Even today the air is light, made of freedom, nature and joy. There is a nice breeze that recalls the unmistakable charm of autumn and I throw myself towards the window to capture the rain of leaves that decorates reality with my eyes. The breeze acts as the conductor for this dance of colors and patterns. A hymn to the cyclical nature of life. An ode to death. To actively enter the scene we decide to go in search of leaves, to then be able to make collages or to be inspired by their colors and their textures in the creation of soft watercolors. Only nature can inspire true beauty. And that's not all...even in technology and science the most significant innovations are those that take their cue from nature and are based on its own principles of cyclicity and balance. Receiving implies giving, one way or another, sooner or later, chemical reactions always balance each other out.
Having picked up a small sweet leaf not yet developed to its full size, but already yellow and descended in my hands, I head towards the dark path. I go to the secret village, the forest city with streams as roads. I head there, where my shaman teacher is waiting for me. The one who is giving me the keys to regain possession of my divinity, of my nature as goddess of the earth, that identity that years of servitude and fear have suffocated in an insecure and shameful shell. From today I begin my training which is not as difficult as I feared, on the contrary. Compared to the inhuman demands of Italian schools and universities, where one notion after another has to be devoured as quickly as possible, it seems like a piece of cake. And kind of, it's just like a real walk. Where what matters is how you live and feel in every moment. There are no grades on what you hear, no mistakes that will be marked in red or deadlines to meet. Everyone's walk is their own, without fear that it should be otherwise. It's really a practical school. The main idea is not the finish but learning as much as possible from each stage.
It is a slow, cyclical, gradual learning, based on patience and serenity. If all courses were done like this, very few students would be stressed or unwilling! The first phase of the training is emotional cleansing.. the removal of those repressed emotions that have become stuck in our body and react to any "input" that can be associated with the original wound and make us feel a little "possessed" in an exorcist style . What is emotional cleansing? Nothing more than some breathing exercises.
Deep breathing, from the mouth, with a sustained rhythm even fast in truth and without shame of feeling heard.
With such breathing, eyes closed, attention focused inside the body I mean and arms raised (or to be swung in circles to pace the breathing) it is possible to release blocks stuck in the body. Don't worry if you hear parts you've never heard before. You are just returning to your are finally stepping out of the trap of the mind and its limitations and fears.


I remember when I clung to pain as if it were the only way out or maybe the only thing I was able to feel to feel something my life has always been as if I was suspended on a thread with shortness of breath and the anxiety of falling and collapsing sinking into that abyss of me the terror of not being able to go back up of not being able to feel anything but anger e hatred of myself that kept me in a cage and the outside world was nothing but a reflection, a distant mirage of all that I could not achieve I’ve always wondered why I run and never reach what I really dream of? because I run fast but the others are able to overtake me in all circumstances? I’ve always been left behind because, too sensitive I feel it all too much and it overwhelms me breaks my heart in two and I stand there in silence in a pool of my own tears I also understand that my biggest limitation is a dark part inside me that makes me see the world black and devoid of possibilities even if yes, I know that’s how it is, largely. but not life, life always has something to offer you even in the darkest of times you can find light in the smallest and most banal things that pass before your eyes every day but you don’t have to you never have to turn away you have to stop and observe, appreciate, be grateful and love even the smallest blade of grass that you step on without thinking about it we are all fragile but the strength is in the brave heart who decides to exist consciously another day get up in the morning and know you are worth because it has no malice hate envy or resentment that is able to prove. and just breathe again so day after day to live.

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