The term “furry” indicates everything related to anthropomorphic animals, in art, fantasy and mythology. The definition is deliberately generic, as it is almost impossible to summarize in a few words all the many aspects of what in the USA has taken on the dimensions of a real underground cultural movement. The modern furry is linked to a long fable and symbolic tradition, enriched by the themes of scientific / social interest introduced with the spread of science fiction.
The term “furry” in English means “hairy” and expresses in one word both the appearance of anthropomorphic animals (although not all of them have fur) and this feeling of “animality” which I have already mentioned. This term has been applied to anthropomorphic animals with different degrees of anthropomorphization and / or realism: we go from characters who live and behave like real animals, with the only difference that they speak and think like human beings (Bambi, the King Leone, just to cite some well-known examples), to real “animal societies” (as in Omaha, or the well-known Maus), almost always multispecific (exactly as ours has now become multiethnic), where man often does not exist, and in which the characters have assumed an almost human form, in a society that almost always mirrors ours (even if in a fantasy, science fiction or conventional setting…).
The furry fandom, although widespread all over the world, is mostly represented in North America (United States and Canada), in Japan (where the equivalent of furry is “Kemono”) and in Europe especially in Germanic countries (Great Britain , Germany, Sweden). For such a dispersed community, the Internet has acted as a means of contact and cohesion, especially on the part of those who, despite not knowing the existence of such a fandom before, have discovered that they are attracted to it. The “official” birth of furry fandom is often traced back to 1973, the year of the release of Disney’s Robin Hood, the first high-level film starring furries.
Another peculiarity is that furry fandom is mostly supported by a large group of non-professional artists and authors, who constitute the real backbone. As another meaning, “furry” is also of those who, in addition to enjoying furry art and stories, feel themselves a furry, or feel a certain affinity, from multiple points of view, towards one or more animals, assuming their identity or at least the main features. This happens for almost all fans, to have an alter-ego to use in role-playing games, in chat, as a character of drawings or stories.
Generally the preferred species are carnivorous mammals (wolves, skunks, felids, mustelids in general, etc.), rodents and the like (squirrels, rabbits, mice, etc.) and herbivores (horses, deer, various ungulates). In any case, the path that leads to choosing an animal rather than another depends on numerous factors such as an affective / aesthetic factor, a behavioral level (stereotypical), or an empathic / totemistic level (mainly chosen by “lifestylers”).
A particular category, among the furry creatures, is that of the “tauri”, that is creatures similar to the centaurs of Greek mythology, but so to speak “furryzzati”: they are beings that have the lower part of the body on four legs, similar to that of their “natural” version, from which an anthropomorphic bust with arms and an “animal” head is detached, where in the real animal there is the neck. Also in this case very common are the “volpetauri”, but also very popular are the “felitauri”, such as the chakat hermaphrodites created by Bernard Doove. In addition to these, there are no species that do not have their “tauri”: so we have “lupotaurs”, “moffettauri”, “lontratauri”, “equitauri” (in practice horse-headed centaurs), etc.
The Fursuits (so called from the English term “fursuit”, composed of Fur, fur, and Suit, clothes), are costumes in the shape of anthropomorphic animals, often associated with the furry subculture, that some furry fans wear on many occasions and that often they are modeled to resemble their fursona.
Fursuits can be composed of simple tail and ear accessories to become whole costumes that completely cover the body of the person wearing it, complete head, completely masking it as a character (called a fullsuit). Whoever owns and wears a fursuit is called a fursuiter, while the act of wearing and playing a character within the costume is called fursuiting. The fursuits have different costs that vary depending on the materials used, shape, size and also by the company that produces it: usually, the lowest prices are around twenty dollars for the ears alone, while it reaches a maximum of one thousand. or two thousand dollars for a Fullsuit.


All those I have loved, all those who have passed by my house, all those who have remained in my heart. Their memory will always be magical for me. I love all animals and even cats that I have been lucky enough to have with me at home or that have disappeared. I hope you who love cats can understand my nostalgia. I am allergic to cat hair and can no longer keep cats indoors. I keep them in the garden but every now and then they make their rounds and don't come back. My heart cries when I don't see them anymore but I always remember each one of them and my love will always be with them all. They were close to me when I cried, they comforted me, kept me company and supported me in difficult times. They have all been special and continue to be special to me.

