an early age, we are convinced that money is the most valuable asset. Not only do we start judging others based on this metric (the more you have, the more you're worth), but we make money our obsession.
For many, the equation "+ money = + things = + happiness" is an untouchable truth.

The problem is that all of us, sooner or later, find ourselves at a point in our life where money matters absolutely nothing. And when we get there, we realize that there is a much more precious asset.
We are told to study to get a good job, which will allow us to buy a big house and a powerful car. When we become adults, that instinct is still within us, stronger than ever, in fact we do not choose the job that we like and reward the most, but the one that pays the best.
The false myth that material wealth is equal to happiness infects us as children and pushes us, as adults, to never say no when faced with the opportunity to make money. Even when we don't need it. Even at the expense of our relationships, our passions and our health.
The more we work, the more euphoric we are, because we don't think about anything other than the money we will earn. But in reality it is an illusion. Perhaps the greatest illusion of our times.
Many wake up every morning with a bad mood and show up in the office nervous. When they realize they are dissatisfied, they have only one option to get by: numb the mind.

Making the mind impervious to those dangerous thoughts (one above all: "Aren't I throwing my life away?") Is the only way to continue to pursue material gain. And this is what all institutions put into our heads from an early age: fatigue, renunciations, sufferings, the myth of "carrying the cross" are necessary characteristics to be rewarded (perhaps) tomorrow.

But the money you receive in return is unable to buy the time wasted by being unhappy and dissatisfied. One of the greatest paradoxes of our times lies in the fixed thinking of millions of people when they are in the workplace:
Everyone envies millionaires, but for the wrong reason. We think we admire their lives for the money they have in the bank, in reality it is not: what we envy is the time they have available.

Do you know why you want to be the millionaire on Instagram? Because he has the time to do what he wants.

Most people are forced to work at least five days a week, often eight hours a day. It is an exhausting activity, which deprives us of energy and keeps our dreams of happiness at bay.
But do you really believe that the millionaire has all that time available? Do you really believe that he can always decide what to do in every moment of his life? Maybe you don't know that a successful person must then maintain this success in all possible ways and therefore must always show himself at the top, do interviews, attend events, hang out with other successful people. And all of this takes a very long time. You don't know that successful people do a lot of things they hate but don't write it on social media, they would never tell you they're bored or unhappy. This you will never know because it is part of maintaining their successful image. Yet how many times have you discovered that certain characters had problems with betrayals, jealousies, depression, problems with children, husbands or wives ... Because they are human people, normal people like all of us. But they make you believe you are special and you believe them. You think having all that money and all that success can be fabulous. But you don't know the background.

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