Once upon a time there was a goblin who loved being near the river. He liked to catch fish, watch the ducks and observe the graceful dragonflies. Once a fish was so heavy that he carried it with him into the water and the goblin nearly died. He had drunk a lot of water but had managed to cling to a log. And he said to himself "Never again in the water, next time I'll let go."
But one day while he was fishing he heard shouting and a girl appeared carried by the current.
The elf immediately threw the fishing rod to the ground to dive but as soon as he reached the edge of the river the memory of that experience he had, in which he had almost died, made him give up and so he pretended not to have seen and went back to pick up the cane and whistled as if nothing had happened.
That day he caught many fish and took them to a party in the woods where everyone celebrated the arrival of summer. He was very happy and told his friends that he would roast the food himself. So he built a fire and threaded the fish into the thin sticks and put them on the fire and then he started playing his flute.
But while he was playing with such ardor, having also drunk some good mead, he did not notice that his foot, with pointed shoes, had ended up very close to the fire and he was getting burned without realizing it.
But a girl, who was listening to her music, and who was the same one who was in the river that day, saw what was happening and took a jug of water and immediately put out the fire. The elf jumped into the air and almost annoyed said to her :" What the hell are you doing? " Thinking it was a naughty joke. And the girl is ready. He replied: "I'll save you, even if today you would have let me drown."


Dragonflies do not fly with the hopping and frenzied gait of butterflies, but they fly straight on their own trajectory like gliders and very often keep still in midair as hummingbirds and many other insects do, so it was easy to observe them and they were not afraid. to land near us. For me they have always represented beauty, lightness, freedom and rebirth: yes, I discovered that the life of dragonflies has several phases, the first of which is spent underwater. When the insect has developed, it comes out and begins its second life out of the water. I have always seen it as a sign of new life and rebirth.
According to others, the name dragonfly comes from the Latin 'libellum', diminishing of liber or free. Dragonfly has always been considered a magical insect thanks to its changing wings, slender shape and the speed with which it is able to fly and escape from its predators. It is born from a larva at the bottom of a pond and then changes naturally, like the caterpillar into a butterfly. The dragonfly is often associated with transformation due to a legend. It is said, in fact, that the dragonfly was actually once a very wise dragon that, during the night, spread the light with its breath of fire.
His very breath had created the art of magic and illusion. One day, however, the dragon ended up a prisoner of his own magic: to deceive the coyote he transformed into a dragonfly, but in doing so he was trapped in the new body, losing all powers. According to some traditions, the dragonfly is the symbol of transformation and daily changes, but also of introspection that teaches us to go beyond appearances to seek our own identity. In European culture, the dragonfly is seen as a symbol of freedom, peace and the search for truth.
With its transformation from larva to dragonfly, the insect also represents the transition from childhood to adulthood and therefore in a certain sense the overcoming of illusions and the acquisition of awareness and balance.
According to the natives of America, the dragonfly was the symbol of a hidden truth and the insect itself represented the souls of the dead, in the East it is a lucky charm full of harmony and prosperity.
The samurai engraved the dragonfly on their helmets as a good omen of victory over the enemy, as a symbol of strength and courage. Same thing for the Japanese people.
In Australia, the dragonfly free from earthly illusions, in Europe it is often associated with witches sent by Satan to create confusion, and for this reason it is often referred to as "ear cutter" or "devil's hook". In some Italian areas, the dragonfly is called the 'devil's needle', due to its thin and long body.
Very often, wearing a dragonfly-shaped pendant can mean that a change is underway in your life or that you are looking for your balance and mental control.
So the symbolism linked to the dragonfly is varied and ranges from positive meanings such as: transformation, victory, the strength of balance and creativity, to negative ones such as doubts, confusion and ambiguous friendships.

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