We all have the opportunity to remember and rediscover who and what we are, through the (serious and often tiring) study of the occult sciences, of the esoteric, of what is hidden from view. But it is hidden by its nature, not because someone keeps it hidden from us. Having a vision of reality, of our other bodies, of the soul part, of the higher dimensions, is of enormous help and we need to not lose our way and remind us where we come from and what our goals are. But our experience on this third dimensional Earth is fundamental and strongly desired by ourselves. The planet, like us, has gone through multiple incarnations of itself, and during each of them we have been able to develop a body at ever higher frequencies. Without earthly experience, other bodies in this evolutionary stage would not have the necessary knowledge to advance. Our I wanted our lives in the third dimension, and our task is not to escape from it, but to rediscover our "hidden" state, hidden from the eyes, and to carry out what we have set ourselves in these lives.
We do not use hidden knowledge to find an escape from this life, but to complete our mission in the entirety of all our bodies.

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