I left my city because the limits of the world are sometimes tight for me, and I tend to idealize it and dream about it to paint it more saturated than it is, and maybe I'm wrong but it makes me feel good because I know that reality is what it is based on our perspective, based on our way of seeing things, the world, life itself. I like to think about the world with its flaws and its strengths, and follow my dreams.

Sometimes they scare me, it scares me to go away and chase them, but then I promptly return with a wealth of happiness and magical experiences. It's never enough for me. But I always miss my home, it's not a perfect place but I always miss it. I wouldn't be able to live there only for its limits imposed by the world, how would I do? It's not my choice. But it's my choice to go back when I can, to hug and talk to those I love for that time I stay there.
I don't want to escape, I want to leave to smell my perfume, my air.
What's your favorite perfume? Surely that of my city, the sea in autumn and the food prepared by my father.
They are perfumes that fill your heart, and there are infinitely many good perfumes in the world, but if the one from my country can be your favorite, it is right not to waste its essence, however eternal it may be. But each of us has our own perfume, somewhere in the world.
My perfume is jasmine because it reminds me of summer evenings when I was a little girl and I had so many plans for my future.


On a gray day like the ones that exist in these terrible winter days (in a nearby town the temperature has reached -30 degrees Celsius) and we are in Italy and a winter so cold has never been seen before and there is little gas and it costs too much and wood and other fuels have a much higher price, and I wake up in the morning and I look at the sparrows singing and they only have a bush to take refuge in and I don't know if many of them are dying and I put seeds and I think the choice is up to us. We are the ones who have to help others, we are the ones who can donate, love, food, shelter, to people and animals. I believe that God wants this, I believe that God wants us all to pray but also to do something important. So I go out and try to bring a smile, even if I'm sick inside me, because I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but I don't want anything to stop me from doing good. And so I hope you do too. Peace and serenity to you all.


You know when you went to the bottom of your sea?
I mean when you've been right in your abyss.
When everything you've done, fought for yourself seemed for nothing?
First of all don't blame it on others... No dear friend or whoever you are. The fault was only yours.
Yours because you allowed it.
But remember...
When you hit the bottom of your abyss, you have a choice.
Or stay there mouldering and feeling sorry for yourself.
Or by touching the bottom you give yourself the push to get out of that abyss.
No, no one will come to save you, we are not in fairy tales here.
It's you who decides whether to save yourself or leave you there to cry over yourself, complain and get stuck.
But I'll tell you one thing.
When you succeed (if you want) to get out of your abyss... It will be like a rebirth.
And you will see green and it will be light and you will see the sky and it will be light and you will see how long you lived thinking it was all grey.
You can get out of the deep sea and you can rediscover all the colors of your soul.


I love my madness

My ways

How I grew up

How I fought the bad times

How I got up despite the blows

The hard blows, divorce and bereavement

I am proud to be who I am

With people

With my family

Each of us should find his peace

Being satisfied and finding goals

Fighting life every day

With the shield on his chest and the sword of values

Dare to win


The need to find one's Purpose is not an act of fanaticism, but it is the sacred will of the human Being. The fact that the System has taught you not to aspire to anything, not to want "too much", to the politics of the poor, but good, is not synonymous with ethics or interior development.

It is only the cowardice with which the fearful justify their inefficiency and the doubters are kept in chains.

Those who follow the majority follow conformism to these precepts. It is not a question of feeling superior to anyone, it is a question of acknowledging it.

To observe what the masses do and (at least) not to do the same.

When did we humans begin to dig the furrow that separates us from the world that should be our own, namely the animal one? Because this we are, animals. When did we begin to cultivate the utter disharmony that is the new normal today? Yesterday I saw My octopus teacher on Netflix and I still have in my eyes the wonder of that being that seems to come out of a fantasy or even to come from another planet, it is so beautiful and complex.

This morning, however, I cried. Thinking about how much this nature is now alien to us, thinking about all the evil we are capable of towards other living beings, thinking about the bottomless pit of our hypocrisy. Yes, this morning I too cried out of guilt because I am part of that infesting race that is destroying the planet and sowing death among its inhabitants, who in some animals see only food, amusement, objects to use. I cried because, even if I have been trying to do my part for some time now, it is still not enough. Man is also an animal, an evolved ape who has forgotten what it means to live in symbiosis with the surrounding environment. We have not eaten other animals for over a year now and this is a choice that makes us happy but also more aware. Unfortunately it is not enough to alleviate the burden of a fault that is too great for us, which overwhelms us as a species and not as individuals. We act as if everything is due to us and we can't even understand how absurd it is. Yes, that octopus taught us something too and reminded us once more what is worth fighting and crying for. And also suffer.


Why continue to live a monotonous life in which everything is marked by always the same rhythms when one can interrupt the known and go towards the unknown of oneself? Why do you choose to get moldy in a job or in a life that becomes a cage when you can get on a train and go towards a different future?


Since childhood, they feed our fear by telling us that we must not color outside the drawing, we must not go outside the lines, we must behave well otherwise we will be punished. So we are scolded, psychologically attacked, put back in line as if we must necessarily follow that path without the possibility of going further, even if we need more. 
This process occurs in all classes and for each child. Those who do not respect him are made to leave the classroom, are expelled, eliminated from school and from society. When I read posts in which it is said to abandon fear then I think about how much it has been rooted within us and how difficult it is to reprogram our mind that for years and years has only received directives to always live immersed in fear. 
So it is not easy one day to start doing things that have never been done, to start thinking that you can have a completely different life from the current one. Somehow that fear they instilled in us made us sure of ourselves, of our life, of our way of being. But where did it take us? It brought us into a house, unhappy, into a job, unhappy, into a family, unhappy, into a life that perhaps could have been different if we hadn't been brainwashed as children. Then starting to eliminate fear is difficult but not impossible. 
Doing something new is difficult but not impossible. Should we try? Certain. Follow other examples to help us understand how? Of course yes!
Sometimes we turn back to look at our past and ask ourselves: why did we make that choice? Why did we choose that person? Why didn't we do that thing? Sometimes we don't recognize ourselves. Who we were? Why did we act that way? What prompted us to make always wrong or harmful choices for ourselves? Do we now have a clearer picture of our life and of that process that educated us to be afraid of everything?

