You know the bad and ruthless multinationals that destroy the planet? Here, those companies are you. It is you who commission activities that are taken over by companies, which exist in the first place for this very reason. It is to sell the products that you ask for with your support (moral, economic) that harmful emissions, deforestation, colonization, murder, extinction of habitats and species take place. It is necessary to realize that the functioning of the techno-industrial apparatuses is based precisely on this. The ruthless behavior with which companies are carried out derives from the intrinsic characteristics that distinguish all the economic dynamics that we accept and nurture. Putting the blame solely on large multinationals is disempowering and misleading. The sum of individual actions is what triggers in the first place the mechanism of which companies are the material executors. To eliminate a problem it is essential to understand which concepts and attitudes lead us to be complicit in it, so that we can work on it and eliminate it.


In the case of chickens, being born male can be a serious problem. If you are born in intensive farming, you will almost certainly not make it past the first day of life. Male chicks do not produce eggs and consequently cannot, ├ža va sans dire, become laying hens. Not only that: they also have a slower development which makes them less competitive even as future steaks of meat for human consumption, since there are broilers that have been genetically selected at the source – they are chickens that grow much more and much faster – and which usually follow a different production path from that of laying hens. As a result, they are virtually useless for companies. If they were to keep them alive, they would have to feed and care for them and this would represent an additional cost, and moreover a non-repayable one. And so the sooner they are eliminated the better. Usually this happens, in fact, on the first day of life, while they travel on a conveyor belt that takes them to the scrutiny of experts in determining, at first sight, their sex. If they are female they are left on the belt and set off on their new life as egg or meat producers (of themselves). If they are male they end up in a shredder that in a few seconds turns them into lifeless mush.

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