I wish I could hug all those little girls who grow up with the idea of ​​being wrong, who start hating their body.
I wish I could tell them that I know that story well and that they are not alone.
I would like to be able to embrace every single creature who, looking in the mirror,
repeats “I am wrong. I am too fat for this world”.
I wish I could hug the child Queen to tell her that it is not her fault,
that the world is full of things of so many things that she has not been able to see.
He was afraid that only evil existed.
Everything was easier as children, when the words didn’t hurt and the hugs were sincere. When the greatest pain was a skinned knee and the only difficulty was tying the knot in your shoes. Everything was more beautiful as children, when to touch the sky it was enough to go on the swing and a storybook made us dream. When a lollipop was enough to let the sadness pass and a light on to scare the monsters under the bed. When the world seemed perfect and we were in a hurry to grow. Now the world is scarier and sometimes I would like to go back to being a child
“What happened?” “That lollipops have become cigarettes, water vodka, bicycles, mopeds, sex kisses. Do you remember when flying meant swinging fast? When did “protection” mean using a helmet for cycling? When the worst you could get from a person was head lice? When did we only love our parents? Dad’s shoulders were the highest place in the world and Mom was a heroine. Your worst enemy was your brother, speed problems were caused by running too fast. “War” was just a game and the only drug we knew was cough syrup. The strongest pain you could feel was in your skinned knee and “goodbye” just meant “until tomorrow”. All this was the best thing in the world, but we couldn’t wait to grow up… “
A hug to the little girl I was, shy and insecure. To that delicate and sensitive child who cried, suffered, felt alone. A hug to the woman I have become, stubborn and imperfect but always sincere, a warrior with a heart that is always too open. To the woman who is trying to forgive herself and who never stops dreaming. For the woman that I am, for all the love I have inside, for my victories and my defeats, for all the times I’ve stood up, for all the monsters I’ve faced. A hug to the little girl I still am and will always be, with fairy tales in my heart and a thousand dreams in my eyes.


The dysfunctional family is a family in which conflicts, deviant behavior and abuse predominate. Each of these families lives in fear and the weakest members are constantly subjected to physical and psychological violence.

In these family models, authority is replaced by a distorted idea of ​​authority that is exercised through manifestations of anger, the need for control and aggression.
We remember how families and couples, as well as every single individual on earth, by nature and evolutionary processes face what we call a "period of crisis". Carl Whitaker, pioneer of systemic family therapy, identifies various crises within the couple. One of these occurs when the two partners realize that the other will never become what they wanted to become and that they will never be able to completely change it. To this crisis are added others, such as those marked by specific events, such as the birth / growth / education of children, bereavement, serious illness. And it is enough to observe the period in which we live to realize the drama in which all these aspects can convey
To date, the first test we had to overcome was to completely change our habits: the transition from hectic daily activities to immobility, stopped and blocked in confined spaces, for days and days, was not easy. And the awareness that today this will not end as soon as we all hope can make it even less bearable. So we have to deal, within those domestic walls, with the management of what have become only long and interminable days to fill. Everything that relieves us from coming into contact with us, our emotions, reflections on our own self, is now outside (friends, sports, holidays and travel, .. et al.). And the isolation in which we find ourselves, full of continuous disastrous news on the progress of the pandemic, can only be a further sharpener of emotions such as fears, anxieties and depressions.
It can be useful to start the day taking care of us, of our person, of our spaces especially if shared with 2 or 3 people of the family unit, and even more if we consider the units in which there are also grandparents or uncles and if the spaces they are reduced;
You can discover a new way of preparing yourself towards yourself and the new time available, dedicating yourself to activities for which we did not have time before (cooking, gardening, bricolage, et.al.). All this can be an opportunity compared to a new way of placing oneself within the family space and discovering a new relational dimension;
With children it can be useful, bearing in mind the differences for age groups, to maintain a daily routine as much as possible, to be recreated totally new as we have tried to do with ourselves: the day can be spent alternating playful moments with recreational moments , to play spaces and free exploration, to moments of sharing with the family.


