Ate yesterday's pasta.
threw moldy bread.
drank expired milk. slept very little
saw a movie about a Queen.
Dead mouse in the cellar.
He ate the sheet
on which I wanted to paint.
It was a piece of cloth found.
I see castles but poor people sleep on the floor.
This movie is bad.
I cry in the basement of my heart but nobody listens.
Nobody reads my soul.
Eaten a wilted orange.
Watched from the windows.
Cars go by.
Am I still human?
I bandaged my wrist.
The pain is too much.
I spend time listening to dogs.
I hear no other voice.
The trees bloomed beautifully.
I drank sour milk.
I won't even be able to make a pudding.
My sick stomach makes me throw up.
I don't digest anything.
This food is rancid.
I am not that Queen.
Why am I still here?

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