I prefer to be in the background rather than the center of attention. I want to observe rather than participate. I like to listen instead of talking. You will not notice my presence, but you will feel my absence. Loneliness is a passing condition for many but not for me. Because very often you can have all the people in the world around you, but still feel alone. This is why you choose to remain alone, to build a "wall" between you and the rest of the world, that wall comes to a point where noone can destroy it. This is why I no longer feel alone but I am truly alone, and it is sad, it also hurts a lot, but after a while you get used to it.Let me tell you something: if you meet loners, whatever they tell you, it is not because they love solitude. It is because they have previously tried to blend in with the world, and people continue to disappoint them.
I am wrong if I shut up. I am wrong if I am with you and think of other things. I feel like sometimes I waste my time looking for a place to stay, a dream to chase. In the end I take refuge in the images. They keep me company. They are people I would like to be. They are places where I would like to go but I don't go. These are things I would like to have but I don't buy. Maybe I'll remain an image too. I am an image.


Nefele was sitting in her garden. Nephele watched the green walnuts fallen on the grass. She was bored and sad. By now he had had no contact with his parents for seven months. He did not know how to resist memory and nostalgia. He felt an enormous weight on his heart. Having to pretend nothing was terrible for her. When Thomas called to remind her of the party that evening, Nefele snorted. She was tired of all those parties. They all looked the same. She wanted something different. He got up from his chair and entered the house through the French door that opened onto the garden. Then he went up to his room to bathe and choose a pretty sexy dress for the evening. But he had no desire to show off. Then she chose a black dress and a rock crystal necklace. He looked in the mirror and gave himself a touch of purple lipstick. Thomas was ready and went into the room shivering. 《You are my divine sister tonight. ” Nefele turned and looked at him well. 《Save compliments on your pick tonight.》 At each party Thomas eyed a girl and seduced her. It wasn’t a difficult task since he was a beautiful boy.

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