Winter is a very difficult time for birds, not so much for the cold as for the food. In fact, a bird resists the cold without problems if it can feed itself well. If the snow arrives then it is a real drama. So if you love wild birds, like me, you can make a feeder available to our little friends that you can build yourself or buy in a pet shop.
Here are some important rules for anyone wishing to build a manger.
The manger, of which some practical examples are given in this article, must be of a wood color or pale green color. Strong colors do not like birds.
The manger should be placed on the balcony, away from the windows and in a discreet place. If the birds see you frequent it too often, they won't come close. If you have a garden, it should be positioned at a height where cats cannot reach it. Hygiene is important: the base of the manger must often be cleaned. The food to put on must not be excessive. It will be good to put a cup of water on one side of the manger, away from the seeds or crumbs of sweets. The cleaning and food supply operation should possibly be done in the dark, so that the birds, not seeing you, are no longer suspicious.
What to give as food: breadcrumbs must be excluded because they are too little nutritious, salt and spices such as pepper must also be eliminated, dried fruit, unsalted peanuts, panettone breadcrumbs and various seeds must be given instead. Also in pet shops, packs of mixed seeds for birds are sold.
The danger is that larger, overbearing birds such as crows and pigeons can take advantage and chase the small birds out of the feeder. In this case, openings must be made that large birds cannot use. The feeders must be placed from November to March, then they must be removed and this in order not to interfere with the rearing of the offspring.

These are some creative Bird Feeder:

If you want to make an easy bird feeder with recycled materials here is a tutorial:


You are fine alone, but alone you suffer a lot. You would never admit it, but it shows in how nice you are to anyone, even to those who don’t deserve it at all. You want people to love you, and however much you walk with the air of someone who doesn’t need anyone, you constantly need someone. Boundless fears and tiny feet that don’t allow you to escape far enough. You don’t know how to go far away, then you miss the air and you don’t know what to do, you like Italy, but it’s not Italy that you like, it’s those ten or eleven people in all, without whom you would not know how to go on, because it takes you years to become attached to someone, but then it’s forever. Or in short, almost. Like all beautiful things. You make me smile when you say you don’t believe in infinite loves and then I find you moved in front of a cartoon that should have made you laugh. You never cry because you are disappointed, when you are disappointed you scream. When you cry it’s because you hope, hope and don’t want to admit it. Hoping hurts you, somehow. You think it’s not like you, so you cry watching comedy movies and justify yourself by saying you don’t really know why, “it’s been happening to me since I was little.” And how are you now? Do you feel great? You like the night and you like songs that are no longer used and idioms that are no longer used. Everything about you is sincere, even the way you dress and say the words. Even the way you breathe. You don’t control yourself, you can’t and you think it’s bad, instead it’s wonderful, you are a wild flower, one of those flowers that cannot be picked but only looked at. You perfume a lot, if you were a memory you would be the smell of freshly washed sheets, if you were me you would love yourself as birds love to fly, with a necessary love. If you were me you would love yourself so as not to die. I am here looking at you, you look like a poem that no one will ever dedicate to me, one of those poems that when you read them you think it would be wonderful if someone saw you that way and loved you so much, instead nothing, but no less beautiful , not for this, ever.


Sometimes I can’t sleep well and wake up in the middle of the night. It is initially frustrating to open your eyes in a dark room, but it doesn’t take much to make that moment magical. The birds chirp, hidden among the branches of the gnarled trees, while an incredible quiet reigns outside. The streets are deserted, the lights of the houses still extinguished, while a pale moon peeps through the clouds, whitening the landscape with its white light. A wonderful mantle of stars covers the sky, small but bright they shine majestically, giving, to the observer, an inexplicable serenity. This mystical moment, suspended between the nocturnal darkness and the multicolored lights of dawn, is known by few, which makes it even more special.
Rough sea, The sky invokes a storm …
Black, hurl lightning on us …
The animals run for cover, They are afraid…
Two little birds embraced, They tremble in their nest …
Too fragile to withstand the elements.
Chilling the wickedness of this nature, Cruel laughter,
The ground trembles, This little house falls.
Desperate song …
The little birds run away, They force each other … I was left alone.
Raindrops slide down my face, I look at the sky … It is covered with furious clouds …
I laugh. I am still here!
What else do you want to do?
It was three in the morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and headed outside. It was cold, very cold, but I didn’t care, the air was fresh, only birds and crickets could be heard, no cars, no boys / girls, and not even screaming parents. I took deep breaths, for a moment I admit I felt free. Free from everything and everyone, from my problems, from thoughts. I went back inside, took a large blanket and made myself some tea. I went into the garden and sat on a chair, looking at nature in all its beauty, listening carefully to the sounds of the animals, the birds sing even at night, and for once, relax without any problems.
Sometimes it seems like everything hurts us,
we should also be afraid of the sea.
With what eyes should we look at ourselves, if our eyes are full of dross.
Multiple satellites destroy the sky, a veil of blue feathers would be better.
Run fast above the clouds,
run blue birds,
take the treasure of light and give it to everyone.


