“I am Sofia, a little Ukrainian. I lost my arm, my mother and my cat in Bucha. I am one of 910 children who suffered because of the neighbouring country”

This is a message from Sofia who was living in the hospital for the last three months. Although she is in safe Rome now, a girl shudders at every sound and fears planes. She feels phantom pain. When she is worried, not only her non-existent hand hurts, but also all over her body.

Before the Russian invasion, Sofia did equestrian sports, but now she is not sure if it would be possible in the future again. She dreams to have a prothesis. It will help her to reduce the pain and even be able to do routine, like dressing herself.


Dreams are not like blue eyes, but with those you are either born with them or you have brown eyes like me. Some dreams, I say, come later. I don’t like everything I do, but there are many things I didn’t like to do and now I do. There are things I thought they would never do for me and now I would give everything I have to keep living them. Sometimes I suffered from this lack. I used to go around telling people “sorry eh, but I don’t have dreams, what should I do?” and everyone looked at me badly, because in short, you will know if you want to be a writer, a street artist or an engineer. But no, I didn’t know and still have no idea. But now I know one thing, another thing: I was born without dreams and then I met two or three on the street. And I didn’t recognize them immediately, eh no. Because that’s the hard part. When I saw them I thought “how nice, but I’m not suitable” or “no, thanks. I don’t care ”and two or three times I even risked losing them. “Toh, what a careless, I left my dream in that place, who knows if the bartender found it”. And of course he had found it, of course, because dreams are in great demand and the rule, the only rule that applies is that you have to be careful. They are everywhere and yet they are never enough. Maybe we don’t have them inside, but we have them next to us, on us or maybe they are waiting for us in the garden, in a shop in the center, in our jacket pocket, in the middle of a boring party, on a cloud, in a fairytale.


I'll make room for you next to me.
Tonight I'm really strong,
tonight I'm really invincible,
tonight - not - it's - me.
I make room for you next to me, and inside my heart. 
What a big space you have,
you take up almost all of it. 
I'm happy when I think about it, and I tell everyone a little
because my heart is almost all yours.
The sauce I made, 
the red apples I bought are all yours. 
The scent of chocolate donut is all yours. 
I am a bit all yours.
I make room for you next to me, and tonight no one can beat me,
if in a low voice,
almost in silence
I tell you that you are my love
and you are my love
and you are love
what I feel when I look at you.



In Nepalese Shamanism - which has an animistic view, the shaman who intercedes with the world of different Spirits can travel to these "worlds" because he is pure.
This purity is not the rigidity that one feels to follow ascetic practices that are not intimately understood, much less does it mean following and fulfilling a series of behavioral (moral) rules that impose a hypocritical and "adharmic" society like the Western one, which is widely spread also in the East. Purity means, in my opinion, a profound understanding of the "universal law" (Dharma) and of Karma; obviously, knowledge that is not put into practice is refined ignorance.
By knowing the law and how it manifests in every sphere of life, and by striving to marry it over the course of numerous incarnations, the Shaman frees himself from the karmic bonds that hold and direct the life force, as well as from the grip these karmic chains have on the law. subjective perception of reality. This is why he is pure and can access other worlds, his vision is clear, not corrupted.


This decision places Assange in great danger and sends a chilling message to journalists all over the world, ”said Agnés Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty International.

"If the extradition continues, Assange will run the great risk of being placed in prolonged isolation, in violation of the prohibition of ill-treatment and torture. The diplomatic assurances provided by the US that Assange will not be held in solitary confinement cannot be taken seriously given the precedents, ”Callamard added.

"We ask the UK not to extradite Assange and the US to quash the charges so that Assange is released," Callamard concluded.

But this is exactly what happened because there is no longer freedom of speech and we are all condemned together with Assange to no longer have the freedom to be able to tell the truth and this is terrible and absurd !!!
"Prolonged solitary confinement is the norm in US maximum security prisons and constitutes torture or other ill-treatment prohibited by international law. The assurances given by the US about the fair treatment of Assange is deeply composed, given that it could be revoked at any time. moment. Extradited to the US, he would risk suffering serious human rights damage and empty diplomatic reassurances would not protect him. "

These are the words of Amnesty International but apparently no one cares about the fate of Julian, who was condemned only because he discovered the truth.



I confess that I hold my heart between the sunsets,
split in two,
created as a single center,
divided by suns and moons
of another galaxy.
I confess that I am not in my bones, that I have no body, my breath is distorted by opposite impulses
to the immortal nature.
I confess that I have edges outside the body, between the clouds and the stars.
Knots in the throat.
Desires left in the red veins.
Danger of melting into so much universal love.





Do you know what’s the bad thing about not knowing how to stop thoughts? It’s just that you keep reflecting and reflecting and thinking about things that you usually wouldn’t even notice. You continue until that sense of emptiness starts, as if nothing really matters in your life. And it hurts to think that you are the miserable drop of a huge sea. There are those people who do not know how but listen to all these paranoia, all these senseless thoughts and which often also create a veil of sadness. God, thank you for existing. You make us feel so understood, because it is not easy to keep everything inside, it is not easy to understand what you are thinking, it is not easy to get out of it. And then there are those people who look at you, frown and tell you: “What do you care, live your life and don’t think about it”. I’m not here to lecture anyone, I just want to make certain people understand that thoughts hurt. It is a real self-destruction to think too much, unfortunately you cannot calm us down with phrases like: “Come on, two minutes and forget about it”. No. So please, when you see a person trapped in their fucking thoughts, release them. Talk to her, discuss, help her. I beg you.

The inability to change things. I am weak, I admit it. I make a thousand projects that I don’t complete, every day I get up and I want to be a better person but I can’t. I admit I’m wrong and I promise not to do it again, but I fall back every time. How to get out of this cage of thoughts that torment me every day? I have come to a point in my life where I leave … I leave it to you. I let it be said. I no longer argue to try to make myself understood or to make mine understood feelings and my emotions, mine fears or my feelings. I leave it to everyone the belief, of being right. Above all, I have learned to let go. Not using a word does not mean not seeing and not feel. Silence is often a sign of reflection, evaluation and decision.
It is strange to think about the past and realize that happy memories are very few. But this leads us to cling to them, like life jackets in the sea that keep you afloat. Moving forward thinking about happy memories, perhaps, could be a great lifestyle.

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