Proud people seem the strongest, but instead they are the ones who need affection most of all. They pretend to not care when a word is enough to hurt them, when they prefer not to say anything in order not to hurt their loved ones. They are the ones who would like a hug but are ashamed to ask for it.
They are the ones who have forged an armor with all the disappointments they have had over time, so that, later on, it will be more difficult for them to be hurt. 
They have armor that they believe is indestructible when a hug is enough to untie it or a kiss to break it. They are those who when they see someone happy are happy and sad at the same time, happy for their happiness and sad for not knowing that word on their skin. 
They are those people who keep everything inside for fear of ruining their image. For fear of being seen fragile or even crying because this is what happens to keep everything inside.
 If you try to get rid of your frustrations you will end up crying, and as a proud person you would rather die than be seen crying. All they seek is affection, but they are unable to ask for it.

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