Pablo Neruda, exiled from Chile, arrives in a small town on an Italian island. Neruda is very famous and the postman who brings him the letters is convinced that he too has become a poet, as well as his close friend but ….
Sometimes we think that knowing an important person will change our life. For example, I have a very famous relative in America but I never wanted to contact him in any way. These people usually seem friendly and loving but then .... I don't love the life I lead but I would never go and ask him for anything. Yes I know, someone else in my place would already go to Los Angeles to meet him. But I'm naive and don't believe in recommendations. This is why everything I write and do will remain in the trash. But it does not matter. My puppy Valkirya is important to me, she is worth more than all the famous people I know.



She is Daniela Carrasco, 
'la Mimo', a 36-year-old 
Chilean street artist.
A few hours after being 
stopped by the military, 
Mimo was found hanging
 from a fence and displayed 
in a municipality in the 
metropolitan city of Santiago
 del Chile. Tortured to death.
The compaƱeras of the feminist
 collectives claim it was a 
warning to intimidate those, 
especially women, 
who are participating
 in the mobilizations of these 
days in Chile.

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