1. Today we will talk about the Faun, which in Roman mythology was considered a creature half goat and half man. His figure Corresponds to the god Pan, he was the protector of the woods and the inhabitants and the god of agriculture and pastures.

    Faun loved to woo the beautiful nymphs, to hunt, but he did not disdain to frighten the men who passed near the woods where they lived. The Romans imported this god from Greece into their culture, where he was known as God Pan and became so important that he was worshiped as one of the main deities!
In Greek mythology Faun was a creature half man and half goat, God of the countryside and the woods and protector of all their inhabitants. He was a good and peaceful God. In Medieval Culture, in the Middle Ages, the Faun was considered and known as a man – beast or Satyr, moreover and was endowed with superhuman strength. Its natural habitat was the wood, but they rarely came out of it, if they did so it was only to attack the flocks of sheep and herds of oxen.
The faun is also one of the most intelligent beasts and used its strength to use weapons, including heavy clubs and clubs. His aggressive attitude led him to be hated and fought by medieval men. In honor of the god Faun, the Lupercalia were celebrated, purifying feasts that consisted of driving away two groups of priests in the forests, frighteningly made up and dressed in the skins of sacrificed animals. The only temple dedicated to him in Rome, the Temple of Faun, was located on the Tiber Island. In the first centuries of the Christian era, many pagan deities were demonized and fauns were associated with nightmare demons. Later the faun became the devil-type figure.
In the second chapter of the Spyro dragon saga, titled Spyro: Ripto’s Rage !, there are several female Fauns. The main one is undoubtedly Elòra, Spyro’s friend and helper, who shows herself as a woman with legs, hooves and a ponytail. In the world of Colline Frattura, on the other hand, together with some Satyrs, other female Fauns appear, made curious by the yo-yo they play continuously with. They appear in God of war II where, unlike the Satyrs, they appear as creatures with goat legs but with undead torso. Appears in the video game The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Sometimes Faun made his voice resound in the woods and sent prophetic dreams to those who lay in incubation or were exalted by ecstasy. He was also the inventor of the ancient Saturn verses, on which Latin poetry is based. He was also considered the protector of domestic animals; he was called Luperco, as defender of the flocks from the assaults of the wolves.
The feast of the Faun is then replaced with the feast of Valentine’s Day, dedicated to lovers but without sexual connotations. During the same period, Fauns were also converted into non-evil beings, similar to goblins. For some, the Faun would have been the third prehistoric king of Italy, and would have introduced the cult of divinity and agriculture to the peninsula; after his death many honors were dedicated to him and he was venerated as god of the woods, protector of flocks and herds. According to other sources, the Fauns were ancient shepherds, inhabitants, at the beginning of the world, in the territory on which Rome was founded.
He is therefore a god of prophetic and poetic inspiration, like Pan and the Nymphs to which he is connected. It is also associated with panic fear (typical of Pan), due to frightening apparitions and supernatural voices. But his voice does not always inspire terror, on the contrary, sometimes it reassures and encourages, in fact he is a good and auspicious god, protector of domestic animals, flocks and crops. “Any kind of human wisdom is in vain” answers the Faun to those who question. Perhaps because the Faun is the bearer of the instinct that directly grasps itself and the world, without mental ruminations. This discovery does not give despair but only causes laughter, dance and the will to live. The Faun knows how everything is just a game; he is the god of the ring, the god of joy who returns to himself and becomes circular, bends into a perfect circle, a symbol of eternal return, the very image of eternity spread throughout the earth.
Legend has it that Faun was married to Fauna. The third king of Italy who taught the population about agriculture in rural communities. The celebrations of the Lupercalia are dedicated to him. The man half goat and half man is also the culprit in the death of Eurydice, loved by Orpheus, god of music, whom he went to recover in the underworld. In the legend it is said that Eurydice, collecting flowers in the woods, was noticed by the Faun who began to chase her to possess her. While the girl ran away, she was bitten by a snake and died.





On social networks (but also live), cosplayers are often victims of slut shaming. To understand, we need to take a step back. Comic book heroines, from the United States to Japan via Italy, are often sexy heroines - it also happens with male characters, but for different reasons, even if the comic audience has changed a lot in recent decades. This means for cosplayers they also have to contend with skimpy clothing - such as short skirts,transparencies, bellies in evidence. Unfortunately, machismo does not spare even this form of art and it is not uncommon for women who cosplay to find themselves fighting with certain legacies and having to face insults of all kinds, in particular with regard to alleged performances between the sheets.
Of course, it seems obvious to us: the way in which a woman dresses - even more so if she is playing a character and for her that is often a job and not a pastime - is not an index of her sexual attitude and,even if that were the case, every woman's body belongs to herself and can do whatever she likes
It must also be said that what cosplayers do is similar to the activity of models - many of them are in fact: certainly no one forces them to choose a cosplay more naked than another, but we are talking about people who work with their own. images and which must also be allowed a certain freedom of artistic choice. It's always the same story: no woman goes looking for her, do you really believe that a woman wants to be groped or worse? Do you really believe that a passionate person, who has spent time and money to devote himself to his art, can be treated in this way just because someone does not conceive that a woman is free?
Harassment doesn't just happen in chat but also at trade shows. This is why the '' Cosplay is not consent '' movement was born. A campaign started in the United States, which pushes for greater control by the organizers of the fairs, to prevent certain types of harassing behavior. By posting flyers and placards, an attempt is made to raise awareness among the participants in the events on this issue.


