I'll make room for you next to me.
Tonight I'm really strong,
tonight I'm really invincible,
tonight - not - it's - me.
I make room for you next to me, and inside my heart. 
What a big space you have,
you take up almost all of it. 
I'm happy when I think about it, and I tell everyone a little
because my heart is almost all yours.
The sauce I made, 
the red apples I bought are all yours. 
The scent of chocolate donut is all yours. 
I am a bit all yours.
I make room for you next to me, and tonight no one can beat me,
if in a low voice,
almost in silence
I tell you that you are my love
and you are my love
and you are love
what I feel when I look at you.


I know how important presence is. To be there, what a beautiful word. Beyond distances, time and logic, we are able to carry within us even those we can no longer have close to us, and this strange measure of things betrays the embarrassment that certain distances have, when they forget the infinite importance of memory. . Memory is stubborn and when it takes it into her head to save a memory, it saves it. And he knows how to defend it and he knows how to protect it. For example, I only think of you twice a day. When I’m alone and when I’m with someone else. You are ubiquitous in me. Even now that you are not there and I am writing to you without you knowing. Perhaps, if I had told you, you would have understood that everything I want for me I want for you too and that even if it is often not right, it is always for a good purpose. Of everything I like, I’ve always taken two, one for me and one for you.
Sometimes you meet a person who is not meant for you but you keep bumping into that wall. I am tired of apparent solutions. About my stubborn feelings and all the times when reading a message or waiting for it I thought “Maybe I’m the problem”. In the end, I admit, you were right. You were right when you said I was too impatient. Impatient were my feet, my hands. But the heart no, he knew how to wait, to wait for you. And if I think about you, it’s because my organism after a while I’m away needs to think about the things that make it feel alive. I had the words impatient that they could not shut up when they wanted to be right. I had to stop contradicting you when you said you weren’t the right person for me. You were the right person to understand that decisions made when excited then make you feel damn stupid when exhausted. Now I don’t want to be too happy because of you. I always run away and I never have time to get attached “.

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