We bring our world into being thanks to the power of the Dream. It is not necessary to be aware of it, but we are all bringing the world into being through the dream. What we are engaged in is not the night dreams we are familiar with, but the conscious dream we create when our eyes are open. When we are not aware that we share the power to co-create with the Universe itself, this power slips from our hands and our dreams can turn into nightmares. We fear change, which is the very essence of existence along with movement, and we fear what comes into our life because we believe we are unable to influence or change it. It is the events that seem to control and trap us. The only way out of this frightening reality is to awaken to the fact that this too is a dream, and recognize our ability to rewrite a better story, one in which it is the Source, the Life Force that animates us, or the Universe itself that can ‘work’ with us to manifest our reality. When we awaken to the power of the dream, we begin to exercise the muscles of courage. Courage is a virtue that enables us to face our fears to overcome them and like all virtues it must be exercised. Then we can become fearless in our dream: letting go of our limiting beliefs and pushing our fears away. We can begin to create a truly original Dream that originates in our soul, our true intent, to serve the Divine within us during our walking experience on this earth. And we can manifest the dream of our soul which bears fruit in our life.

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