The worst drama in the world is the despair which is capable of making the body and spirit of the human being die. Despair is the best weapon that evil uses to annihilate man in dignity and in his worth to make him his own. In the modern world, despair has spread quickly, including not only some sections of society but a bit of everyone and, increasingly, young people. Despair, more than from a lack of material goods, comes from an inner loneliness, from an inability to communicate one’s feelings to the other (without falling into hypocrisy or the usual clichés), from not feeling loved or for the less popular: all this leads to an unbearable burden of life.) We know of people who did not lack wealth or success in the workplace, beauty, approval of others (people also from entertainment, cinema) and who nevertheless felt sun and despair. The desperation of one who feels grossly guilty towards society, who has done ignoble things, who feels an outcast, a rejection of society, without hope of salvation is one of the gravest forms. Here evil plays its best card, it already has it in its coils and is only waiting for the moment that he indulges in an intimate life of extravagance or an extreme act of suicide! Daily intercourse with others can lead to despair (misunderstandings, quarrels, betrayals). In reality, every human being in the world is like a universe unto himself (a city-state, if you grant me the term). We see people around us that we don’t know anything about, we don’t know who they are or their history. The body, like an armor, contains wills, feelings, tastes, aspirations, its own characteristics that others do not know (sometimes not even the same family members) We would like others to think as we do, have the same interests, food tastes, music, sports, political ideas, artistic choices and we marvel if they don’t appreciate or despise what we appreciate. Thus we discard from our life those who are not according to our model. We are now billions of people, all different (like fingerprints), strangers to each other with difficulty in communicating and sharing. Sometimes we have something in common or that we like about each other and friendships and falls in love are born but, at the first incongruity, they decay. True friendship and true love is that of those who understand that the other is different, accept and share this diversity by reconciling it with themselves. The body is a facade that often deceives, a mask that can hide the totally different interior. In our mind there are images of beauty that overwhelm us (as well as sounds, melodies) and it may happen that a person corresponds to this image and we are deeply attracted to it but the spirit of that person is unknown to us. A peaceful and married life is possible only if one person manages to “graft” his self into the other to continue living as a single individual while facing the daily difficulties that life presents.


My garden is full of puddles, holes made by dogs, pieces of branches flown in the storm, bare trees and no flowers because the mice have eaten the bulbs. And I'm very sad that I can't have a nice garden but the weather is awful here. It is very cold and there is already snow on the mountains and yesterday it was only 4 degrees. The house is very humid and even if we heat it later it becomes cold again, it does not keep the heat, it is an old house and it is a torment. Here in my area life is very sad now, especially for me because I don't have the green pass and I can no longer go to the gym, to the theater, to the cinema. I always have to stay at home. Our Italian government has taken away all freedom from us and people like me, who cannot get the vaccine, are limited in everything in life. I am getting depressed and I can't stand this deprivation of freedom. Now in Italy there is this dictatorship that is destroying the country's economy and the people.


