Sometimes we can no longer see things for what they are. We lose the nature of awareness, our particular symptom that allows us to remember, see life as a whole, imagine perspectives or mental states. Also be aware of death. And it is precisely the ability to enter a world – the one we build ourselves, because “a dog lives in the world of a dog” – and in the position of others that confirms the importance of will: when we are in the throes of devastation of awareness, identity is very far away, and even being in memories struggles to recognize itself. I do not remember. If there is no longer the possibility of dialogue with the dimension through which to recover our truth, there can be no action. Because if “reality is a call to act”, man, emptied of the possibilities of the world, cannot recover movement. It also forgets the perception of one’s own freedom and that of others. Without the ability to imagine and overturn the senses of things we are lost individuals, at least at the level of consciousness. But we still manage to live. Oliver Sacks tells the case of a judge who, during the First World War, suffered a very serious injury to the frontal lobe: the trauma made him unable to feel emotions, to have a perception of himself and of the world, but it did not affect his intellectual faculties. . His profession, however, could no longer be exercised: the judge left the seat because he recognized that he no longer understood the motives of the others. What surrounds us can still tell us something, but we feel it without what the French call sensibilisation, which, as it happens, combines the two meanings of awareness and consciousness. Brain damage can give rise to David Hume’s philosophical chimera, namely being “a bundle or an accumulation of different sensations, which follow one another with unimaginable rapidity in perpetual flux and movement”. To experience how to lose the impressions of events and to feel that the sequence of numerous unrelated changes slip through the fingers: in Jimmie, another Sacks patient, they struggle – without his realizing it due to anosognosia – the emptiness and the miserable strength of identity, which survives the de-animation of the disease, Korsakoff’s syndrome. The power of our acting in reality is to overcome any kind of dissolution. There is certainly, in us, a place that can be taken care of, but without too many certainties. And the mind often is silent and limits itself to observing.


A very long time without you. This time has already passed, but it does not seem true to Me at all It seems surreal to have resisted, coming up to here, after suddenly finding myself an orphan of your presence.
How did I survive you?
I who often loved to remind you: that without you I would have felt like in hell At the very thought I felt an immense twinge God what a pain!
Now that I’m experiencing it on My skin,
I don’t even know how to describe it. I know I miss you, I miss you a mess. I can’t get off in front of my eyes the tragic moment in which I greeted you for the last time, while you were falling asleep forever.
I could no longer detach myself from You, while I was bathing You everywhere, with My copious and interminable tears, while I begged you to continue to be close to me because I still need You. I also begged you to forgive me, for not being able to save you, coming to suffer for nothing.
I hope I got it this Your important forgiveness. Know that it would make me feel better. I also hope that you will continue to love me with all of Yourself, with no regrets. I know that I have not always been good to You, scolding you often, because of your rebellious and hyperactive character.
I have often been strict, I admit it, but I did it only for you, to make you grow well I hope you will succeed to forgive me for this too. How much do I miss your teasing? When I got home, you stole my slippers or any other object at that moment I had within range.
Or of Your continuous complaints when I did not lend You due attention and you rubbed yourself to recall your urgent need for pampering. And if I didn’t listen to you You complained even louder I could go back I would not do it again I swear to you. These lost moments I am a real regret for Me. Sometimes it still seems to me to hear your verses, your tears, Your paws making noise on the floor, while walking or running somewhere. I seem to feel the warmth you left on the bed, after sleeping for a long time and snoring a lot!
God how much did you snore! Above all, however, I seem to succeed to still perceive Your slow, rumbling breath which for Me has represented My favourite music to listen relentlessly like an infinite melody Every time I listened to it any problem subsided as far as he could reassure me.
You’ve been better than a chamomile! That’s why after Your disappearance the world has literally collapsed on me since I have lost My point of reference, My anchor of salvation when everything was rowing against me.
Since then I have strengthened myself as I could, taking my life back in hand, amidst tears and smiles as long as I rock among the memories I am also reacting for you so that You can continue to live in Me! Thanks for everything My Golden Angel! I love you so much! 🐾❤️


I love to travel but at the same time I find it stressful. Above all, pack your suitcase, arrange things in bags and backpacks, try not to forget anything, queue at the airport, get up very early to catch your flight or late in the evening, look for places where you can eat local food (because they are nowhere to be found ) and then walking around and around, and you get tired after a few days and you want to go home but you like that place, it’s inspiring. We have never brought our cats and dog, both because they are used to the garden and therefore would suffer to stay in the hotel and because we usually have someone to leave them to take care of them. I don’t like always going to the same places but I like to discover different places. I hate the scorching heat and love milkshakes. Especially in the summer, my day starts with fresh fruit blended with rice or oat milk. Strawberries, kiwis, watermelon and grapes, peaches and melon. In the summer I only like the sea. Hornets and wasps of all kinds arrive and I can’t stand not being able to stay in my garden and I can’t keep the windows open and it’s a stressful mess. I lived in London and had contact with English people (of English origin) of a certain age who explained to me the right way in which they made tea. Sachets are never used but only dried leaf tea. The teapot must first be heated with hot water, which must be left inside the teapot for 6-7 minutes (never rinsed and never cleaned). Then after you remove the hot water from the teapot and put about 3-4 teaspoons of dried leaf tea, cover with the lid and wait 5 minutes for the whole teapot to take in the aroma of the tea. Only then can you pour in the hot water and wait another 5 minutes. Then you put the strainer hanging from the spout of the teapot, or on the cups, and pour the tea as it is. The teapot is never cleaned, it is absolutely forbidden to touch it and the more the years pass, the better the tea made in the same teapot becomes. In the English style, slices of lemon are never combined but only milk. And it is drunk with a cucumber sandwich or with typical English sweets.

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