They put us in a cage of duties towards the family, of obligations towards society, a series of stakes and limits that must never be crossed, with the fear always on us of doing the wrong thing, of not being able, of not being able to do it. nothing if certain things happened. Often blaming ourselves, our heart, our mind, our way of being. Why have our teachers, professors, our schools done all this? Why did they want to make us so fearful and dissatisfied?
They locked us in a cage of fixed ideas and who gave them permission to do this? Our parents. But did our parents know what would happen to us? Maybe not. They too are not aware of what happens in schools where the fear of living is created. They too have not been able to live freely because they too have been diverted since childhood. They had to accept everything without being able to oppose it and it is now too late for them. but for us? Is it late for us too? I hope not.

You went to school, you were good, obedient, you studied a lot, you accepted everything and now? What do you feel now? Are you satisfied with what you have done? Do you feel free? Are you happy with what you have achieved? Is true well-being a home, a family, a life within the borders, within the limits drawn by other people, by educational institutions, by the government? 


We are all so bloody selfish, lonely, fragile and blind.

This situation will not change any of us, and we will probably hug each other when it all ends, but soon after we will go back to being the selfish ones we always have because basically that's what we have chosen to be.

Some people disappear from our lives by choice, others out of boredom or perhaps because you realize that the saying "when you cry, you cry alone" is not as bullshit as you imagined.

Sometimes we just prefer to be blind and indifferent.

Nobody says something that makes sense, that has a value, we just throw up words, thoughts, maybe we even write songs, but we are unable to ask "how are you?" to whom we really love, because the answers, the real ones, are scary.

We run away, when things get difficult, we find ourselves answering questions from anonymous to "pass the time".

I wonder who cares? Who cares who we really are? Who cares if we're suffering? Who cares if it was a day to forget?

Who do you tell that loneliness can be hell?

We consume the keyboard, we talk late into the night with people who maybe shouldn't even be part of our life.

We give the worst we can give, instead we reserve the best for who knows who, for who knows what, we don't even know what we're waiting for, whether a signal from above or something similar.

We lie on the bed in the evening and cover ourselves with our faithful sheet of insecurities, fears, resentments and hatred.

Sincerity hurts, but it is right to point out and remember that we are only selfish.

People forget because it's convenient to forget, it's convenient not to remember.
I repeat it again, this period will not change who we are, we will hug each other again, yes, all this is over, but soon after we will go back to being the usual selfish because it is what we have decided to be.

Pride kills, loneliness too.


The choice is mine. I choose to live by choice, and not by chance. I choose to make changes instead of making excuses. I choose to be motivated, not manipulated. I choose to be useful, not used. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity. I choose to excel, not compete. I choose to listen to the inner voice, not the informal opinion of the people.
How many times a day do we think about ourselves?

How many times a day do we think about our state of mind?

How many times a day do we make sure we are happy?

How many times a day do we ask ourselves if we are really okay, if we really feel good the way we live?

How many times?
Or maybe we don't even once dwell on ourselves and the emotions we feel?

Perhaps the only moments in which we dwell on ourselves cannot even be defined as such.

Because they are more fleeting thoughts than anything else.

These are thoughts that go in a hurry. Thoughts too fast to be known and understood.

So why don't we stop them?
Why do we let them run away?

Even when the heart is tired it must continue to beat; even if he would like to stop to catch his breath, he cannot. "

This is how our thoughts feel.

As if it were forbidden to stop, even for just a second.

As if they are wasting all their strength on something that others don't find interesting.

As if they were useless and not valuable.
Yet, we choose who to listen to, among all those thoughts.

We are the ones who judge and divide negative thoughts from positive ones.

And it is important to remember that EVERY type of THOUGHT is of EXTREME IMPORTANCE!

Precisely for this reason, we must accept them and not label them or divide them into groups.

We must listen to them all, and give meaning to the sensations they transmit to us.

It is important to give a fair welcome to our thoughts, in order to create a healthy and pleasant relationship with ourselves.
It is important to give a fair welcome to our thoughts, in order to create a healthy and pleasant relationship with ourselves.

Why is it important not to neglect one's thoughts?
Thoughts have the power to shape and determine the reality and life of each of us.

If we complain, we are paradoxically attracting the negative into our life, while if we think intensely about our desires, we will give off positive vibrations.

This is because it is as if we are manipulating ourselves.

For example :

If we stare at a photograph of ourselves for too long, we will end up finding - creating - flaws and we will begin to feel distressed, sad.

While we perform an action, our brain never stops thinking. Keep letting yourself feel the positive and negative side of that thing through your previous thoughts.

If we think we have a bad nose, when we start staring at the photograph we will think it is beautiful but if we stay staring at it, we will immediately begin to perceive our nose as a defect!

We may begin to perceive life as a gift through positive thoughts.

We may start to feel good through positive thoughts!
Warning: When I say "through positive thoughts", I mean starting to appreciate even the smallest things that the world, and the people who are part of it, give us every day!
Because, as important as it is to accept life and yourself, it is also important to be realistic!
By starting to perceive things in a more positive context, we will be happier. But it won't help us to avoid the dangers and negative sides of the world !!

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