There was a girl who was a butterfly and suddenly she decided to become a caterpillar. And she didn't care that she no longer had wings and was just green. She no longer wanted to fly, she just wanted to stay on the ground, in the grass, lie down outside, not stay closed in the concrete of the house, she always wanted to look at the sky, not to see people anymore. And he remained a caterpillar for a long time and did not want to go back to being a butterfly. He said to himself, spider yes, maybe, but never butterfly again. But then he saw a strange bright green beetle. He asked who he was. And he didn't answer and went about his business. And she lay on the grass sleeping, and she didn't want to see anyone. But one day a strange music came with the wind. Was it a flute? Maybe a child was playing somewhere. And she followed that music and she saw a home, a family, everything she never had, not like that. And he listened to the flute and within himself something melted. A weight that he had held within himself. A stone he had had in his stomach for so many years melted. She was hungry. He returned home but found nothing. He went out into the garden and went into the garden. He saw the fruit trees loaded and began to eat and eat and he felt better. The fruit was good, so sweet. He would buy a flute and play.


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved butterflies very much. She wore brightly colored clothes and, when she spoke, she moved her small arms with such lightness that they looked like vibrant wings in flight. His gait also brought with it that lightness that only butterflies naturally possess. And like butterflies he loved flowers and took great care of them.
With his mother in spring he planted bulbs and seeds and waited patiently. His little brother, still small, watched amused.
He had become her little messy little helper! At the first warmth, a leaf appears, a slender cuff, the first flower, then many others, all beautiful in their shapes and shades of their colors. Soon many beautiful butterflies would also arrive!
And the little girl was delighted and remained enchanted for hours watching that spectacle of lightness, colors and perfumes. Sometimes it happened that a butterfly would rest on her hand and the little girl was almost breathless with emotion. It remained motionless to enjoy the beauty of those colored wings and the tickle of those curious paws.
One day his little brother got a bad flu and had to stay in bed for several days. The little girl was very sorry to see her little brother suffering and sad. Then he thought of a surprise that could brighten his days. It immediately occurred to her to prepare a short story about flowers and butterflies. While his little brother was dozing, he wrote a very sweet story and prepared a merry-go-round made with wood twigs tied together, to which he hung colorful butterflies made with tufts of his mother's carded wool. When the little brother opened his eyes after his afternoon nap, the baby was there, ready, next to him. She smiled at him and started reading his story. The little brother listened raptly, in silence, with sparkling eyes.
Eventually the little girl took the mobile and showed it to her little brother. Quick as a flash he took it with his little hands and began to play with it, moving the sticks to make all those beautiful butterflies flutter.
Soon the little brother was back to health and that mobile became the best

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