Ate yesterday's pasta.
threw moldy bread.
drank expired milk. slept very little
saw a movie about a Queen.
Dead mouse in the cellar.
He ate the sheet
on which I wanted to paint.
It was a piece of cloth found.
I see castles but poor people sleep on the floor.
This movie is bad.
I cry in the basement of my heart but nobody listens.
Nobody reads my soul.
Eaten a wilted orange.
Watched from the windows.
Cars go by.
Am I still human?
I bandaged my wrist.
The pain is too much.
I spend time listening to dogs.
I hear no other voice.
The trees bloomed beautifully.
I drank sour milk.
I won't even be able to make a pudding.
My sick stomach makes me throw up.
I don't digest anything.
This food is rancid.
I am not that Queen.
Why am I still here?


Near Trieste, on a rocky spur overlooking the sea, stands the Miramare Castle, once the southern gate of the Austrian Empire. A place of wonders where Princess Sissi stayed during her long travels in Europe. A treasure trove of history and legend that tells the tragic story of its founder, Maximilian of Habsburg.
Here Princess Sissi saw the sea for the first time and was captivated by its beauty and impetuosity; characteristics in which the empress probably found herself.


The Savoy Castle was built at the behest of Queen Margherita of Savoy, who loved Gressoney so much, to the point of residing there during her summer stays until 1925, initially a guest of Baron Beck Peccoz and from 1904 in his residence. The building is located in the Belvedere area, a name due to the wonderful view that can be enjoyed, which allows you to admire the Monte Rosa valley.

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