The dragon figure is very old in Japan. These animals are very present in Japanese mythology even if the stories are not only Japanese but have also been influenced by China, Korea and India.
In European literature dragons were evil creatures while in Asian culture they represent a positive aspect, they are in fact a symbol of strength, wisdom and longevity.
In Japan their figure is linked to water, a deity, therefore, linked to rain. In the modern Japanese language many words are used to identify these fabulous creatures such as: tatsu from ancient Japanese, ryu or ryo from Chinese and Dragon from English.
The influence of Chinese mythology was very strong. To represent these mythological animals Japanese and Chinese elements have combined. Many words to say "dragon" are written in Chinese characters, it seems that the number of claws on the legs indicates Chinese or Japanese dragons, in Japan this animal has three claws, in Chinese mythology it has four or five.
During the Second World War the Chinese army gave the name of Chinese dragons to armaments. For example, the name Koryu was given to a submarine or Shinryu to a kamikaze plane. With the arrival of Buddhism in Japan, Asian monks also brought the tradition of these creatures, so it was that their figure was also associated with Buddhist and Hindu mythology. Dragons originating from India often passed first from China and then were absorbed by Japanese culture., For this reason in the world of Japanese mythology we often find the fusion of Chinese and Indian elements. This mythological figure is also associated with Buddhist temples, we remember the Ryoan-ji, the temple of the dragon of peace.
The Shinto was affected by the influence of this mythological animal. In 1185 there was a great earthquake in Japan and the Japanese attributed its origin to the powers of the dragon Antoku. But these mythological figures in addition to being religious symbols have also inspired architecture, art, literature and popular culture. We remember Dragon Ball, a famous manga created in 1985 by Akira Toriyama. And how not to know the dragon-shaped tattoos that are widespread in Japan and the rest of the world.
In Japanese mythology it is believed that the first emperor was a descendant of dragons. In Japan, this creature has no wings, is snake-shaped, has tiger paws, eagle claws and long whiskers. To tattoo a dragon the best places, when it comes to large dimensions, are the back and the arm while for a small figure the scapula, shoulders or calf are recommended. In the world of tattoos the male is represented with his mouth open while the female with his mouth closed. Very important is the color of the tattoos.
The Black Dragon is thus depicted when he is less than 100 years old and carries only the orders of his superiors. The Blue Dragon is the messenger of the gods, protects against diseases and natural disasters.
The Green Dragon is over 100 years old and bodes well. The Golden Dragon is 1000 years old and the wearer appears to have the power to achieve immortality. 


The meaning of this mythological figure is very different from what we Westerners give. It is a benign and not a malignant figure. It is a symbol of wisdom, of power as they can ward off evil spirits and protect the innocent, of life force and, linked to the climate, of fertility and control over the rain, rivers, lakes and seas.

Together with other legendary animals, such as the Tortoise, the Unicorn and the Phoenix, the Dragon represents one of the four benevolent animals with magical powers that allow it to blend in, change shape and size. The dragon flies in the skies, lives in deep waters and in the bowels of the Earth.

The Dragon symbolizes the masculine, the Yang, while the Phoenix symbolizes the feminine, the Yin.

For the Tao the Dragon represents the Way: that is the strength, the illumination that reveals itself in a flash and then vanishes immediately, even the Dragon shows itself only in a fleeting way in a fraction of a second and only partially and, like the Way, it is never grasped in its entirety.

The nature of the Dragon is essentially aquatic and appears in the middle of clouds and if we see it writhing it is because it wants to show its strength and vitality and not aggression. In China it is perceived as a playful and good animal.

The Chinese believed that the rain was the result of the amorous fight between two dragons of the opposite sex and some Chinese refused to go out in the rain so as not to be indiscreet witnesses.

In China, dragons have various colors and depending on these changes in meaning. Color determines its seniority.

The Black Dragon is the youngest one, that is, he is less than 100 years old, and he is the one who carries the orders of his superiors. They live in the North and cause storms when they collide with each other.

The next is blue and is the messenger of the gods, along with the phoenix, the turtle and the white tiger.

The blue / green Dragon is associated with Spring, in the East. It is considered a good omen as it brings wind and rain and is more than 100 years old.

The Yellow Dragon is lonely and appears when you need him. It is the most loved and the most widespread.

Then there are the red, brown and purple dragons.

After 700 years the Dragon turns white and is considered a god and is the symbol of death.

A thousand years it becomes golden as it has reached power.


I bear the dark,
day and night.
Bear the hole, I repeat:
when too bad things happen we take a while to accept them,
so much so that at first they don’t even seem real.
And, while the head takes time to understand them,
the heart becomes a piece of hell.
So don’t hate your hole,
stroke it every now and then,
but don’t get too attached to it.
Otherwise it will never pass.
The weight of the dark will hold,
I look after it like a dragon skeleton.
The world outside is in flames and I have to endure the burning of the fire without becoming ashes.
Every pulverized thing I had to make it alive and every darkness I had to make Light.


