Floating like a swan, without an anchor, without a weight underwater. To be immersed, evanescent in a hot liquid.
One day an old woman told me that the sea was the only thing in the world that relaxed her; she had tried everything but only he could calm her down on the worst of days. Even if she couldn't anymore, as a young girl she loved to float among the waves and think, because by managing to overcome gravity herself, even the problems seemed less imposing and insurmountable to her. Even when it was stormy, he saw in it only a massive force that he could not fear because it was breathtaking. She told me one day that she had asked her loved ones to be buried in the sea and to be able to lie inside it forever, just to feel part of something so crystalline but never taken for granted; everyone obviously considered her crazy but she kept insisting that she could get her way. Every time he told something he always asked me “Can you understand me?”; I couldn't then but today, floating in this immense blue in which I no longer feel alone and imposing, I would just like to answer her loudly "Yes".
Summer is where things happen. Encounters, clashes, wounds, treatments... it's washing with the sea and drying with the wind; crumpled clothes, darting, sirocco in the face. I run without a swimsuit, I kick the last ball... I turn up the volume, my mouth is wide open, speechless, breathless, money. I go by bike, by boat, by doll. Walk on rocks; my broken sandals. I talk to the fish, I talk to her, I talk about things I'm about to understand! Stellar summer, memories, visions, mosquitoes...We are leaving, we are not leaving, no plans. Bad luck for a nap, another hour's walk; under the sun the storm the planetary party... I'll do the math when I'm back: you owe me three kisses. But now I still pray for some sun, some kisses to this marvel. The night, dark, stars, the moon grows...decreases: it looks like us. 


You know when you run so fast that, even if you are out of breath, you don't want to stop believing that at any moment you can take flight? When unexpectedly a hand rests on your heart and the clouds are blown away? When in November the crystalline sky makes you want to dream that Christmas is coming? And can you imagine a year without your birthday? A life without love? The starless nights? Nature without flowers? Can you imagine what it would be like to live a life that doesn't belong to you? Waking up and wanting to immediately start dreaming again because what awaits you is not what you want? Can you imagine it, tell me, if all this time thinking about what is not there and perhaps can no longer be there, was wasted? Because there are loves that go and then never know how to return, forgetting the scents, the laughter, the sound of the voice. What if now is the right time to change, to realize it's not worth it, it's not worth the love, isn't it worth the wounds? Believe me you could be really happy, if all happiness ended in your smile. Tell me, can you imagine what it would be like if, turning the page, you came across a chapter that never ends?

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