Often I get lost in your eyes to look for a fixed point in all this chaos that reigns the order of things around us. The eyes are oceans where I lose the conception of space and time to give way to the irrational and uncontrollable part of me. In your eyes I find myself, I see my tired soul dancing between the rooms of your time, invigorating itself with life and love in this place that has the colors of honey and coffee. Dance, Dance ballerina between the shades of those eyes You look so beautiful as you dance between steps Finally you are no longer alone in this emotion that overwhelms you Life is finally no longer heavy, in those twists and turns of the heart Savor the life that no longer tastes of autumn but of spring, the one you have been waiting for. “One day three autumns” you said, now the only thing you are is light, you have returned to shine again to give that lost light to others. You are like that, you have to hit rock bottom to be reborn and there was no truer thing. Being born and then dying and then starting over … starting over for you, for you and for those you love.


When I was younger: I would put my arms in the shirt and tell people that I had lost my arms. I restarted the game every time I knew I was going to lose. I slept with all the stuffed animals like a baby so none of them got offended. I had that 4-color pen, and I was trying to push buttons at once. I poured the soda into a lid and shaken it as if I were making small glasses. the hardest decision was choosing which nintendo game to play. I waited behind a door to scare someone, then I left because it took too long to get out or I had to pee. I pretended to be asleep so I could be carried to bed. I thought the moon was following my car. I watched two drops of water slip on the window and pretended it was a race. I used to go to the computer just to use paint. the only thing I had to worry about was the tamagotchi. the only ‘false’ friends I had were the invisible ones. I sang in the shower. (now? now I take some life choices down there). I ingested some fruit seeds and was scared to death that a tree would grow in my belly. I peeled my knees which healed better than a broken heart. I remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up. what the hell were we thinking about?

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