Ponds, marshes, springs, temporary pools and other micro-habitats with stagnant water represent an important resource for biodiversity as they are often inhabited by lively vegetation and aquatic fauna. The so-called "Wetlands" of the planet, however, have significantly reduced in the last century due to urbanization and climate change, so much so that already in 1971 the international community drew up the Ramsar Convention - now signed by 169 States - for the safeguarding these delicate ecosystems.

On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, WWF launched the "One million ponds" campaign to make people understand the important role they play and to conserve these precious resources. WWF invites anyone to “contribute concretely to the protection of amphibians and aquatic fauna by creating a pond or restoring old structures, such as drinking troughs, fountains and pools”. To contribute to this project I will show you building a pond near your home or in your school to see water lilies and dragonflies grow, host frogs and quench the thirst of birds.
I no longer have big claims. As a child I wanted to conquer the world, as a teenager I wanted to save the world, today I would just like to be able to forgive the proud child and shake the naive teenager. Today I don't want to conquer or save, because I know the world better and I understand that it doesn't belong to me. But since I love this planet and I would like to see it clean, respected, cared for as a child, but more hopeful because when you are a child you want to do many things and we all work together to show our love for Nature.
My writing does not want to conquer anyone, because it does not want to seduce; it must not oblige, because it fails, but at least it must remind me of who I was and who I am, how much I have committed myself and how much I have improved, and how much more I can do and you can do and how much we can do everything together to save our lives on this planet.

I could write a love poem

tell you about my desire to escape,

to explore the world in all its glory

and finally disappear in our dreams

like when at night, talking for hours,

we imagined a future worthy of us.

I could take you out for a trip to Venice,

the city that during our adolescence

has been able to give us endless moments,

indescribable sunsets and unique emotions.

I could get you a pizza, yeah well,

a crudaiola obviously, your favorite

and then eat it in secret, with a thousand smiles,

in the garage of your house with the usual blanket.

I could show you our videos,

when we were barely 5 years old,

without falling into a cry full of pain

because in those days there was hope.

And finally,

I wish I could say to that rebellious soul of yours,

than the world you dreamed of so much

it has become reality, that humanity, in the end,

made the right choice: save the planet.

You know, more than 70 years have passed since we began to take to the streets for an eco-sustainable world, and many things have changed in fact the earth is no longer the same. Many cities, including our Venice, are only a distant memory, such as natural foods, those that we took to the supermarket every day and that made up our beloved pizzas. Now we all live in underground homes and feed on lab-grown food stuffed into horrible gray capsules.

It will probably seem like an apocalyptic scenario, almost impossible, but unfortunately it is not, the reality right now is really this and there is no going back.

But you are still in time to change things, to give us a better future and please do it, do not make our past mistakes, do not believe in false promises, fight, fight and fight again!

I believe in you, but you already know this.


Some time ago they took me to a bird fair here in the area and I did not imagine that there are birds in cages and I was very angry to see so many birds all locked inside the cages. I wanted to shout for them to be released all because the birds suffered in cages. It was terrible for me to see them in that state. Human beings are heartless. I would put them in the cages and show them how it is. However in that fair I saw some beautiful birds of prey, brought by a falconry association and I saw them from very close and they were beautiful.


Is it the blood that makes us the same?
Does the blood relate to us? Do mother cells bind us or separate us?
The ways out of a parasitic heart.
The windows of the soul become opaque and without curtains.
What does our existence prove if the value is given by fake smiles?
The dark side of our biology.
The pain of collapse.
The taste of the night.
The noise of an affection built from the unknown past.
It was dawn when my heart stopped beating.
nd a defibrillator did not and did not serve life.
I was sorry to leave this planet. But I had become different.
I had become a lonely man.
Plants and birds kept me company.
But I no longer had my mother Earth.
no longer saw a grain of sand in my shoes.
I was not honest with anyone.
They asked me how I was and I always nodded.
We who are love.
We who are hate .
We who are all things together ,
The worst and the best.
We who are on the razor’s edge that does not cut.
Which remains suspended above the sun.
We who are good people. We are screwed by ourselves.
We are not different and finite in infinite worlds.
We are weird things stuck.
We are the good and the bad.
We are forgotten fibers. We ended up being divided.
Seeds fall into the ground and do not grow.
Seeds fall into rocks and grow.
We are rocks that receive water and do not serode.
We must always be alert to defend the world.
nd spread our wings without anyone seeing them.
We are Alpha and Omega without eyes.

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