In Syracuse, very armored sets set up in two of the most evocative places in the city: at the Neapolis archaeological park, and in particular at the Ear of Dionysus and at the Grotta dei Cordari. Then to the Maniace Castle, in the historic center of Ortigia. In addition to Harrison Ford also the female protagonist Phwoebe Waller-Bridge. Ropes, very steep wooden stairs, a chase between tunnels, even in the unique scenarios of Syracuse the archaeologist (or rather his stand-in) seems to have been put to the test. And here is that the Ear of Dionysus lends itself to being transformed into a mine, and the Maniace Castle is the heart of several scenes shot between the mainland and the sea with spectacular special effects: explosions, smoke and gunshots.
Eagle Pictures has chosen Sicily and in particular Trapani, San Vito Lo Capo, Cefalù and Syracuse to set the fifth episode of the saga. The mega production booked luxury villas and hotel rooms on the island, and of course the various services such as restaurants and drivers for the approximately 600 people working on the film. Millions of euros for traders from all over Sicily.
Pizza, pistachio desserts and almond biscuits. The most famous archaeologist of cinema lands in Sicily and chooses a bakery in Paternò, in the Catanese area, for a quick lunch. Harrison Ford, 79, arrived at Catania airport for a week of filming the new Indiana Jones in Sicily (theatrical release scheduled for July 2022). First stop in Syracuse for the Hollywood star, then by car to Cefalù where the set designers have been working for several days to give the city the image of a 1969 town.
Syracuse, a fascinating and evocative place that Cicero defined as “the most beautiful city of Magna Graecia”, bears intact the signs of its history as a cultural capital from the Greek age to the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
Unesco World Heritage Site since 2005, the city stands in the setting of a suggestive natural harbor, closed to the east by the island of Ortigia and behind the Epipolis plateau.
The city preserves in every corner the testimonies of its past. Greek, Roman and Baroque styles come together in an irresistible scenario that tells millennia of history.
Starting from the ancient nucleus on the island of Ortigia, you can admire the cathedral, with its Baroque façade that rises on the peristyle of the Doric temple of Athena of the century. V BC, remodeled in the Norman era and later. Other important churches are that of San Giovanni alle Catacombe with the crypt of San Marziano, and the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia with the painting by Caravaggio "Burial of Santa Lucia"
Going around Syracuse and observing the ancient vestiges of the city is surprising. Other examples of the archaeological wealth of Syracuse can then be admired at the "Paolo Orsi" regional archaeological museum, the largest in Sicily.
Absolutely not to be missed, on the extreme tip of the islet of Ortigia, a visit to the castle of Maniace, a remarkable example of military architecture built by Frederick II in the first half of the 13th century.
Those who love nature, must go a short distance from Syracuse, in this small area, located at the southernmost tip of Italy, which has become a paradise for those who love the environment, where there are four protected areas: the Anapo valley , the Cava Grande del Cassìbile, the Pantani di Vendìcari and the river Ciane with the Saline of Syracuse.
Finally, to be able to relax by the sea, near the city you can visit the seaside resorts of Lido Arenella, Ògnina (port-canal) and Fontane Bianche.
The Reserve is located between the municipalities of Noto, Avola and Syracuse. It is a complex of soft limestone rocks, located in the low Hyblaean plateau excavated by the Cassibile river, which over time have formed steep valleys called “caves” due to the action of erosion. One of the most spectacular is the Cava Grande crossed by the Cassibile river. 10 km long and 250 meters deep, it was the site of inhabited settlements in the Paleolithic era. Eight thousand cave-like rock tombs have been excavated in the walls, dating back to between the tenth and ninth centuries. B.C.


The labyrinth of the faun is a parable full of esoteric meanings. An example is represented by the transformation path that the young Ofelia will have to face by overcoming her fears and making choices. The three tests to which the guardian Faun of the labyrinth subjects her are the initiation rite necessary to return to her kingdom. But it will be precisely by not completing them that the child will prove that she is the chosen one.


We all know history. A young, sweet and pure, prisoner in the body of a swan, desires freedom, but only true love will break the spell. Her dream is about to come true thanks to a prince. But … before he declares his love for her, the envious twin, the black swan, deceives and seduces him. Devastated, the white swan throws itself off a cliff and kills itself and in death finds freedom.


Have you ever wanted to wake up one day and never find anyone around? All vanished into thin air. And what could have happened? But will you really be alone or not?


