The sun is dying and humanity can be considered serenely fucked up.
Unless we can drop a star bomb the size of the island of Manhattan inside our star.
The mission is soon ready.
Which would then be the second, because the first mysteriously failed.
The crew of the spaceship will find out what ever happened.
And it won't be pleasant.
Sunshine is a Danny Boyle film dated 2007.
It is by no means despicable.
Technically it is of a good standard.
Good special effects.
The action scenes are spectacular.
Sorry to say, but the weak point is, narratively, the final part.
Because there is something really absurd.
Overall, however, it lets itself be seen.
Of the cast I would mention Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy and Cliff Curtis.
All definitely known faces.
At least, I know them.
But I'm sure you know them as well.

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