I gave away my books, to everyone, given away and given to those I thought could at least read them. At least one page, one sentence, but no one has time to read what I write. Friends and acquaintances, people who thanked, because a book has its cost, it's hard work, and a publisher should also get something out of it. I gave them away, I didn't pocket a single cent. But everyone justifies themselves by saying that they haven't had time, that they have been sick, that they recently have health problems. My books end up who knows where and I've only given them away and never asked for anything in return. Shall I call these real friends? No one has an interest in the things I do. I could disappear into thin air and they wouldn't even notice. I will never publish any books again because they don't deserve them. Tomorrow I'll burn everything.


All the stories that I publish here in the posts are present in my collection of stories "KIMERA" which is on Wattpad, so if someone wants to browse the other stories or read some other work of mine, I mean novels, they can go to my page of Wattpad and read and comment there. If you are also subscribed to Wattpad please give me your links so I will come and read your works too. Thanks everyone for reading me and have a nice weekend. The link for my stories is this:


This is my profile where all my works are present. So if you want to read more, look here:


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