You know when you went to the bottom of your sea?
I mean when you've been right in your abyss.
When everything you've done, fought for yourself seemed for nothing?
First of all don't blame it on others... No dear friend or whoever you are. The fault was only yours.
Yours because you allowed it.
But remember...
When you hit the bottom of your abyss, you have a choice.
Or stay there mouldering and feeling sorry for yourself.
Or by touching the bottom you give yourself the push to get out of that abyss.
No, no one will come to save you, we are not in fairy tales here.
It's you who decides whether to save yourself or leave you there to cry over yourself, complain and get stuck.
But I'll tell you one thing.
When you succeed (if you want) to get out of your abyss... It will be like a rebirth.
And you will see green and it will be light and you will see the sky and it will be light and you will see how long you lived thinking it was all grey.
You can get out of the deep sea and you can rediscover all the colors of your soul.


I got wet with colors but I couldn’t color anymore. I have lost those signs and forms of myself that saved me. I closed all my creation in rigid boxes. I got stiff too. No form seems to appeal to my mind anymore, be it human or inhuman. Only in dreams can I feel, have emotions. This way of being, this way of not feeling is so strange. Some time ago I was expecting the dark knight, the black man, the sublime executioner. Now I’m not expecting anyone anymore. Nobody can color my days. There is no pleasure in living this way but it is inner survival. You paint me but I can’t give myself a new shape.

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