On a gray day like the ones that exist in these terrible winter days (in a nearby town the temperature has reached -30 degrees Celsius) and we are in Italy and a winter so cold has never been seen before and there is little gas and it costs too much and wood and other fuels have a much higher price, and I wake up in the morning and I look at the sparrows singing and they only have a bush to take refuge in and I don't know if many of them are dying and I put seeds and I think the choice is up to us. We are the ones who have to help others, we are the ones who can donate, love, food, shelter, to people and animals. I believe that God wants this, I believe that God wants us all to pray but also to do something important. So I go out and try to bring a smile, even if I'm sick inside me, because I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but I don't want anything to stop me from doing good. And so I hope you do too. Peace and serenity to you all.


I feel like everything is empty. Nothing around. I gasp in the deep dark. Just one light. Just a thrill in the air, your eyes looking at my soul.
I have nothing, but I have You, therefore I have everything.
All around vibrates in the ether only one thing, you. Like constant beating of wings that your heart remembers.
A vibration. A thrill. Contact with silky skin. An emotion that revives.
Mild. Intense. Fiery. Passionate.
A kiss resting on smooth skin. Eyes that like windows open onto an enchanted world. A world that is your soul....
Wake up, open your eyes into each other. A hug of looks. A smile and the morning opens...
Here is a new day. Here I anxiously await, to still see myself in your eyes.
I need to hold you tight. Dip your face into your hair. Feel your perfume, inhale you inside me.
A heart drowning in murky waters of sadness. He gasps desperately for the air of your smile.
Narrow is the heart. Dark soul. Then here it is your smile and the morning lights up.
A light breeze carries your perfume so that my nostrils can fill with it. Breeze that is like your caress.
The face of the sky is now day, greet those who have a place already reserved in their hearts.
A place imprinted in the heart, dug into the soul.


In the wind that tells the air,
I am surprised to stay still,
not to fly away,
to anchor myself to the roots of the restless earth.
The waking hours, at night at 4,
when the kitten meows,
the hours out of the dream of the stairs that go down and up,
 they are so white, so stellar.
A distant movement of clouds, noises, hisses and breaths,
while I imagine the night as a light traveler,
without baggage, without destination,
towards a horizon there,
behind the mountain peaks.
I got up,
with a candle in hand,
as in dreams,
like someone who wants to see in the dark,
and I saw the air, clear, very clean, transparent,
but I saw it and I was inside that air,
as if you were something touched, caressed,
and I had no fear of death.
What purpose would I exist if I were all contained within myself?
But I am contained by the air and this invisible container
I saw it for the first time last night.
Like looking through a transparent, crystalline glass.
The world is immensely foreign to me,
because I look beyond the peaks and see,
I see through the rock,
I see the breath of the animals in their burrows,
the men in their shelters, doubtful and insecure.
A dove's wing moves,
his presence sounds in the silence.
I go back to bed, I blow out the candle,
I get back into the air and sleep.
It doesn't matter who I am.
It doesn't matter what my name is.
I have seen the air and the fire of the eternal soul,
inside a breath of wind that was going away
but I stay here, on the bed,
and I dream of being able to save trees.



No direction is written on the walls,
not even a name carved on the asphalt.
Those who have flown elsewhere laugh:
Why do you wait for the last minute to redeem yourself?
The sun comes every day,
every light is ready,
But you turn your back and say:
"No, there is still time."
Yet the hours are marked,
The fronts are marked with sacred chrism;
why are you waiting for the last moment?
The path is all green
every blade of grass has had its life,
billions of saddles in our hearts,
that beat fast asking for the grace to be directed towards a better world.
So, what are we waiting for?
Our gift is this, to love always, to love everyone, animals and people, plants and creatures all.
We listen to the hiss of the wind and light our candles;
He is with us, he brings together the leaves and the flowers to make us strong trees, 
which never bend.


