What comes in every morning,
the golden sun,
or the silver rain,
it stays inside the air and inside my soul.
What I see is beauty, in the mountains, in the hills, the beauty of these rays of sunshine.
And am I such a small thing, am I like a sparrow, with a crumb in my knuckle, who would like the whole banquet?
Am I inside this gold of wonderful light and this beautiful warm air, and I see beautiful things and everything looks good, and it really is in reality?
My heart opens with the sun, my body absorbs this heat and life flows through my veins.
Who gives me this life?
I am a small crumb that falls on the sill and yet I am still here and the sun illuminates me and keeps me company.


I move slowly. A step at a time. At this rate, I wonder if I will ever really be able to grow and mature. I always find myself chasing the best version of me who in parallel becomes stronger, more confident and more competent in what they do and believe.

I am there to chase it but as far as it seems to me to go fast, it always manages to distance me and sow me.

It is when I truly feel it far away that I fall into depression and return to my cave. but like every other time, without knowing why, how, when, what the fuck of external or internal lighting, I get back on track and try again.

I try again to chase myself, to improve myself, to grow up for a good and holy time. I am still unaware of how many attempts it will take before I can unite with the other half and become one complete and consistent entity. but I know I’ll keep trying.

Because I’m stupid to take it for granted that I can get it over with when I want and easily. And why, one of the few things I believe in, is in that solid, consistent and full of life part that I find myself deep inside.

Even if it can be just a crumb around all nothingness, the oblivion of which I am made. As long as that little light exists I know I can make it. a distant but splendid day.

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