We need the peace and the song of crickets before sunset.

We need to rediscover time, to have time, to estimate time.
To "waste" time, to find the soul.

We need to use the mind to get out of the traps of those who want to shape minds and make them all the same, we need the salvation of fantasizing, we need churches made of woods and simple and sincere prayers made in silence.

And of fairy tales that take away fear, of caresses, of straight wrinkles like wine and of truth bitter like radicchio but that make blood and hands pure.
We need to have our feet in contact with the earth, to feel now immense now miserable, to understand that we no longer have the power of the elements and that no one bends nature with impunity.

And to tremble looking at the stars, knowing that we are a wonderful nothingness, that we are a fruit of wisdom, a chisel of knowledge, if only we had the courage to recognize it and the humility to be grateful.

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