PRINCIPESSA, my little whitesnow
TORTELLINO, my dear black cat
PERLA, the snob girl
PIMPY, my curious little kitten
PRINCE, my lost love
MARY AND PRINCE, together on my bed
MARY, on my sound set
PALLINO, my lovely little joker
MARY, loves my book very much


When you abandon a dog, because “it is no longer needed”, you are teaching your children what to do with you when you are old …


  • I should take my cat as an example: he sees everything, but he does not let himself be upset by anything; it might sound like indifference, but I think it’s just immense wisdom. Yes, because a cat is fine alone, it is fully satisfied with itself, yet it deeply loves caresses, but above all it is not afraid to ask for it. And with great class he knows how to exploit every empty corner to obtain comfort. It is the perfect balance between curiosity and tranquility, between loneliness and company, love and selfishness: his is simple selfishness disguised as love … or maybe it’s pure love disguised as selfishness.
A Pet’s Last Will and Testament

Before humans die, they write their last will and testament, give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I’d ask…

To a poor and lonely stray I’d give my happy home; my bowl and cozy bed, soft pillow and all my toys; the lap which I loved so much; the hand that stroked my fur; and the sweet voice that spoke my name.

I’d will to the sad, scared shelter pet the place I had in my human’s loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.

So, when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.”

Instead, go find an unloved pet, one whose life has held no joy or hope, and give my place to him.

This is the only thing I can give…

The love I left behind
I know that Nano will not live forever, I know that his time on earth, like everyone else, is limited. I know that I cannot work miracles, nor invent amazing cures, and that this cat has had HIV for years. I know that the past does not go back, and that the living organism of each of us deteriorates month by month, year after year, continuously. I have studied general pathology and biology, and I am now studying degenerative and infectious diseases and pathologies affecting internal organs. And even a child knows that at some point each of us will no longer be on this earth. However, no matter how much I think about it, and repeat it to me, and tell me that I must be prepared, that that moment will happen, in a day not far away, that it is nothing but the passing of life, the natural cycle of each one. our. It doesn’t matter that if I think about it clearly it’s all right, and it’s all scientific and sequential. Because as soon as I stop to really think about that day, and the lack of Nano from my life, and his non-presence, and the fact that he will be gone from that day until the end of my days, I feel like I’m dying. I feel an anguish so enormous, immense, atrocious, crushing and suffocating, that it seems to me that I too am dying a bit. It seems to me that I can no longer breathe, that my chest is heavy, that my pleurae are squeezing my lungs, that my mind is leaving me. It is an intolerable idea to remain without a part of my life and without a life partner as faithful as he has been over the years.
I know death, I have seen it several times during my internship. I saw life leave a creature: the exact, precise moment in which that animal was there, and the second after when everything stopped. Being and not being. The presence and absence of life, with no return. And every time, however absurd it is, it remains terrible. And the most terrible thing is that I will be alone even in that moment, because no one around me understands even remotely what he means to me, and what we have been all our life. Nobody will care, neither about him nor the pain that I already know will swallow me. And I just want someone who could give me a hug that day, or a sign of humanity and a shoulder to cry on. And instead there will be nothing but emptiness. And he, my shoulder to cry on, my little great strength, will be gone. I will be even more alone than now, alone even in elaborating the definitive absence of a feline brother whom I have loved more than many human people in my life. This time I’m really afraid of getting lost in too devastating a pain.


