Whoever loves invents the things he loves.

Maybe you came when I dreamed of you.

And suddenly the flame lit up.

It was the dormant embers that woke up.

A new flight over the rubble,

bells tolled in the air of surprise,

played by those special angels

who have the gift of resurrecting.

A divine rhythm?


the beating of our hearts

who beat together and in celebration,

or lonely, with a sad rhythm.

My poor, my great distant love,

you don't even know how much good it does to people

having dreamed

and having lived the dream.
When I make love with you

I will have sculpted skin

like fringes of alabaster

to shed drunken light on you.

When I make love with you

I will be beautiful naked

in your hands

and like a leaf caressed by the wind

I will tremble shaped by love.

When I make love with you

I will have childish graces

amidst the stupid illusion

like dazzling naivety

of first love.

When I make love with you

I'll be drunk alive

in the clutter of the room

like an August blaze

and in spite of myself

I will have a cry in my heart.

When I make love with you

I will be more beautiful than a bride






on her wedding night.

When I make love with you

hold me in your arms

and all the glass stars

they will become fire of joy

and it will never be night.

I had to wait for you a thousand years

and then a thousand

when I make love with you

it will be the first time.


When facing the Simplification Challenge, a good starting point is the decluttering of your home in which, over time, a lot of superfluous things accumulate that clutter not only the external spaces but also the internal ones.

In fact, it is now widely recognized, as shown by various studies on this topic, that the level of order of our home enormously influences our psychophysical well-being. In the long run, clutter creates stress for you because:

 It exposes your mind to overstimulation (visual, tactile, olfactory) which inevitably forces the senses to continuously process unnecessary stimuli

It distracts from the things you need to focus your attention on

It reduces your ability to relax

Constantly signal to your mind that there is still work to be done (remember that objects continually make you silent 
requests: dust me, wash me, iron me, fix me, read me, move me ...)

Increase your anxiety level because you never know how long it will take you to fix everything

Makes you feel guilty and sometimes even embarrassed (for example if you get an unexpected visit)

It invades the free spaces necessary to reflect and find solutions, thus inhibiting creativity and productivity

It wastes your time because it makes it harder to find the things you need quickly

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