All adults continue to carry their inner child inside. The body changes, needs change, experiences change thoughts and habits. But the wounds suffered remain and always remain open inside our little child. They come knocking again almost desperate, through the memory. They do not heal and scratch on the times when our baby inside did not feel appreciated enough, did not have the strength to be seduced by his individuality and subsequently never felt so safe as to abandon his initial innocence on the street. Within every family there are secrets, past anecdotes often steeped in shame. Within every family there is someone who feels guilty even for what he did not commit and at the same time dumps on others what he is solely responsible for. Although everyone feels so unique and different from everyone, every family interaction has a common denominator that repeats itself, like the script of the same film, translated into all languages ​​throughout the history of the world. In every family there is a well-defined decalogue: This should not be said; this is not to be done; this is not good … Yet to grow it is necessary to accept one’s own subversive universe. To grow, it is necessary to give up innocence. Giving up innocence means accepting what we reject about ourselves, even when it goes against the grain of what we have been taught. Giving up innocence does not make us guilty. It teaches us to understand that it is what we hide that destroys us while what we accept makes us peaceful and changes us for the better. Conflicts are spider webs, either you break them or they weaken you more and more until you are imprisoned, to the point of stifling forever even the last breath of courage you have inside. The paradox of any improvement is that in order to improve you must first accept your limits and love yourself as you are. To be able to do this it is necessary to recognize yourself and then break, break everything that you have built in your life to defend yourself, the shield around your heart.


In this particular historical period, I would like someone to ask me who my heroes are, the people for whom it is really worth waking up in the morning.

I would reply that my heroes are many.

Not the politicians (obviously), not my senior lawyer colleagues (often blinded by the race to earn money), not even the greats of history and those who have distinguished themselves for their valiant deeds.

My first heroine is V., 4, who gave me goosebumps one Saturday afternoon when she woke up desperate to tell me "I don't want to be in the children's home anymore, I want two great specials".

It is P., 2 years old, who when he sees me enter thanks me with his smile and his eyes, since his mouth still emits indistinct sounds.

It is also D., 16, who studies so much at school that her educators compete to go to interviews with teachers.

And it is also Paolo, a retired gentleman who does not like playing with children very much, but takes care of their home even just by changing a light bulb.

Or Emma, ​​a middle-aged lady who cooks her fragrant ragù for everyone on Sundays.

You see, Massimo, there are still many heroes in Italy that too many people do nothing but criticize.

Very few see them.

Yet my heroes are so simple that they are there for all to see.
Then they ask me why I do it.
Because I waste hours of my life trying to save the lives of others without gain, and sometimes naively risking my own safety.
Then they tell me that they think I'm wasting my time, making me feel like an egocentric exhibitionist. But then when they ask me these questions, well I think how superficial they are, which they judge without having tried such an experience.
Without having tried to stay 7-8 hours in a shift, always with the heart in the throat and the senses on alert ready to intervene.
Who do not know what it feels like to console and to give a word of comfort to a patient or a relative.
Because deep down they do not know the adrenaline that rises with the km / h in those few minutes of travel to the hospital, whether it is a trauma, overdose or a respiratory or cardiac arrest.
They do not know the concentration it takes to disinfect, tampon, stabilize any wound on the go.
But sadly, they won't even know the satisfaction that the simple grateful smile of the patients you just saved gives.
And that, it has an inestimable value which cannot be rewarded with any coin.
So when they ask me why I do this, I politely reply by saying
I do it because it makes me feel good to spend hours of my life trying to help those who need more than me for those few minutes of endless travel.
When I was operated on for a tumor a few years ago, I saw the children's cancer ward and I would have given my life to save them all. And I didn't understand why all those children had to be sick with such a bad thing. I would have died to be able to save them all but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. So you can at least ease some pain by making them smile.
If you live in a city where there is a hospital then you can look for volunteer groups and associations that help. It may not be important to you, but to all those children it does.


The world was so beautiful, full of animals, plants, clear waters, birds and everything was clean, clear, wonderful. Then man came and started hunting, logging, fishing, building factories, polluting, destroying. Man has a large, efficient brain but in his existence he has proved to be very stupid because in a few centuries he has made many animals extinct and has destroyed the environment not only his but of many species that are now also in danger of extinction.
Can we still say that man is intelligent? The only race capable of self-destruction. This is indeed what is happening. Not an implacable God, not an insane nature, not a set of ineluctable and unpredictable circumstances. No, simply a continuous series of actions and dull choices dictated by the anxiety of power and greed. This is what is changing the planet we live on and which, sooner or later, will no longer bear the weight of so much madness.