A white room, a window the size of a wall, overlooking a forest and a rainy town. A bed. I am standing in the center of the room. It is the end of a dream and I am aware of it, but what can I do? I can’t wake up, I have to keep dreaming. I see a bucket with paint next to my bare feet, I take a brush and start painting. I paint on those white walls, I paint a purple sunset, a red sunset, a black, yellow, blue sunset. That sunset is taking me to another dream, I’m sure … I leave the house, but I feel strange: that is not my house, that is not me. I am a girl of about twelve, with long blond hair and a white handkerchief tied on my head to protect me from the sun. Wait a minute … From the sun? I look around and immediately realize that I am in an enchanted valley. Huge dragons fly overhead, and equally large dinosaurs graze grass in the vast green meadows. Observing them better I notice something that immediately makes me sad. Dinosaurs are black and white. I immediately run into the house and take some pencils, so begins my journey to that enchanted valley where I have decided to color all those dinosaurs that make me so sad. After a while, however, I discover that the dinosaurs I have colored are dying. The people are in revolt, the hunt for the dinosaur stainer begins immediately, so I decide to escape. I take refuge in a tavern, where an old lady recognizes me. Determined to hand me over to her people, she begins to chase me, I take refuge in the basement. There I find a straw broom, so I get on it and fly away … I run away from the lady of the tavern, I run away from the dinosaurs, from the dragons, from that enchanted valley, from that dream that has become a strange and disturbing nightmare …
“Make a wish.” And then a chuckle. I woke up around four in the morning with an uncontrollable urge to feel the carpet under my feet. So I got out of bed, this time inexplicably rested. A comforting clean scent hovered all around. I walked down the hall regretting having forgotten my slippers – the marble was dirty and cold unlike the indigo blue carpet in the room – and in total darkness I pushed the bathroom door without making it creak. Maybe just a little. Inside, the mirror bulbs remained on. The ones that worked. Was it possible that I had left them? The tiles glistened and flowed along the shower cubicle rails like dominoes. A soft and pleasant steam exhaled from the towels, the sink knobs transmuted into a nice face of a mechanical toad. Next to the soap dish, a luminous inscription: “Make a wish”. I opened the hot water and stroked the bar of soap a dozen times, focusing on something I wanted, but I couldn’t think of anything. There was only bubbles and laughter. I wanted to wake up instantly. But it didn’t happen


Some of you will know that I don't like romantic films (in fact I prefer thrillers and horror) and that the only love films I like to watch are period films, based on novels, in the original English language. So when they recommended this film to me, I was amazed. However, I decided to see him and in the end I was very excited and even moved. He is truly magnificent and I really recommend you to see him. Because it can happen to you too to feel something dormant emerge from your heart and you will have a big surprise.
For some people, fooled into becoming adults, dragons died out millions of dreams ago, but the worst is that for many other people, deluded by rationality, dragons never existed, while I have one right here, by my side.
He thought that there were no more dragons, because loneliness had extinguished them. He thought that one cannot live century after century, harboring one’s own magnificence and solitude. He thought that the important thing is not things, but the meaning we give to things. Sooner or later death awaits everyone. More important than postponing death is to make sense of it
You know when you are in the water, you try to dive and touch the bottom? At some point you feel you have to go back up, because there is no more air. And you push yourself higher and higher, but you don’t move. And then you close your eyes and you say to yourself “come on now I resurface, resurface, just a little while .. god how much I miss the air” and instead you never reach the surface? When you are there to let yourself go to the force of the waves, but suddenly you come up. Breathe. Feel life again. Here, you are this. I resurfaced, with you, I breathe.


Many, many years ago a dragon named Dyris. Since he was a child his father had kept him breathing fire, but he, despite all his efforts, only gave a few coughs and hot air, but not even the shadow of the fire was visible. The father did not give up: it was impossible to see a figure who could not breathe fire and so he encouraged him:
- Dyris, breathe hard and then let out all the air! Courage, try! -
Dyris concentrated, took a deep breath and then… nothing, nothing happened.
Thus the years passed and little by little from Dyris's mouth some small sparks began to come out, then some flames and finally some flames. Delighted DYris spent his days going around firing left and right, but without realizing he was causing so much trouble: one day he set fire to a nest, another a squirrel's den, yet another a flower garden; in short, he had now become famous for the fires it caused.
Once he did a really big one: he set fire to King Federik's castle. Everyone had to run away. When DYris realized the great trouble he had done, he immediately set about putting out the fire: he went to the river and drank as much water as possible. When he arrived at the castle, he spat it out on the flames and in a short time the fire was extinguished.
From that day on, DYris understood that perhaps it was better to stop playing with fire and became a very good fireman whom everyone also called to water their garden.

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