Sometimes I would like to find an arrow indicating “free life”. I don’t know, maybe on the way to some woods, where the light filters through and the heat doesn’t kill you. A kind of guarantee that you will go and meet like-minded people there. People to talk to about everything but vaccines, governments and passes. Just talk to. A place you reach to express absolutely nothing, no opinion, no point of view on hundreds of points of view by now worn and tired. The only thing that sometimes matters is the need for sharing among similar people. Vibrate in the same tribe. Simply because it feels good to be together on the road. Stay in touch with someone who looks like you and isn’t afraid to hug. Talking without a muzzle, talking about good things, without someone having to convince the other and the other having to defend who knows what. Talk about what seeds you planted, what bullshit you did, the music you wrote or the love at first sight that got you. Thus, without having to find that prosaic meaning to the questions of living, the more you think about it the more they have nothing to do with Life.

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