They say that when you reach the bottom you can only go up, but that’s not true, you can start digging with your bare hands and reach an even deeper place, even more dark and painful. But if you survive, if you find the strength to raise your head and rise from the abyss of suffering, then you will be able to see your strength and rejoice because there is no turning back. Nothing and no one will ever have the strength to bring you back to the bottom, and thanks to this you will be able to face the next obstacles with your head held high because no problem will appear greater than what you have already experienced and overcome.
Psychology states that you shouldn’t expect anything to feel good. Everything that happens to us must be a surprise. If a person sends us the “good morning” the following day we don’t have to wait for it again. We can’t get used to things, much less to people. If we consider events as surprises and never as expectations, we are happier.
Don’t settle for it. Don’t give yourself to the first one to pass. Do not prefer the easy things, in the end they always last a short time. And don’t be afraid of the difficult ones, difficult things are not for everyone, love is not for everyone and you are also not for everyone. Don’t settle for nice words, you need presence and constancy. Remember that to make a person happy you don’t need gifts or constant promises, you have to make them feel important, every day. Forget the one who betrayed you, but without ever being ashamed of trusting him, he should be ashamed of having betrayed her. Forget the speaker behind you, his place is right behind you. Forget those who are not honest with you. Don’t worry about it, don’t try to understand what they think, you can never really know what someone thinks, but you can understand a lot from how they behave and how they treat you. Believe in yourself but never put yourself above others. Intelligence is questioning yourself and not others, that’s just fear. If you are satisfied with the wrong people, unfortunately it is only your fault and it is you who must correct your mistakes, it is you who must learn to give people the same importance they give to you. the difficulties do not come if they make you lose your patience, but if they make you lose your desire, and if you are with someone it is because you want him and do not need. Don’t settle for those who play to lose you, let them win, never give up hope or kindness. Take care of your heart, don’t waste it, don’t throw it away, and when you return to love, enjoy every moment, without giving up anything. Don’t give up on love just because it could hurt you.
Love is reborn in my fantasies as a woman, in the repressed desires, in the desires and pleasures of my body. The fruit ripens, juicy and sparkling, sour in sweetness, and like the sea concentrated in a drop, which contains the strength of the waves in the salt. Pura a flame is ignited, a glow of light infests the darkness, it makes room by tearing the layer of the closed eyelids in the dark: light illuminate me and invade my flesh. I want to taste the passions, suffer from the pleasure, smile and enjoy.

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