If you’ve been to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, or an Asian-run supermarket or store, you’ve probably noticed a cat statue perched easily by the cash register. It is a lucky cat, called Maneki-Neko, a very popular icon among Japanese and Chinese cultures. This graceful talisman is thought to be a good luck charm and can attract prosperity, happiness and wealth for its owners. Hence, it is a very common item in shops, restaurants and other businesses run by Chinese or Japanese.
The fortune cat, known as Maneki Neko, is a term that in Japan means “the pointing cat”. Typically this cat has a raised paw as if it were indicating or calling luck for its owners. Others call the Maneki Neko the “money cat” and the “welcome cat”. Nessuno sa con precisione come è apparso il primo Maneki Neko. Tuttavia, la maggior parte dei giapponesi è d’accordo sul fatto che “il gatto della fortuna” ha avuto origine durante il periodo Edo, tra il XVII secolo e la metà del XIX secolo.
There are a couple of popular legends about the origins of the “Cat of Fortune”. One tells of a rich man who took refuge from a storm under a tree near a temple, where he noticed a cat that seemed to call him, then followed him into the temple. Shortly thereafter, lightning struck the tree, and because the cat had saved his life, the man was so grateful that he became a benefactor of the temple, bringing prosperity and wealth. When he died, a cat-shaped statue was built in his honor. Another legend tells of a geisha who had a cat. One day, while he was wearing his kimono, the cat tugged and ripped the dress. The owner of the brothel then assumed that the cat was possessed by evil spirits, and cut off its head with a sword. The cat’s head rolled onto a snake that was about to bite the girl, and its fangs killed the snake, saving the woman. The geisha was so saddened by the death of her beloved cat that one of her clients had a statue built in honor of the cat to make her happy.
In reality, the raised leg of the “fortune cat” has a meaning. If the raised paw is the left, the talisman becomes propitious for attracting new customers. If the raised paw is the right, it indicates luck, happiness and money. Precisely for this reason, sometimes, you can find lucky cats with both paws raised. Two raised paws can indicate also protection.
Although it is white, with orange and black spots, the most common color of the Maneki Neko, there can be statuettes of different colors, and each one has a special meaning. Calico: it is the preservation of the traditional colors, and considered the most fortunate White: happiness, purity and positive news that must arrive Golden: wealth and prosperity Black – wards off and chases away evil spirits Red – success in love and relationships Green – good health
The Maneki Neko is a finely dressed cat adorned with a bib, a collar and a bell. In the Edo period, it was common for rich people to dress their cats in this way; a bell was tied to the collar so that they could be identified more easily. A Maneki Neko can be adorned with other small symbols that bring good luck:
Koban: is an ancient Japanese coin from the Edo period. A ryo was considered a fortune in those days.
The magic wizard of money: if you see a small hammer, it represents wealth.
If shaken, the mallet should bring wealth and prosperity.
A fish (most likely a carp): the fish is a symbol of abundance and luck.
A gem: it is another propitiator of money.


I love cats. They are wonderful creatures and masters of life. They are curious and love adventure, but they also appreciate convenience. They know that lounging and sleeping are basic pleasures in life. They enjoy the moment. Cats are both funny and graceful at the same time.
Cats are magical animals. They are the keepers of our home and help keep negative energies away. Their purrs massage our heart. Their discreet proximity is for us a medicine without contraindications, which can cure and even prevent diseases. Wisely, ancient humans regarded the cat as a sacred animal.
How do you do it, kitty? How is it that you know how to conquer everyone, that a minute is enough with you and you fall in love? How do you seduce everyone, from grandparents to the vet? What’s the catch, little one? And to think that you are here by chance, you know? Indeed maybe you are just alive by chance, think if that friend of ours hadn’t picked you up from that stable, ugly and thin as you were, think about what would have become of you … In fact, you know what? Don’t think about it at all. Because now you are here, with us, darling of anyone who knows you. Let’s not think about what could have been, let’s think instead about what has been and let’s enjoy the good fortune that is your being alive and we of having known you. Let’s enjoy all the love that there is and that you know how to arouse when you play as if you were still a puppy and then collapse exhausted. Let’s enjoy the show of your purr when we caress you, let’s enjoy the familiar weight on your legs when you feel like sleeping. How wonderful are you, kitty, but how do you do it? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is having you here.
Cats are somewhat mystical creatures. As they say in a film they are here and there. If you keep them indoors they perceive the subtler levels and devour toxic energies. For this reason, many people have always been in favor of the cat’s “superiority” over, for example, the peaceful nature of the dog. A cat doesn’t follow you for food, they say, it doesn’t need you, they repeat, it doesn’t purr you if it doesn’t want to, they insist. Because in the dual reality in which they find themselves they see independence and intelligence in the “power” of the cat, considering instead the playfulness, fidelity, sensitivity and cooperation of the dog, acts of weakness. In the dual world there is separation. The concept of right and wrong. Bad versus good. Surrogates made even stronger in this moment of ego-referencing. Too bad that in the temple of wisdom that was rewritten to divide men, there is no struggle between best and worst. Each is essential for the other to recognize themselves, to be opposed in teaching and to integrate. They are active and passive, not one yes and the other no. Not black or white.
Blue is the first to get up every morning, obviously she does not tolerate someone sleeping when she is already awake, so she starts crying desperately in front of the door that divides the attic in which we are staying from the rest of the house. It was a matter of time and we knew it but now she has completely settled down and her desire to explore, her dominant nature and her marked independence are felt. She wants to be free to go in and out, she expects every door to be open, there is no weekend to hold, her internal clock was calibrated to human rhythms when we were at our house, here it is different because she has different needs and being at living in a single room, even if it is large, is too simplistic for her, almost punitive. So we have to get up and distract her so that she calms down and doesn’t wake up my in-laws with her moans. She is sweet, Blue, in her own way she knows how to give a lot of affection but she is also a demanding cat, she needs a certain level of freedom and interaction, living with her is a constant search for balance that always results in the satisfaction of seeing her and knowing her happy. It is a period of mutual adaptation, this, of transition, as difficult for us as it is for them. Bruce is the usual big cat who alternates play, cuddling and sleep, she has different complexities and needs that we must somehow satisfy. The alternative is to get angry and scold her but with those big eyes she finds herself able to arouse feelings of guilt far more annoying than any morning wake up call. So you won, Blue, as usual. And in the end, that’s fine with us.


