I live near the Dolomites Mountains, I don't know if you know them but they are very famous in the world. But as a child I had grown up near the sea and I didn't know what the rock was like. So the first time we went up and saw the rock it was a kind of magic for me. I felt a very strong energy coming from the rock and I fell in love with these places. And I must confess that when I don't go I feel that I am missing something. So sometimes I collect rocks around and put them in my room and around the house and I feel so much energy coming from these rocks. I like having rocks, woods, leaves and plants around my house. I like to feel the energetic force they emanate. I believe there is an influence within all of these things and they remind me of the land where I come from. Because I grew up in the south of Italy but my ancestors were Nordic, they came from the cold lands and the woods and the cold mountains so I miss all these things and I can't tolerate the heat.


Throw it away, that stone.
Take it and launch the way with all the strength you have in your body.
And, while you’re there,
tie all the pain I carry inside me together and hurl it against the water.
The sea will know what to do with it.
Take that pain away from me that stone that blocks the mechanisms of my heart.
Never tire of collecting the stones of my soul.
Never get tired of cleaning my heart every time it gets dirty with something that makes it beat less.

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