There are many ways to get to the meaning of existence. One way is to do as a diver does. Let yourself go to immerse yourself in its unknown waters, ready to meet the darkness of the abyss and the ancestral monsters of conscience, together with the sense of wonder at what is mysterious and which hides pitfalls. Once on the surface everything will appear brighter and clearer and there will be the awareness that in life the most common things already coexist with the depths. And we will know how to orient ourselves. Other times, on the other hand, you have to act like an aviator, lower yourself to reality a little while remaining in flight and then regain altitude; one has to practice looking at things by changing perspectives and distances, learning that the meaning changes according to the height and distance from which one observes. Once back on the ground everything will be different. And the sense and respect for detachment will have been gained. Paradoxically, certain small things will become of enormous importance and certain dimensions rather insignificant. So much so that you wonder why you never noticed it before. So finally there comes a time when you notice. We realize that travel is the meaning of everything and that life is constantly transfigured by being on a journey. And wherever you are, everything will feel like a foreign country.

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