Let’s do something, okay?
Close your eyes now.
Reopen them just to read the next step.
You have done? Well. Imagine.
Imagine the person you care about the most.
You are there?
All right.
You are in your room.
This person enters, without making a sound.
You are lying on your back, you think.
He approaches on tiptoe, trying not to disturb you.
He sits next to you, touches your arm with his hand.
You smile, you know who it is.
Pretend to sleep.
He slowly lies down behind you, resting his head in the hollow of your neck.
He leaves you a short kiss on the cheek, which leads you to smile.
His arms surround your waist, this is a safe place.
You fall asleep, in that position and with a little lighter hearts. You feel better?
Now softly close your eyes and listen to me, it’s just four chords and a handful of words. More than pearls of wisdom, they are mine stones that I have dug deeply, with my bare hands, in a lifetime. Do not look for a meaning to everything because everything makes sense, even in a grain of wheat the universe is hidden. Because nature is a book of mysterious words where nothing is bigger than the little things: the flower among the asphalt is the spectacle of the firmament, is the orchestra of leaves that vibrate in the wind, it is the wood that burns, that warms and returns to ash. Life is the only miracle you can’t help but believe in. Because everything is a miracle, everything you see. And there is no day that is the same as yesterday – you, then, live it now as if it were the last and value every single moment. Can you imagine if we started flying between the mountains and the sea, tell me where you would like to go. Hug me if I’m afraid of falling, let us balance on the word together. Take care of me. Time changes you on the outside, love changes you on the inside: just stand by your side instead of being in the center. Love is the only road, it is the only engine. It is the divine spark that you keep in your heart. Do not seek happiness, if anything protect it – it is only light that shines on the other side of a tear, it is a handful of seeds that you leave behind like chrysalises that will become butterflies.
Everyone fights their own battle, you surrender to everything, do not judge who is wrong. Forgive those who have hurt you, embrace them now because the biggest challenge is to forgive yourself. Go through your pain, get to the bottom even if it will be as heavy as lifting the world, and you will realize that the tunnel is only a bridge and you only need one step to go beyond.
Close your eyes, listen to this noise.
Hear the ticking, constant, incessant,
of the rain coming down. Of the beating rain.
Can you feel it?
Can you hear this silence?
Close your eyes, love, and let yourself be lulled by life.
He does so rarely, the life.
So rarely lulls you, that it is nice to enjoy the few moments in which it cuddles you in its embrace.
Like when you were a little girl:
let yourself be protected, stay safe behind the wall of darkness and silence.
So few times it can happen.
So few times.
It can happen…
Close your eyes my love do not think about anything.
What’s the use of being sad?
The whole sky is already crying; You can stop doing it …
Close your eyes, my great love, and run away.
Fly with the imagination spread out on the wings of the imagination,
take height and rise above the seas,
touch the clouds with your fingers,
quench your thirst for dreams, embraces the universe …
Close your eyes, my immense love, close your eyes!
You chase your happiness with desperation!
Stop only when you have grabbed it,
do not let her escape at any cost.
Take it and make it yours forever.
If you can reach it …
But don’t fool yourself: it’s not easy.
Close your eyes, my love, close your eyes …
And fall in love with love again,







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