The need to find one's Purpose is not an act of fanaticism, but it is the sacred will of the human Being. The fact that the System has taught you not to aspire to anything, not to want "too much", to the politics of the poor, but good, is not synonymous with ethics or interior development.

It is only the cowardice with which the fearful justify their inefficiency and the doubters are kept in chains.

Those who follow the majority follow conformism to these precepts. It is not a question of feeling superior to anyone, it is a question of acknowledging it.

To observe what the masses do and (at least) not to do the same.

When did we humans begin to dig the furrow that separates us from the world that should be our own, namely the animal one? Because this we are, animals. When did we begin to cultivate the utter disharmony that is the new normal today? Yesterday I saw My octopus teacher on Netflix and I still have in my eyes the wonder of that being that seems to come out of a fantasy or even to come from another planet, it is so beautiful and complex.

This morning, however, I cried. Thinking about how much this nature is now alien to us, thinking about all the evil we are capable of towards other living beings, thinking about the bottomless pit of our hypocrisy. Yes, this morning I too cried out of guilt because I am part of that infesting race that is destroying the planet and sowing death among its inhabitants, who in some animals see only food, amusement, objects to use. I cried because, even if I have been trying to do my part for some time now, it is still not enough. Man is also an animal, an evolved ape who has forgotten what it means to live in symbiosis with the surrounding environment. We have not eaten other animals for over a year now and this is a choice that makes us happy but also more aware. Unfortunately it is not enough to alleviate the burden of a fault that is too great for us, which overwhelms us as a species and not as individuals. We act as if everything is due to us and we can't even understand how absurd it is. Yes, that octopus taught us something too and reminded us once more what is worth fighting and crying for. And also suffer.



In the middle of the meadow, grazing the clover; while the hen Rosita looks for something, walking around it.
The lawn is mowed in half: I didn't feel like cutting the yellow flowers, which sway in the wind. Before the Pervinca hedge bloomed there were no other flowers for insects and bees, so the yellow flowers of the field fulfilled their function. 
The sheep are in the enclosure convinced that the good shepherd built it to defend them from wolves.
The sheep do not know, however, that the fences do not stop the wolves, but only serve to prevent them from escaping from the shepherd, who will take them to the slaughterhouse and if a wolf eats one, the shepherd will tell the others that it was the victim's fault. she should have been more careful.
The problem is that they can't understand if you explain it to them, because they are sheep.
Contrary to popular belief, sheep are intelligent animals, but the way they are treated by humans puts them in a constant state of terror that prevents them from showing themselves as they really are.
Lambs are among the liveliest and most playful animals in existence. They chase each other, jump, do somersaults. They have a specific gesture to invite the other lambs to play: they jump high kicking with their hind legs.
Sheep are able to recognize at least fifty other different sheep, and remember faces and events for years, as Dr. Keith Kendrick, of the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, England.
While kids and lambs are very similar, and love to run and play, sheep and adult goats have a decidedly different character: goats are more independent, while sheep are more inclined to follow a leader, a "guide sheep"


We have taken their space!
We have limited their area!
We humans usurp the animal world every day!
We are the cruel predators who eliminate defenseless animal species!
We are the real monsters and we destroy everything that is beautiful!
Until when will we have the power to do this?
How long will this planet not decide to shake up and send us all upside down?


Many people with good intentions and then what? If the world were full of truly well-meaning people, would we have gotten to this point? I see a lot of people talking about love and peace but then at the first opportunity they become aggressive and angry. Sites full of people who hate, but then they say they are pacifists and animal rights activists. But in what? But what are they talking about? We must work to save this planet. Speeches and beautiful words are not enough. Are you animal rights? So don't buy leather shoes and bags, go volunteer in animal associations, catteries, kennels and recovery centers for injured animals. Show your good, don't just talk about it. Be kind, loving, polite, meek and above all humble. There are too many people who brag about themselves, who value only appearance and success. You show that you believe in something deeper and more universal. Always fight for Good and always do good. Do good to Nature and animals first of all because your sensitivity can be seen from there.

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