People change. Oh yes, it does change. We must not believe those who even after many years claim to have always remained the same. How many times has it happened to meet friends, schoolmates, neighbors from our childhood who, when they say "I almost didn't recognize you", always respond with that phrase there, that kind of fetish phrase was not even the formula of some intrinsic ritual of eternal youth, "I am always the same, that dear girl with whom you were doing your math homework in class". 

They lie. Maybe not knowingly, but they lie. To grow is to change, experiences change us, disappointments change us, triumphs change, traumas change us, friendships change, moves change us, tears change us, jobs change us, travels change us, loves, especially the wrong ones.

And paradoxically it is precisely the positive aspects of our personality that say goodbye first; they are the first to abandon us, to give way to new habits and new “ourselves”, perhaps equally positive, perhaps better, perhaps not. The negative aspects are the most "stubborn". They are the deepest ones, the ones most attached to our soul, those who often identify us as a human being and differentiate us from the other. 

Our dark side is the one that hardly goes away. But we are so used to hiding it in the bowels of ourselves, that we often forget we have it, we leave it there, dozing off, and in the meantime, aware or not, we look forward to the "new us" from time to time, the changes that life it continually places us in front of us and which we completely absorb, changing our ways of thinking, living, loving. And it's amazing how much we change when we look back. 

All the wonderful meaning of life consists of this… change, evolution; it is as if the life of every single human represented in a small way the great evolutionary process of the species ...

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