More than 1.5 billion disposable masks ended up in the oceans and seas of the world in 2020. A figure that should alarm everyone, showing when our new habits have a highly negative impact on the environment. Moreover, a problem that will not be solved in the short time, since a mask takes around 450 years to decompose.

Plastic was perhaps the most relevant technological discovery since the age of metals. Even the most polluting. But the fault lies not with plastic, argue the large multinationals that produce it and use it instead of pure possible alternatives. The fault lies with the end users (i.e. consumers) who do not recycle completely and correctly. And we could almost almost agree with them if there were no doubts: but how did we manage to survive before? Yet we were reasonably happy and we were certainly not in the Middle Ages, given that modern plastics have been synthesized for just over half a century.
The problem is that plastics would be made to last forever, but they are used to make objects that, on the other hand, are only used once.


They are closing our mouths to prevent us from expressing our thoughts, we are convinced to express it, but it is not so. We are destroying the schools to make us ignorant, to be able to command us while we remain silent. They are giving us the “social” to make us focus on things less important than the reality of the facts. We are filling the television with “shows” (or whatever we want to call them) to convince us that that is talent, to convince us that true talent does not come from intelligence, but from beauty! They are making us read BITCH passed off as “great books”, while the great books remain closed in the house. They are making us listen to songs that no longer have a story inside them, because “history is the teacher of life” and the less stories we know, the less we can rebel against the system. They are making us believe that money makes a person perfect, when I know people without a euro in their pocket who would be able to give everything to others, without thinking twice. They are filling us with advertisements everywhere to make us all equal, to homologate, in fact we find the same advertisements everywhere, even on the radio, we almost know how to recite them by heart. They are telling us that being different is wrong, because if you are gay or a foreigner, they will be able to approve a thousand measures, but you will always and in any case be laughed at, starting with television “ICONS” that really, at times, make Nazism rise even to me. They are making us give up, they are making us homologate. They are making us alienate. But fuck, there are so many of us that we should check the system. But nobody is pissed off like me ?!
I missed breathing too much. You tried to shut my mouth, but if there is one thing you will never take away from me it is the word! I opened my mouth and started talking, breathing and feeling strong. I started talking shouting and cutting, because if you don’t use sharp words and if you don’t scream you are ignored. While I was out of breath I used words, I used the most beautiful form of a word, I wrote, in fact, I spoke in another form. The word lives in me and I will always use it, even with those who are unable to listen to it, even with those who do not want to listen to it, even with those who do not deserve to listen to it: the word is the only WEAPON I have!
The angels have fallen. They have lost their wings and can no longer fly, perhaps they just don’t know how to fly. We were those angels. Something has gone out and I can’t save you, get you, no matter how damn it is! I try with every strength I have left in my body. I try with the hope of a dead angel, smashed to earth, shattered into a thousand pieces. I try with the strength of something that shouldn’t have even set foot on earth, not because it is better than others, but because it doesn’t know how to be like others. I try with the sadness of a suffocated, time-worn, non-existent and taciturn soul. I try with these eyes that seem to be the only thing that still lives in me. I try with all the energy I have left in my body. Because I mean wars cause too many deaths and I haven’t heard any famous musicians protest wars anymore. No calviator, no influencer says anything against wars. All mute, buried under their money as people die. Why doesn’t Angelina Jolie go now to give her help? Why does Leonardo di Caprio stay comfortable in his home? There are no more loud voices, courageous voices, there is nothing but pain. And we should all be angry but instead we are talking about fashion, books, actors and actresses.


