Why does Zelensky keep asking for Ukraine to join NATO when all EU leaders insist it is "not on the agenda"? The answer is in the 2016 Oscar-winning film “Ukraine in flames”, first censored by Youtube and then reactivated amid protests. The war in Ukraine is not the story we see in the media: it is the story of a country divided in two for hundreds of years, made up of blood and irremediable conflicts that Americans are using for their own purposes of supremacy.At the YouTube censorship attempt, other Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon tweeted: "Aren't you curious why they don't want you to see it?" The film explains the US strategies of an orchestrated coup d'état in Ukraine to the detriment of the previous government, passed off as Russian pro, monsterrified and overthrown.The recipe for US "revolutions" has three ingredients, explains the documentary: money, media and technique. Americans are professionals in the field, turning common peaceful protests into riots against incumbent governments.

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