Here, now we are finally at the expansion of the heart, if we have worked well within ourselves.We are encouraged to live our truth and to move full force into the future that we desire and feel as a thrust of the soul. Now is the time to recognize the difference between who we really are and the roles we have accepted to play so far. When we no longer resist all of this we are able to move full force forward towards a higher state of being and also to manifest more and more instantaneously our deepest desires of the soul. There are great things in store, a year of great expansion and celebration but all this only if we are able to let go of everything that is no longer serving our Higher Self and if we are able to stand firm on our integrity and move towards the our truth, the truth of who we really are. All this is possible only thanks to a careful work on ourselves that allows us to remember more and more who we are beyond all that they wanted us to believe (and that we have accepted), beyond any idea that others people have put it inside us. Then we begin to strip ourselves of all these layers: age, where we live, friendships, relatives, work, … everything we do and are only in relation to others. Let’s gather inside our inner world, free ourselves from all those layers that have made us liars, unaware, cynical, hateful, cold, … and begin to visualize our warm and luminous flame within us. We are that Light, why have we forgotten all this about us? It is our essence diviba but we allowed layers and layers of people, things and events to cover it and we no longer saw it. But now we begin to melt ourselves inside the heart and remove those layers. We are that flame. We are Love.

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