There are those days when you no longer understand anything, what up to a second before gave you happiness, makes you nervous, that thing that gave you suffering, becomes pathetic. In a few moments, everything loses sense and you feel like in a bubble, enclosed with your apathy, while the world around you goes on. Maybe some individual expresses perplexity, almost anger towards you, wondering and wondering, the why of all this … But you can’t answer yourself, let alone them and then you stay inside, waiting for the arrival of something or someone who instead of continuing to soap you, it will be able to burst your barrier and make you feel alive, again. During these two years of imprisonment I have clung to words and promises that very often people make based on the circumstances, the moments of darkness. When this life returns to “normal” these words will have vanished, forgotten, because supported by a general illusion of being able to be better than what we really are. We are human. We need comfort and a foothold in our worst days. As soon as we get better we will behave exactly as we have always behaved. There is a pre-pandemic and a post-pandemic. The present we are experiencing is just a parenthesis that contains everything we would like to be but that our pride and our selfishness will extinguish as soon as possible.


Time keeps running fast The days go away in the blink of an eye And all those idioms: Time will fix things;
Give time to time; They are not true It should rather be said that time during the day can also solve things,
because with all the commitments of the day you do not have time to think and get sucked into the vortex of thoughts and memories,
but if during the night they come back to the surface even during the day they remain stuck in your mind and those usual feelings that you naively thought you had overcome are felt again and you are even more vulnerable than before because you thought you finally got rid of them.
But time continues to flow does not stop to give you time to recover The commitments of the days do not disappear on the contrary they increase.
And you are forced to find that strength of yours to move forward
Who defined that a human being must necessarily be an adult? I understand that life always puts us to the test and puts us in front of many more or less difficult decisions that make us forget or put aside our childish side.
And more often than not we forget how we were as children or teenagers, even modifying something of our past.
But what’s wrong with keeping the naivety and lightheartedness typical of children?
A dog, even if an adult behaves like a puppy, is not taken for mad, but if an adult behaves like a child, he is taken for a madman.
We let ourselves be influenced too often on being more “Responsible” or more “Mature”.
Who has determined that our character must necessarily be a child or an adult?
How many times does that childish side re-emerge and pour out onto things or people?
We can be both according to the situations.
After all we are all a bit children.
Those who are “good” are always a little naive.
The gaze is clear, direct, the smile full of honesty, the attitude is always ready for the comfort of others, even if his heart can be filled with suffering.
For not being understood, for giving love with both hands and for receiving hatred or derision.
To feel hurt and never even thought you could hurt.
The naive knows no desire for revenge.
The naive knows love.
And feel love in admiring a spectacle of nature, as in reflecting yourself in another smile.
The naive is full of wonder and enthusiasm,
even if his heart is sad.

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