Cosplay is a term formed by the fusion of two different words of English origin such as "costume" which can be easily translated into costume and "play" which can be translated into play or interpretation. This term indicates the practice, common and very popular today, consisting in creating and wearing a costume that represents a character belonging to a specific culture, typically inscribed in the genre and in the fantasy world.
The practice of cosplay is used above all within the contexts of conventions or gatherings that have the fantasy world as their main theme and are aimed at a target audience of varying ages, ranging from preteens to young adults
People who find it hard to bring out parts of themselves, thanks to the disguise can be able to amplify these parts. The disguise therefore allows to recognize and explore parts of oneself that are normally inhibited. A shy person has the opportunity to put himself in a condition of great visibility and confront (and perhaps overcome) his inhibition, even if only for a day.
The characters of fairy tales, comics, superheroes in general, are never ambivalent, but have a very clear character, clear and defined identities. They are good or bad, ogres or fairies. A person who chooses a very aggressive character is likely to do so because he recognizes this dimension within himself and wants to experience it in the game. Moreover, in a period of fragile identities like the one we are experiencing, cosplay can be a game that allows the search for a clear definition of oneself.
It is clear that the choice of being a cosplayer also challenges all the old stereotypes about gender realities that our country still carries with it. But in the end, cosplaying can also be just a game or a gesture of freedom useful to find one's place in the world. We transform ourselves for fun, but sometimes also to understand who we really are.
Often the cosplayer is seen as a big kid who refuses to grow up and takes refuge in a fictional world made of cartoons and PVC figurines. But the reality is quite different. Cosplay is not wearing a costume to make a fool of yourself at the fair. It is not a "carnival". Cosplay is passion and art.


Analyzing the global market and what currently attracts young people, I wanted to give advice, dispassionate and unprofessional, to all those who may be in crisis right now and do not know how to renew themselves and have new customers.

Cosplay, manga, comics are the attraction of the moment. If you have a club, organize something that concerns them, if you have a shop you sell accessories and costumes, if you have a page on facebook try to introduce this topic and you will see that many young people will discover you and you will start a new business and new interesting events for all young people .

Do you know what the turnover of the cosplay costume trade is? Do you have a clue how much you make from selling cosplay costumes? inquire and renew yourselves. There is a slice of the market waiting for you and where you can do new business. Showcase cosplay, bring young people closer. Use mannequins dressed as superheroes and images of familiar manga and you will have new buyers.

Do you come dressed for the young but can’t make enough money? Put manga in the store, buy manga and put them in the shop window, put some loud anime music in the store, advertise by quoting manga, renew your facebook page by introducing the most popular manga and anime. Print some Japanese writings and show them in the window. They will attract many young people.

Do you have a bar that doesn't go the way it used to? Have the waitresses dress up like Teamaid, in Japanese style, and advertise among the young people. Paper your walls with manga posters, with anime pictures, and you will see many young people coming. Obviously you have to advertise your new look a lot. You have to focus on what attracts young people the most now.

You can ask for the cooperation of cosplay and in return they will get a lot of publicity working in your club or shop, will attract fans and create new attractions in their workplace. They will also have a further following as charity is needed right now, and I believe many young people can be helpful in reviving many workplaces that don't know how to bounce back.

If you yourself are part of some cosplay or manga or anime group try to give these tips to the shopkeepers in your area or city. Try them all. I in my small way I thought these things and I hope they can be useful to someone. I am not a marketing professional but I only have ideas and I wanted to give them to you hoping to do a good thing for all those who are in difficulty right now.


As a young girl I imagined a different future and being an artist (I don’t get high or smoke or drink, I’m an atypical artist I know) I thought that my skills, both artistic and intellectual (I always had excellent grades in school) would have me taken far, in every sense. I have always dreamed of a life off the cursed island, Sicily, because as soon as I grew up a little and became old enough to understand certain social dynamics, I felt suffocated in my aspirations. My parents wanted me to finish school, find a rich husband and get married and churn out grandchildren for them. Instead I didn’t do any of this. I have not followed any rules of social life that tradition imposed. Immediately after high school I went abroad to pursue my artistic dream but I was forced to return because my mother was sick and I took on my responsibilities as a daughter and still do it today and in return I do not receive than criticisms and always negative judgments. In part you are right, I have not been able to get even the minimum of what I aspired to in my artistic life but on the other hand I have a situation that everyone envies me. Of course, after having understood how things are going, after having discovered that “either you follow the rules of the market or you stay out of every field”, the choice to continue on the difficult and fruitless path of art is truly crazy. But I can’t turn my back on myself and my fantasy, and especially in recent times if I hadn’t had all these dreams with me yet, I think I wouldn’t have been able to go on. Sometimes instead I say to myself, trying to convince myself, that it would have been better not to have these dreams at all and not to have all these creative abilities, since up to now they have not brought me anything concrete because I do not compromise for any reason and I do not I want to sleep with anyone to get credit. This crisis due to covid pays for itself first of all precisely those sectors of genres that are considered unnecessary, and art is one of them. Certainly having a nice painting hanging on the wall does not fill people’s stomachs so even I would not feel like convincing someone to buy a painting rather than buying groceries. First of all, I myself have had to give up those beautiful things that make life more pleasant (dinners out, accessories, hairdressing, cinema, theater, concerts, cosplay fairs, …) and so why shouldn’t others give it up too ?! The covid spared no one. So what’s the point of creating so many beautiful things if they have to remain closed in a box or drawer? Being an art therapist seems nonsense. Working with autistic children seems inconsistent. Yet it requires a lot of patience and a lot of control. But I never talk about my passion for saving children.

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