In the wind that tells the air,
I am surprised to stay still,
not to fly away,
to anchor myself to the roots of the restless earth.
The waking hours, at night at 4,
when the kitten meows,
the hours out of the dream of the stairs that go down and up,
 they are so white, so stellar.
A distant movement of clouds, noises, hisses and breaths,
while I imagine the night as a light traveler,
without baggage, without destination,
towards a horizon there,
behind the mountain peaks.
I got up,
with a candle in hand,
as in dreams,
like someone who wants to see in the dark,
and I saw the air, clear, very clean, transparent,
but I saw it and I was inside that air,
as if you were something touched, caressed,
and I had no fear of death.
What purpose would I exist if I were all contained within myself?
But I am contained by the air and this invisible container
I saw it for the first time last night.
Like looking through a transparent, crystalline glass.
The world is immensely foreign to me,
because I look beyond the peaks and see,
I see through the rock,
I see the breath of the animals in their burrows,
the men in their shelters, doubtful and insecure.
A dove's wing moves,
his presence sounds in the silence.
I go back to bed, I blow out the candle,
I get back into the air and sleep.
It doesn't matter who I am.
It doesn't matter what my name is.
I have seen the air and the fire of the eternal soul,
inside a breath of wind that was going away
but I stay here, on the bed,
and I dream of being able to save trees.


Death is like a spider, every now and then it comes out and weaves its web inside AMLETA’s heart. He tries to poison her but she manages to free herself in the end, at least so far she has succeeded. Who knows for how long. Death punches her as she dances the challenge, even! He tries to push her back into her dark corner, to keep her still a little harmless. He feeds her white flies, his favorite souls, the ones that end up burning themselves. Death is a good friend of hers whose name she does not yet know, crushes her heart and then leaves without even a greeting. Amleta is the unfortunate butterfly that has fallen into his web. He dies to live.
There was that beautiful sea. An infinite coast.
Fine sand. Shells and dried seaweed on the shore.
I was a child and I looked at the horizon and I believed that beyond that line there was my beautiful future.
Instead, now that I am here and I live or my future I can say that it is sad, empty, tasteless.
No company. Just cats, birds, flowers and plants.
I should be happy with so much nature but this nature intrigues me even more.
I have an abyss with every little step.
An innocent look. And people understand that and it hits.
I have a body they desire and they make me feel ashamed of pleasure.
I don’t want to know the passion of your dreams. I don’t want to feel your hands.
But I couldn’t resist the breath of your desire. And I have no peace inside my guts.
And I have no peace inside my heavenly flesh.
I am not only a body and there is not only passion.
Don’t write on my skin. I remain pure.
Imagine a lit match
Who can’t light the candle.
And turn on another one
But the result is the same. And you ask yourself:
Maybe the candle is fake? Is it certified plastic?
Or is the flame too small? Take a good look at the candle,
You turn it over and over.
Scratch with your fingernail hoping to find the mystery.
But she remains intact.
And the flame stays out.
The room in the dark.
You are not afraid.
Look out at that huge lamppost
And you lie down with the divine light on your face.


Neglect in a relationship is no different than neglecting something or someone in general. It is a situation where you care very little or do not care about your partner at all.

Intentionally or unintentionally, avoiding someone’s needs leads to a feeling of physical or emotional absence, which can be felt by either partner in that relationship. Neglect is when you promise your woman something and do not keep up later.

When she needs to talk, are you mostly busy? When it’s her birthday or your anniversary, do you find it hard to remember the date? What about that time when she planned a candle light dinner, and you didn’t show up?

Neglect could also be about when you got promoted, or something big happened in your life, but you did not share it with her for whatever reason or rather forgot to tell her. Do you help her with household chores or share equal responsibility?

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