When you abandon a dog, because “it is no longer needed”, you are teaching your children what to do with you when you are old …


Some people think they live in disadvantage.
But they don't know how to live in the rest of the world.
You are tired, stressed, depressed. You think your life is the worst of all. You have to put up with cruel colleagues, disgusting table food, hypocritical friends, terrible parents. But does your life really suck? Have you ever seen how people live in certain places far away from you? Do they have everything you have? Are complaining? Are they crying? Do they get depressed?
It seems that now no one can do without something. It seems that the food is just that of plastic, tasteless and odorless.
Many people cannot do without technology, they are slaves to material objects and things.
They have become obsessively collectors of many things that don't have a practical function in real life.
How many people still live in a primordial way? How many people barely have a roof over their heads?
Many children don't even have a bed. They have no food and live in huts made of scraps.
How long would you resist? Would you be able to live without all your usual things?
Sometimes they show you those poor people on TV while you are eating or playing with your cell. Can you imagine not having all the things you have today? Can you imagine if they were taken from you how you would live? Would you be able to resist poverty?
Can you imagine your children rummaging through the garbage for food or clothing?
Can you imagine them without Play Station?
What do they know about the world?
nd what do you know about the world?
Is what you have really so little that you feel unhappy?


I know that you have many gastronomic and existential habits that you are fond of.
But when we talk about doing something to save our planet we are talking about healthy choices of healthy food, of choices to protect animals and nature.
So please if you can follow these simple tips then you can help save this planet.















Do you want your children's sleep to remain safe?
Do you want them to be able to breathe clean air?
You begin to change your toxic habits, for your own good and for their future good.
Please try to know the truth about the food you eat:

If your children need to have a snack, prepare sandwiches with tomato and vegetables for them. You can put mozzarella or just tomato and spinach, a drizzle of olive oil, fresh bread or bread with cereals.






Does your little one not like vegetables? Maybe it depends on the way they are served. Vegetables can be brought to the table in many different ways: sometimes in spirals, in flower-shaped compositions or on an outdoor picnic.

Children experience flavors more intensely, because they have many more taste buds than adults. So pungent, sour or bitter aromas usually don't go down. One solution could be to preferably put on the table vegetables with a delicate or slightly sweet taste. Such as potatoes, carrots or parsnips. Do not overdo it with spices: a pinch of salt is enough to flavor the dishes.

To arouse more enthusiasm when going to the table, some original ideas for decorating can help us. On the plate flutters a butterfly of cucumbers, berries and courgette spirals, and in the bread basket there are colored tomatoes or grape skewers. You can also prepare fun animal-shaped loaves, just have molds. So healthy food is fun too!
Children may not necessarily want to eat fruit and vegetables during meals. You can tempt them with a nice colorful plate full of snacks left in plain sight. So your little ones can nibble on julienned peppers, grapes, apple slices or gherkins while they go wild in their games.
Broccoli, spinach and the like are sometimes not so terrible, if instead of being in plain sight on the plate they hide in sauces or flans. Even the most difficult palates will be more likely to accept healthy ingredients, if finely grated or pureed and then blended. Even if cooked vegetables lose some vitamins, it's still a good way to start introducing vegetables into your diet.


Okay, I know you love your son and daughter very much, but do you think and in the future they will be adults and live in a beautiful world? Do you know what is happening to the earth? Do you want your children and grandchildren to live peacefully in a beautiful and healthy world? Then give away the right things. Make the right choice for them and your grandchildren. Help Greenpeace save this planet. Greenpeace warriors are real warriors. They are fighting in every way to save animals and plants and people.
Our world is flooded with plastic. In the next few years, your children will not be bathing in a sea of ​​salt water but in a sea of ​​plastic objects.
Greenpeace is a global network of independent campaigning organizations that use peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

The Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace International’s flagship boat known for its crusade against the destruction of environment, is being revived to an all new form. The custom-built sailboat is set to sail in September 2011. Once on the sea, it will fight against illegal shipments of timber, unlawful fishing operations, gather evidence that can be used for prosecution and stop the activities altogether.

Unlike its predecessors, Rainbow Warrior I and Rainbow Warrior II which were acquired and remodeled, Rainbow Warrior III will be constructed from scratch by Greenpeace.

Educate your children, grandchildren, friends to always collect plastic and clean the garbage in meadows, beaches and woods. Educate them to save Nature so that we can all do it together.
Use only paper or wooden products for your pic nic and parties.
Plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental conditions of our times and it is not only the growing amount of plastic that ends up in the sea that is worrying, but also the link between plastic production and climate change. Plastic on the other hand comes from sources such as oil and the environmental impacts related to its production and disposal are significant: the production and incineration of plastic waste will be responsible for a quantity of carbon dioxide emissions equal to that of 189 coal-fired power plants.


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