This society is becoming increasingly violent because the message that passes is that only if you're smart, if you're arrogant, you win. And so the one who bullies gets things done while the others play by the rules and are forgotten. Mass media and movies pass a message of struggle, fighting, aggression, violence and violence. How many movies have you seen that didn't include fights? Superheroes always fight, physically. So the message that gets through is that bad guys can only be defeated with more violence. But victims of bullying don't ask for help, they don't fight back, they don't tell anyone. At school everyone knows and everyone is silent. Bullying at school still exists and the right methods have not yet been used to fight and defeat it. Bullying has been talked about for years but neither adults nor children still know how to defeat this scourge.
There is a new trend that is taking hold in social media and that is to channel all the hype about violence, bullying and "entertainment". People who insult each other online, threaten each other, slaps that fly, "fans" who just for a little visibility go to offend or even worse attack the live streamers.
There is a basic problem in all of this: the streamers themselves are the perpetrators, not just the victims.
Having the power to communicate, unite the masses, be followed by thousands of people is not something to take lightly because you want or don't want those who follow you to emulate what you do. Saying "it's not my fault that dude does this or that" I just do "entertainment" is like throwing the rock and hiding your hand, behaving like the worst politician. What scares me is that violence, sexism and racism are defined as "joke".
There's no need to elect yourself as champions of justice when instead of raising awareness and educating those who follow you, you only give vent to a show full of violence and devoid of civic education. Because when you blare the cash register on the bus and you insult, curse, threaten those around you just because someone RIGHTLY feels annoyed by an insult or an orgasm in the cash register, how can you expect to be "entertaining"? What message do you give to young people? What makes you feel so powerful that you think all of this is right because you are "working"?
Because we are in a world where education is obviously being badly outclassed by "I do what I want, when I want, because I'm free to."
Does being free mean being able to say what you want or does it mean being able to feel safe wherever you go without someone insulting, hitting or disrespecting my time and space?



For some time now we have often seen girls screaming, spitting, burping, smashing objects and acting like bullies. What does this aggressive and violent behavior arise from? Are there many examples in movies of tough girls influencing your daughters, grandchildren, sisters? Yes, there are figures of very violent women who are admired for their violence, for their arrogant, irreverent and rebellious way of doing things. So especially the little girls are inspired by Harley Queen, CAT WOMAN, POISON iVY, MYSTICA, ELEKTRA, CRUDELIA DEMON, MALEFICENT and many others. You see in social media images in which little girls smoke joints, drink alcohol, set fire to dumpsters, steal things, destroy objects, and show very destructive behavior.

This behavior is emulated by schoolmates and friends, and they even challenge themselves to show who is the worst. So bad deeds, destruction, fires, erotic videos (especially minors do them) and everything that can be considered bad attracts them and gets their total admiration. They do not emulate certain models but they are also aggressive against others, against other girls who are perhaps very fragile and sensitive and enjoy hitting them, bullying them and putting them in trouble with gratuitous violence, offenses and cruel videos. Why is this violent behavior accepted by families? What has been missing in the life of these girls?
I remember my adolescence when we were many girls in my class but none allowed themselves to have such violent behaviors. You couldn't do certain things otherwise you would be expelled from school. And the parents were very strict. While many parents are now absent, they are distracted and sometimes punch teachers. So maybe these girls have bad examples in the family too? I can't understand their behavior. They all seem scattered, angry and confused. They are proud of being like that, of not following any rules and even going against the laws. They are proud of using violence and being bullies. They are really cruel and rude to everyone. They don't listen to anyone, they have famous idols and they only think about money and being more and more evil.


If you are a woman you know it very well. How many women are raped every day? Lots of them. How many women are killed? Lots of them. Who does this? The men. How many men attack and offend women on social media? Too many. How much violence exists in groups of men who make fun of women? Too much. So why do men behave so badly and then wish women were willing to go out with them? What sees a woman around are violent, bullying, angry, aggressive, dangerous men. So why should a woman choose to risk her life with one of these dangerous subjects for her?
Love brings a lot of violence and in fact many women are killed by jealous men, angry boyfriends, betrayed husbands. So if a woman thinks of a man she imagines him sweet, caring, affectionate, kind, good. But then maybe he knows someone and what does he perceive from them? Anger, hatred, resentment, revenge, violence. So why on earth would he put his life on the line? Especially if a woman has children she does not want to bring home a probable offender or an alcoholic. So many women now don't want to go out with men anymore because they fear the worst and are afraid.

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