Hide your tears in the waves of the sea,
Silent soul
Like the depths you swim in,
liquid essence,
You were scared
Inside the saline foam.
But we have no doubts,
You swim with every fish,
You swim lightly,
legend of the underwater world,
Aquatic thought form
I wait for the rippling waves
To see your shadow slip
Among the abandoned boats.
You who know the ancient songs,
Make your hypnotic voice heard,
By disappearing inside a shell or behind seaweed.
No one can see your secret hiding place,
You are free to disappear,
And I look at you in the thousand lights of dawn,
When life returns to earth
And you go back to your underwater world
Leaving a small scale
To shine on my pillow.


Sometimes love is deceiving. And she fell into that death trap: she fell in love with a man who, apparently, seemed madly lost in her, thus returning the feeling. But it was all a lie. The story goes that she noticed this as she sneaked up one night at a bar he used to go to, catching him flirting with another woman. Desperate for what happened, she killed her beloved and ran off towards the lake. The screams behind her became intense as did the words: "murderess" they all exclaimed and, while they accused her of murder, she threw herself into the lake and drowned. The bitterness in the mouth and the thirst for revenge led the spirit to watch over that lake for eternity. It is not known exactly what the consequence will be if you stumble into the depths of the abyss, but it is said that she is ready to take away any man in love with her. So beware, from the depths of the waters you could lose sincere and pure love by totally destroying yourself.

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