I recently saw a proliferation of youtube channels created on the subject of aliens. They talk about NASA, about enclosures, about evidence on sightings. But is all this really useful to us and not rather to make these individuals profit? At the beginning I was also frankly struck by certain declassified documents but then I realized that after a certain number of videos we started talking about subscriptions, written books, t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale, .... In short, I I no longer believe it is a matter of interest. They are making too much money on these topics and I'm sorry to say but these people, after buying a certain number of followers, behave just like the gurus of the sects. So I stopped watching certain videos altogether, even though certain topics were treated well. What do you think? Even Rai have been saying things about aliens. But was it to make an audience?

Baba Vanga was a blind mystic and Bulgarian herbalist who spent most of her life between 1911 and 1996 making alarming predictions about the future.
Before his death, Baba Vanga prophesied that at the end of 2022, aliens will invade Earth by sending an asteroid to search for life on our planet, and the result will not be good for humans. Stressing that the aliens will not come in peace, Baba Vanga said: "The alien ships will attack the Earth and bomb cities and take people captive."
The Israeli-British illusionist, magician and psychic Uri Geller is also adamant that aliens are about to invade our planet. The 75-year-old spoon bender recently announced on Instagram: “A radio wave mapping team in the universe has discovered something unusual that releases a giant burst of energy three times an hour and is unlike anything astronomers have ever seen before.
"Without a doubt in my mind this is connected to an alien intelligence far superior to ours. Start decrypting their messages! They are preparing us for a mass landing soon! "
Geller previously predicted that aliens would soon make contact with humans, saying, “They will probably land on the White House lawn or somewhere. All of our science fiction films about encounters with aliens will come true. I don't think we are talking about thousands or even hundreds of years. If I had to guess, a rational and logical hypothesis, I would say that between 60 and 75 years it will happen. "

Aliens are among us? Maybe today and certainly in ancient times. They created us, the Bible says, and they instituted religion to rule us. This in a nutshell supports Mauro Biglino, a fashion writer between spiritualists and anticlericals. His books are bestsellers with tens of thousands of copies. An all-round brand: many conferences, highly clicked videos, social media, appeared on television, a comic and even a cameo of himself in a sci-fi film with megaproduction. Even as an association we receive criticisms, attestations of esteem and requests for opinions on this writer.
Mauro Biglino argue that human beings were created by extraterrestrials equipped with advanced technologies, starting from hominids already present. The term elohim would not indicate the Hebrew god but these characters. The traces would lie in the text not manipulated by the theologians.
Biglino's lectures attract a large audience also due to the author's undoubted dialectical skills. He shows mastery of Hebrew and ancient texts, but shuns the swamped attitude of many intellectuals struggling with the audience. Charismatic and witty, with a dry and almost monastic appearance, he involves the audience and peppered the speeches with anecdotal and high-sounding references. His events are a mix of reading, entertainment and (not so paradoxically) sermons in the church.




The traditional idea considers the human being as a victim of non-humans, aliens, demons, etc ...
I propose an alternative hypothesis:
humanity has attracted, by its very nature and choice, the whole world of PARASITES that, otherwise, would have ignored it
This was originally done through magical, shamanic and then pre-religious and religious cults.
Shamans, magicians, priests have all attracted and placed in humanity a series of immaterial or semi-material entities that would never have dared to attack the species on their own behalf.
In fact, animals and plants have no problems in this sense, since they automatically reject any interference but, above all, they certainly do not go looking for them.
The entities we are talking about belong to natures and dimensions that are not human ones.

Indeed, in many cases, not even terrestrial, in the human sense of the word.
They may, indeed, they could also exist in concomitant dance with the man, perhaps even touch him, but they would never have dreamed of being able to enter and use him for their own purposes.
Instead, wizards, shamans and priests have not only evoked them, provoked, invited them .... but they have implanted them into human history, BECOMING, FROM TIME TO TIME, TOOLS AND, THEMSELVES, PARASITES.
For this, humanity has become a hybrid and contaminated species, polluted and polluting on the EXISTENTIAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL levels.
Today the main aliens, demons, pseudo-angels, non-humans, etc ... ARE HYBRID AND HYBRID HUMAN BEINGS at medium and maximum level.
Their manpower are those below those levels.
Their target is the rest of humanity.
Therefore, the enemies today are not "thrones, principalities and dominations", but a race of hybrids that embodies and supports the "thrones ...", allowing them to reign without getting their hands dirty and SEEMINGLY INNOCENT AND ABSENT.
Fighting against the ruling bodies of the planet would be useless and suicidal.
But to remove the hybrids I have mentioned from them is possible and desirable.
So, if we want to free ourselves, we must retrace the path that made them enter, on the contrary, LET THEM EXIT.

The practice of religious and secular exorcism can succeed.
But with the foresight to acknowledge to entities that we are at least half responsible, and that we recognize them some positive aspects of our history.
The exorcism must be a farewell and not a war, a divorce and not a mutual aggression, a non-violent and progressive estrangement.
This applies to entities.

Against the hybrids the discourse changes, since they, from the manpower to the superior executives, ARE IMPLIED IN THE TERRESTRIAL POWERS AT ALL LEVELS.
Thus, a war against them would surely become a CIVIL WAR with serious military implications.
Therefore, the path of liberation is as dangerous a path as CURRENT PRISON.
But it cannot be avoided.
So, the future will be of two types:

a) imprisonment
b) release

In the first case, however, there would be an instinctual explosion or a final implosion
In the second, as I said, to a GENERALIZED CIVIL WAR.
As a neutral observer, a role that allows me to write these things while saving my ass, I can tell you that, in the first case, there would no longer be human humanity, but only debris in total disarray.
In the second, however, there would be a real glimpse of salvation, but uncertain and relative.
These are the results of the behavior that I have explained, a millennial behavior that has CALIBRATED AND IMPRINTED THE HUMAN SPECIES IN AN INDELIBLE BUT NOT YET DEFINITIVE AND TERMINAL WAY.

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