In the human species there is a phenomenon that has no equal in nature. Two male individuals of the same species, with the same large bipedal mammalian body, with the same type of brain, can become one St. Francis of Assisi and the other Adolf Hitler. How can we explain such a radical difference in behavior? In two ways, which are not mutually exclusive.
The first hypothesis is that in Homo sapiens the instincts have lost much of their cogency: they no longer command us like puppets. With the same biology, the choices an individual makes are dictated much more by personal history, by experiences and traumas, by family and social influences, or simply by the uniqueness of the individual. Our evolutionary heritage has weakened: it makes us capable of one behavior and its opposite, but then which of the two we choose depends on a cultural judgment of what we think is good or bad.
The second hypothesis is that our own evolutionary history is ambivalent and therefore it is useless to ask ourselves whether we are good or bad “by nature”. Perhaps we are both, a variable mix of good and evil. Recent scientific data confirms that our mind has evolved by dealing with social relationships in small groups, each in conflict with other groups. The result is that we are cooperative and good with those we recognize as belonging to our “we”, while we tend towards aggression towards those who seem to us “other than us”. But the experiments also show that education can make a difference, teaching us to consider ever larger communities of solidarity, to the point of including the entire human species in the “we”, as the disregarded Universal Declaration of Rights of 1948 says.
Recognizing how bad you are makes you more capable of living with serenity. The “bad guys” are those who come without real suffering and a demand for treatment. People who seem (or are) insensitive to the suffering they cause in others. They are asked to treat them to find a medical justification for behaviors that do not need justification. Behaviors aimed at the instinctual satisfaction of the individual without paying attention to the people to whom they cause suffering. This is clinically unamendable evil because it does not belong to a true definition of disease. This is a terrifying evil.


It’s just a question of survival. Just this. There is nothing else. All with the same purpose. Nothing is really what it seems. Looking for someone. Find someone. And then endure, suffer and suffer for work, for food, for children, for something wrong, because there is always something wrong. Why don’t you eat with love. What life would this be? We might as well tear ourselves apart like wolves instead of gradually wounding ourselves in the same place. If there is no food, the aggression of human beings comes out. If no resources are found, we all become ferocious wolves. We are animals and not evolved beings. We are still guided by our biology. We have hormones that make us do things we later regret. But we can’t cancel these hormones. Animals adapt better than humans. They don’t have to match clothes or wear makeup. They just need to show mane or feathers. They don’t have to get hold of various trappings to show their role. Human beings waste a lot of energy to earn money and show themselves in a certain way. And the whole is built. I mean that animals show what they have naturally had. Human beings, on the other hand, show what they got with money. The adaptation is therefore more complicated because it requires the use of more resources. Human beings rely on beauty but women choose money. If we put Briatore and any handsome young man with him would you choose? Briatore. Many guys recently call themselves Incel and have focused on their ugliness as a yardstick for their failure with women. But they did not understand that women look at money and not at the face. If a man shows up in a fancy suit or expensive car and designer clothes and a lot of money rest assured that most of the girls will say okay. The girls of this generation obviously, because that of the previous generation were satisfied with a man with a steady job. Now, however, the girls want the absolute rich.

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