A style always remembered for great class and elegance. These are the characteristics that make an Armani garment unmistakable.
From classic to innovative and design clothes, there are many areas in which the collections range. All under a clear guideline: the unmistakable Italian style. His style is inspired by the great black and white films of the 1930s, sharp cuts and cool colors: gray, beige, sand or the famous blue-Armani.
Both Arab and Oriental culture is of great influence within the collections designed by Giorgio Armani: many Korean collars or large tunic coats presented in 1990.

Both Cate Blanchett and Leonardo Di Caprio have chosen to dress the designer's garments for a famous Hollywood night: the delivery of the Oscars; Giorgio Armani said he felt totally in line with the style adopted by the actors. The Armani Group, after the damage caused by bad weather in November of this year, decided to donate the proceeds of three A / X Olimpia Milano matches to the Civil Protection.
A few years ago, Forbes magazine declared him the fifth richest man in Italy and among the 150 richest in the world. His heritage is truly envious, built step by step in a very long career spanning over fifty years in the world of high fashion. His most famous words are "Elegance is not being noticed but being remembered".

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