Basically in my dreams I always saw a black figure hidden in a corner of my dream, but it was never well defined, and I couldn't explain what it could be. Most of the time I woke up, I would find her at the foot of the bed.
Then one night I managed to dream what she was like physically: she was a woman (so he wasn't the man I saw in my mother's room) with a face half skin and half bone, long hair, black and unkempt and a flower. red next to the right ear. Her eyes were wide enough to pop out of their sockets. Hidden inside the sleeve of the tunic he wore, he carried a large butcher's knife. This woman has followed me on many occasions, even in my father's house.
Once, while I was in bed and thinking, I heard a woman's voice in my head smile sharply and then say "Hello" to me. Another time, however, the voice of a small child woke me up saying "Hello beautiful".
Sometimes, walking down the street, I have the feeling that someone is following me, but when I look around there is nobody.
I think this woman is following me, and I think she lives in my mother's room, but then there are the man and the child ... Once I dreamed of that man, I dreamed that I saw him in the reflection of the bathroom mirror. Then I dreamed that I had gone out to the balcony and, when I wanted to close the French door, I saw in the reflection of the glass a little girl crying. I remember that she had a yellowed white dress, her hair disheveled and her skin as if it were soiled with dirt.
Can you tell me who all these people are and what they want from me?
I think it's a family, but I live in an house that was built around 1940 and there was nothing before it.

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