The Russians in war with Ukraine "plunder, rape, kill: in the district of Bucha the situation is the most complicated". This was announced by the report of the National Emergency Service, reports 'Ucrainska Pravda'. "According to information received from the locals, the occupiers are looting, killing, rape and passport control of our citizens." "For almost a week the essentials for sustenance have been lacking in the inhabited centers. The occupants have blocked all roads to have food, water and medicines delivered."

AMNESTY: "WAR CRIMES IN CHERNIV" - A Russian aerial bombardment, with at least eight unguided bombs, which killed 47 civilians last March 3 in Chernihiv could constitute a war crime, reports Amnesty international after an initial investigation into the attack launched at 12.15 (local time) against a small widening formed by the intersection of two roads.

The buildings were badly damaged. "It was a merciless, indiscriminate, against civilians engaged in their daily routines in their homes, streets and shops", underlines Joanne Mariner, director of Crisis Response at Amnesty urging the opening of an investigation by the Prosecutor's Office. international criminal law.

It is difficult to talk about the efficiency of international law "when" soldiers rape our women ". Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said this, speaking of the work done by international criminal courts to investigate potential war crimes at an online event hosted by Chatham House.

"When bombs fall on your cities, when soldiers rape women in occupied cities it is difficult, of course, to talk about the efficiency of international law but this is the only tool of civilization at our disposal to make sure that in the end all those who they made this war possible will be brought to justice ‚ÄĚKuleba said in his speech.

Some witnesses who denounced the incident also confirm Kuleba's words. Currently there are about ten reported cases. Among these cases, the most atrocious would be that of a 17-year-old raped and killed.


Violence against women is one of the most serious and widespread forms of human rights violations. Amnesty International relaunches its awareness campaign against the violence perpetrated against women, girls and girls all over the world. UNIFEM statistics are terrible: 1 in 3 women in the world suffers a form of physical, sexual or psychic violence. For the mere fact of being a woman.
According to UNIFEM data, one in three women has been raped, beaten, forced into sexual intercourse or abused at least once in her life. According to a study by the WHO and the World Bank, domestic violence is the leading cause of death or serious injury for women aged 16 to 44 - more important than cancer, malaria or road accidents.
Statistics on violence within the couple vary considerably from one country to another: according to the UN, 30% of British women are abused by their spouses or ex-spouses. In western Jordan, the percentage reaches 52%, in Nicaragua at 28%, in Bangladesh at 47%, in Canada at 29%, in the South and Southeast Anatolia (Turkey) at 58%, in Australia at 23%. % and in Cambodia at 16%. A survey conducted in Switzerland in 1997 showed that one in five women between the ages of 20 and 60 said she had already suffered physical or sexual violence by her spouse or partner. In 70% of cases of murdered women, the culprit turns out to be the spouse. In 1999, 14,000 Russian women were murdered by their spouses or family members.
Physical violence almost always goes hand in hand with psychological violence. In the Swiss survey cited above, 40% of women indicated that they had suffered psychological violence from their spouse or partner. A study carried out in Canada in 1993 shows that a third of women who have experienced domestic violence had, at some point in the relationship, fear for their lives.

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