But why doesn’t everything work like in the movies? Why don’t strangers on the subway, instead of just looking at you, strike up a conversation and tell you that you have a beautiful smile? Why after thirty years, in a downtown café, do you never meet the person you fought for? Why do mothers struggle to understand their children and fathers to accept them? Why does the right sentence always come at the wrong time? Because it never happens to run in the rain, to get in front of someone’s front door, make him get out, apologize and start talking nonsense and then find yourself lips to lips and hear you say: ‘it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you are here ‘? Why are you never woken up during the night by a voice on the phone that tells you: ‘I’ve never forgotten you’? If we were braver, more irrational, more combative, more whimsical, more confident and if we were less proud, less shameful, less fragile, I’m sure we shouldn’t have to pay any movie tickets to see people doing and saying what we don’t have the courage to externalize, to see people who love as we cannot, to see people who represent us, to see people who, by pretending, are able to be more sincere than us.
But you two will never be friends. Two can not be friends who look at each other like that, who get lost all the time and then find each other again. Two can not be friends who must always beware of missteps, that one word too many is enough to fall in love. Two like you cannot be friends, who look for each other with your eyes, and with your hands, who want to make love every time you are together and if you are not together, you dream of being one. You are not friends, however much you want to believe this lie so as not to hurt yourself. Because I get it, you are not friends but you are not in love either, and you don’t want to fall in love even though it could be that simple. You are everything but you are nothing. But my dear, I see you and understand it. You want yourself, somehow absurd and strange, against all logic. Because you are and always will be an unsolved question
This is me … a simple girl but who is now alone, or perhaps it is better to say she has remained in her world where everything does not go as she wants … well my biggest advice to give to all of you who follow me is to always go on and never give up because if in life you fight for what you want you will see the results … sometimes they can be negative but other times, someone who has been through a lot tells you, they can be really positive. So come on, have courage and live life with joy and hope within your heart.
Sometimes it comes back to me. When maybe I hear our song on the radio, when they play our film on television, when I see a girl who writes on her cell phone and I think about the words you wrote to me. It hurts a little in those moments, not so much, but just enough to realize that you are that parenthesis of my life that, going back, I would not open. Not out of nastiness, not because he didn’t feel something for you. But because on the contrary I have loved you too much and now that you are not there, I have realized that all that love has been wasted, thrown away, ignored, despite the beautiful promises and the beautiful words. You played, and I loved. No, I’m sorry, if I went back I wouldn’t let you into my life, because you didn’t leave me anything, because I don’t have good memories since they are so over. Because the only thing you have left me is just the umpteenth confirmation that I must not allow anyone to have a space, even a small one, in my heart. You are just my umpteenth confirmation that I am wrong to love, always, and that when I love I am only capable of hurting myself, because while you said you did not want to lose me, you sent me away.
He had that desire to let it all go, the desire not to go on, the desire to cry. The feeling of worthless tormented her, made her feel useless, unable to do anything. He felt low every day but kept smiling, even when he wanted to cry. She was crying even though nothing really happened, and when something happened, she felt like the end had come. She felt like she was dying, but no one understood her.
She: “Listen, die”
Him: “You are beautiful when you get angry. And then he gives you my shirt, you know? ”
Her: “How do you know I’m wearing your shirt?”
Him: “If you look out the window of your room maybe you see a jerk.”
Her: “Yes, apparently I see it.”
Him: “And you always remain beautiful.”
Her: “You could also leave, the only thing I would do now if I got off would be to slap you.”
Him: “I, on the other hand, the only thing I would do would be to kiss you.”
Her: “You’re crazy.”
Him: “About you.”
Her: “Let’s talk about something else. What did you bring me? ” Him: “So: lots of cuddles, two games for the play, bonuses and my apologies.”
Her: “What would the bonuses be?”
Him: “Cuddles, hugs and kisses. You know, you never know. ” Her: “Stop playing.”
Him: “I see you that you are agitated and you go back and forth around the room. You are beautiful, I will never stop saying it. ” Her: “Stop yelling too.”
Him: “Only if you let me in.” She: “On one condition.” Him: “Which one?”
Her: “We will use the bonuses.”
Him: “I love you”
Her: “Me too”


You must enter me with the utmost calm,
turn off your voice if it scratches and rumbles.
Like relatives around a body they hardly pray to a body already grave.
You must enter me with light hands, leave your weight outside the door.
Strip your ego of arms and barriers:
what you wear does not matter to me.
You have to tiptoe into me.
This tower of mine is mere illusion. If you really care, stop and sit down ..
we follow the flowing river in silence.
collapse, not soft
you ignore, you do not speak
you touch, you crash
lose, leave again
distracted looks
heavy hands
the important things
they don't make us great

the buried memories
the many dangers
loose hair
far you take me

your head bursts
yell alone
no one stays here
burn the flowerbed
you the sun hates
continue lady
ruin the party
your courage honors you

returns assassin
becomes queen
he pointed a thorn at you
in the blood morphine

who loves you stays
for what you still are
whoever loves you becomes realm
who loves you becomes a home
This film is about Oskar, a little boy from the outskirts of Stockholm, abused by all his classmates and a little marginalized, and about his new neighbor, a twelve-year-old vampire. Strange pale girl with big dark eyes, ready to kill for him.


I have not seen “Life is beautiful”. And I have not seen “The boy in the striped pajamas”. Do you know why? After seeing “Shindler’s List” I was sick for 3 months. I was in Palermo. I went to Zen and left there all my books, my jewels, my paintings, my clothes, everything I owned. I’ve never told anyone. I managed to get into Zen because I was dressed like a gypsy (they control everything). When I was a little girl and I saw a movie “Amazonia” during the break I went out of the cinema, went to a shop, bought some make-up, went back to the cinema, went to the bathroom and put on my make-up like an Indios. At the end of the film everyone was looking at me as if they had seen an alien. I lay badly for months and months. I wrote desperate letters to the president of Brazil, I wrote to the Pope, many letters that have never been answered. Certain films, about certain truths, make me snap something, and I risk my life. I do absurd things. After seeing “American Sniper” I bought a ticket for Iraq and had to leave. Except that I have health problems and my doctor told me that I would go to die without my drugs. I cannot know of some suffering otherwise I feel too bad and do unthinkable things. When I was 4 they abused me for a long time, and so I know what it feels like when you get great pain. It’s not up to me, I can’t get rid of it.

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