Do you hate how the moon calls your devotion?
We are hammered hearts that scream and sigh at night.
There is that wind that knocks, it wants to scratch your cheek
He wants to reclaim the soul of those who deny Orpheus at night.

There is no Tramontana that holds war,
The reminder is for those in silence
They hear their limbs scream,
A cry of surrender that asks for mercy.

The sarcophagus of the night is a fear,
We feel the fear,
But we claim it as the only companion.
Is it pleasure to go to meet suffering?

We lay our minds in the one night,
Night of drums, and fire.
We burn while the night repairs a silence
Uncontainable, frustrating, painful.

We walk, sleepwalkers
We swipe our fingers on the walls of life,
The poet's flower has a price. 


There was a period, I think 4 years ago, when I tried to get a band back together. Because I missed singing a lot and I was frustrated and even though I worked a lot I wanted some breaks where I could relax and let off steam. So I put announcements on the music sites. Do you know what musicians think of a woman who wants to make music? They think he doesn't understand anything and doesn't know music. I was 14 when I bought my first and only very precious sibtetizer thanks to my savings. 
I was only 14. And I listened to Depeche Mode, Sepultura, Jaco Pastorius, Paganini, Prince, The Ramones, the Italian Opera, The Doors. I grew up with Poe and  Lizard King. I grew up with colored hands playing a fucking synthesizer while they, the boys, only knew how to kick a ball and peek at cleavage. And they came to tell me that I didn't know anything about music! 
They were almost all unpleasant with me, some just wanted to go out with me, others wanted to provoke and humiliate me to make me cry. But they weren't born yet when I was playing with my all girl band. So only one of them listened to me and took me seriously. 
This guy was a drummer and he had his best friend who was a guitarist. I said: perfect! ok, let's dive into this musical adventure. We experience everything. We started at the drummer's house, we started with covers of Nirvana, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Inflames, ... 
It was very nice to be all together, playing, drinking tea, discussing music, art and more. But then the guitarist had existential crises. He ended up in the hospital and everything was pending. Then he didn't want to hear any more. And we lost the initial sprint. But I didn't give up, I still looked for musicians but everyone invited me only to go out with them and not to play.
 It was a disappointment. If you don't sing pop songs they don't take you seriously. If you don't act like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga then they don't understand you.
If a female musician doesn’t show her boobs, if she doesn’t dress sexy, then no one takes her seriously. Men believe that you have to be naked on stage to be able to make music. The boys also think so. Maybe many of the lotus were gay and can’t stand women, so they didn’t want me. In fact, from their clothes they didn’t look like rockers or even metalheads but cool guys.
True, Jim was also getting quite agitated on stage, moving and offering his dick to his fans. But he could do anything because he was a man. I, on the other hand, have been chained by the weight of being a woman. Do you know these women who do rock or metal? There are a lot of singers but they all play pop music. So I have to sing pop too? Do I have to resign myself?


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