This decision places Assange in great danger and sends a chilling message to journalists all over the world, ”said Agnés Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty International.

"If the extradition continues, Assange will run the great risk of being placed in prolonged isolation, in violation of the prohibition of ill-treatment and torture. The diplomatic assurances provided by the US that Assange will not be held in solitary confinement cannot be taken seriously given the precedents, ”Callamard added.

"We ask the UK not to extradite Assange and the US to quash the charges so that Assange is released," Callamard concluded.

But this is exactly what happened because there is no longer freedom of speech and we are all condemned together with Assange to no longer have the freedom to be able to tell the truth and this is terrible and absurd !!!
"Prolonged solitary confinement is the norm in US maximum security prisons and constitutes torture or other ill-treatment prohibited by international law. The assurances given by the US about the fair treatment of Assange is deeply composed, given that it could be revoked at any time. moment. Extradited to the US, he would risk suffering serious human rights damage and empty diplomatic reassurances would not protect him. "

These are the words of Amnesty International but apparently no one cares about the fate of Julian, who was condemned only because he discovered the truth.


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